Please Remember (Remebrance Day)

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By Vanida Lim. Dedicated to the solders a part of Remembrance Day.

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



I am a soldier who fought to save my country by fighting till the death.
I risked and gave up everything, even my last breath.

My opponent fighting for his country, and I fighting for mine.
How can it be in order to save people, we need to take lives?

Surviving wasn't my main goal, in this tragic battle, you see.
My main goal was to die proud for Canada, and for Canadians to be free.

But what if I had withdrawn, and let my fear get the best of me?
What if I had chickened out, and just stood watching everyone die around me?

But I didn't because these soldiers are more than just my friends.
poppy-3.jpg\"We made a promise to each other that we'll fight through this till the end.

Now, hear me out. Please, please remember.
How we all sacrificed our lives, so please don't you forget. Ever.

Remember how the war was very crucial and long.
How every soldier had no choice but to fight brave and strong.

Please remember and try to picture all the horrid visions we had to see.
Like how I had to watch my best friend get shot right in front of me.

Remember how much we sacrificed, just so you can be free.
Remember the risk we took, of never again seeing our family.

Please remember our symbol, the poppy – a beautiful flower.
Please remember Flanders Field, where it all took place on the eleventh hour.

Please remember to put a smile on your face and to be proud.
To be able to live in a country, where we are always safe and sound.

So please don't forget. If you do and your memory turns gray,
Can you at least remember, that is how our spirit fades away.

So Canada, we don't ask for much. Except for you not to forget, but to remember.
We thank you if do you because that way, the memories will last forever.

Now I'm going to ask you, to remember one last final thing.
The reason as to why poppies blossom and birds sing;

Remember on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, is when we brave soldiers died.
Remember on the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour, is when we brave soldiers died with pride.

© Copyright 2018 Vanida. All rights reserved.

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