The Storm (a medium length poem)

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I wrote this on a bad weather day

Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012



Water dripping into my eyes,

clouding my vision,

Hail pounding into my back,

taking my breath away,

Wind whipping my hair around my face,

Sirens screaming in my ears.

My hear tis pounding,

I can barely breathe,

I clutch onto my brother tightly as I run to the shelter,

He whimpers in my arms, sobbing.

I speak to him,

but I doubt he can hear me through the roar of the storm,

We run down the steps,

desperate for shelter, I thrust my brother inside and rush to close the door.

The roaring gets louder,

the wind is pulling me,

the door is slipping from my fingertips.

I knew it was the end,

I knew I was done,

I closed my eyes,

and found my voice,

I cried out my love for those I held dear,

and was swept away by the storm.

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