how dumb can a human be?

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Just a Random thought about love.

Submitted: December 31, 2013

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Submitted: December 31, 2013



How dumb can one human be? To chase after love? or even dream? Dream and hoping reality will come her way, so she can be with you. But you're to dumb, blinded by lust, confused by your own wants. But it's ok, she's moved on. Realized you don't need her now, because who you think you have is better, but you'll realize it later. She's nothing like she seemed. Ahh so you think in the future, that same girl will be there for you? The one who waited, was always there for you? Get a fucking clue. When you chose that girl, who only played you like a fiddle, you chose that thing, over the girl who was there from the start. So how DUMB CAN A HOMOSAPIEN BE? Dumb enough to realize everything she needed and wanted she could of had. But she traded her for a fantasy. Now you're dream girl is gone. Wake the fuck up and face reality, you selfish fuck. You're alone, and the girl you traded for a fantasy is now happy. All you have now, are those dream, wasted dreams that could of been your reality. *laughs* stupid homosapien.

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