Sandcastle dream

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A story influenced by a real life experience on the inner struggles our main persona Denise faces before her graduation ceremony and its outcome...

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011




The preparation was intriguing but we knew that all our efforts were for the benefit of one person – Denise. Denise had prepared for us a checklist which contained all the ‘to-do’ things building up to her big day. Many sacrifices were being made just for that one special day. Marx, Jefferson and I had been awake from the wee hours of the morning; something we were not accustomed to. Catherine was getting used to wearing make-up for the first time in her life and she never turned back on her decision till this day.

On the other hand, Denise showed no signs of nervousness. It was a rather awkward reaction considering the fact that most grandaunts would feel the opposite way. It was a dream she had been building on since the time she had been introduced to the wonders of science and its immensity. Denise had been ready for this day for a long, long time so she had pre-planned with that she was not going to let any form of trepidation ruin it. Having been Denise’s chums from the time we were suckling on milk bottles, we swore to make her best day the BEST day for her.

“Come on, stop reading your script! The more you read through it, the harder it is going to remember later. Besides, we are running short of time; travelling itself is going to be time-consuming.” Catherine let out a cry to Denise, who was surprisingly very quiet throughout the day. Perhaps, that’s one of the steps included in her books of trying to keep calm before a graduation ceremony.

After a prolonged one hour drive to the destination, we feasted our eyes upon the colossal size of Skyrim University’s auditorium. Since Denise was the only one who knew the way around there, she led the way. After hiking our way to the auditorium, we were faced with an uphill task – separating from Denise. Though it was not revealed on the outside, we all knew that Denise was nervy deep down. Thus, we wished her good luck and tried our very best to unnerve her and focus on the big picture – her success. With that, we were gone finding for our allocated seats while Denise frenziedly for the sign which shows her to her destination. As for us, we found our seats in ease with the assistance of three helpful university students; though they sounded muffled most of the time. ‘This way for grandaunts from Degree in Biomedical Science’ read the sign and you could see the respite in Denise’s eyes.

Fiddling with our hand phones, we waited anxiously for Denise’s graduating class to be called upon. Our wish didn’t happen easily; we had to wait for about 45 minutes till her class was summoned on the stage. As the names got closer to Denise’s, she panicked like never before. We could see it six rows from the stage so that automatically spelled ‘nervous breakdown’ in our minds.

Then it happened.

Her eyelids were unwrapping from deep slumber while we stood there in liberation from our worst fears. However, instead of feeling relieved upon awakening, Denise had tears flowing down her eyes like a river bank. She was gript by the fact that she had passed out during the biggest day of her life and also because her dreams had now been nothing more than sandcastles washed away by the vicious waves in the sea. There were no words that could console her, but we tried our level best. Efforts were in vain.

The goggle-eyed doctor explained that this was nothing more than a nervous breakdown and she could be discharged after some minor medical tests on the day itself. Upon discharge, we drove Denise to her place to prevent any side effects of medicine given in the hospital. Her house door opened, and we thought she was going to faint again just after four hours.

Greeting her were her closest family members and friends right at her doorstep. They were there to congratulate Denise’s achievement, graduating from university with a degree, since she didn’t get to follow through the whole graduation ceremony due to obvious reasons. She acquired a valuable lesson that day; achieving something is huge, celebrating it with friends and family is MUCH bigger.

Well, today is Lisa’s university graduation ceremony. Even after all this years, I bet this story will be the ideal form of advice Denise can give her daughter.

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