Fake Fiancee

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

(Complete) ~ The oh-so-famous actor and model, Henry Parker, needs to find a fake fiancée to help boost his reputation. A girl who is innocent, well-liked and not famous.
Enter Lainie Watson. She's just your average girl who is looking forward to going to college. But how can she go to her dream college when she can't afford it?
What happens when Lainie agrees to become Henry's fake fiancee for college funds? Will they be able to act in love or will they truly fall in love?

NOTE: The story is continuously being edited (little bits here and there).

Table of Contents

Proposition Engagement

A/N: Ok, so I'm new to booksie and I've finally published the first chapter of my story! I hope you guys like it! :) I know it's short,... Read Chapter

Welcome to L.A

AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry guys, this chapter is a tad boring and a bit rushed, so the next chapter you can all meet Henry Parker! Welcome... Read Chapter

Playing With Fire

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey guys, hope you enjoy chapter three! You get to see Lainie's fiesty side! xoxo Playing With Fire I jumped in my... Read Chapter

Not So Sweet Revenge

AUTHORS NOTE:Thank you to everyone who has read my story, I really appreciate it! Also, I want to post up pictures of characters later ... Read Chapter

Emotional Wreck

Emotional Wreck How dare he. How dare he! I shoved Henry away and he nearly fell back into the cool water. He looked stunned. I w... Read Chapter


Author's Note: I'm sorry this chapter is kind of short! But to make it up I've posted the pictures of the characters up!! :) AND OMGG I... Read Chapter

Petty Proposal

Author's Note: Since the character pictures can't be seen, I'm going to find a way for it to be seen. I'm sorry it didn't work! Anyway,... Read Chapter


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Here's chapter eight guys! Hope you enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! xoxo Interview Hearing the doorbell ring, I gro... Read Chapter

Travel Plans

Travel Plans The past few days had been crazy. Everywhere you went; there was mention of Henry Parker and Lainie Watson. We had to re... Read Chapter

Destination? Newport.

Destination? Newport. I scurried about my room to see if there was something I had missed. You never know if something important like... Read Chapter

The Parker Household

The Parker Household Then the door opened ... to reveal a mousy lady in an unflattering black dress with white frill at the wrists an... Read Chapter

Family Time!

Family Time! “No we’re not,” I snapped back. This couldn’t be happening. “Yes we are.” “You’re sleeping on th... Read Chapter

Surprises & Secrets!

Surprises & Secrets Stretching, I rolled over to cuddle up with my pillow. I could feel the hot sun creeping into the room and bu... Read Chapter

Talk About A Dreadful Dinner

Talk About a Dreadful Dinner Oh god. My heart was beating so fast it felt like it would jump out of my chest. I was scared. Yes, I wa... Read Chapter

Tensions & Confessions

Tension & Confessions After Henry had told everything, it had been a bit of a mess. Ok, well that was an understatement. It turne... Read Chapter

Welcome to Curacao!

Author's Note: So guys, I hope you like this chapter since it seems a bit rushed ... Welcome to Curacao When the jet finally la... Read Chapter

Let's Play The Jealousy Game

Let's Play The Jealousy Game Even though I was a bit embarrassed that I had attacked Hudson Miller, a movie star, I was kind of glad ... Read Chapter

Deal with the Devil

Deal with the Devil “Henry, be a little friendlier towards Hudson! You’re his investigation partner so you two should be easy in ... Read Chapter

Shopping with the girls ... and Keith

Shopping with the girls .. and Keith So I had told Keith about the bet I had agreed to and he had laughed his head off. He laughed ev... Read Chapter

Partyin' Partyin' Yeah!

A/N: For the people who don’t know how to pronounce ‘Lainie' it's pronounced: Lay-nee. And by the way, I couldn't help but put that... Read Chapter

Some Night This Is

A/N: So about the update ... I accidentally wrote "chapter 20 is up" but I actually meant 21 of course. *Blushes*. I am an idiot. S... Read Chapter

Rumour Has It

A/N: I hope I've done an OK job with Lainie's reactions to being around Henry ... anyway, enjoy lovelies! :) Rumour Has It After ... Read Chapter

Discoveries on the Streets

A/N: Sorry if this chapter is boring. I just thought Lainie just needed some fun. Well, I hope you enjoy it nevertheless! I promise thing... Read Chapter

A Fusion of Emotions

A/N: OK, so I kind of mentioned it last chapter, but I feel like this chapter is a bit of a let down, especially towards the end. I'm s... Read Chapter

The Truth

The Truth I situated myself in front of his face on the carpet and studied him. Why had he been drinking? Actually, what had he been ... Read Chapter

I Spy

I Spy The shrill ring of the hotel’s phone suddenly rang, which woke me up from my deep slumber. A sigh left my lips because I want... Read Chapter


Showdowns I’m still thinking about it. I admit, I’m pretty paranoid of what happened behind that trailer. What if whatever had be... Read Chapter

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem Last night, Steve and Henry had gone through possibilities of what Veronica could have done. I, meanwhile, had been alloca... Read Chapter

Crashing Down

A/N: Have you seen the first page? Fake Fiancée was on FEATURED WRITING! I was so shocked and happy at the same time! I started jumping ... Read Chapter

Decisions & Heartache

Decisions & Heartache My uncle had allowed me to stay at Curacao for another three days, so I could say goodbye and to experience... Read Chapter


A/N: I know you’re probably thinking that FF is quite long so I’m here to tell you that according to my ‘chapter planning’ there ... Read Chapter


Goodbyes Last night’s sleep had been wonderful, but the moment my eyes fluttered open to see a bright new day, panic rose in me. To... Read Chapter

One Last Cry

A/N: I'm cutting off one chapter so there will be 3 more chapters including the epilogue! Anyway, tell me your thoughts on this chapter? ... Read Chapter

2 weeks later ...

2 weeks later … Royal blue or gingham yellow? A frown made its way onto my face as I surveyed the two pieces of curtain fabric in m... Read Chapter

The Start Of Something New

A/N: Just remember that this isn't exactly the last chapter! There's an epilogue which comes after this ;) Also, some of you have asked i... Read Chapter


EPILOGUE When I saw the clock strike six o’ clock, my heart rate increased dramatically. How had time flown by so fast?! My head it... Read Chapter