Wedding Speech

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Written by Vanida Lim. A wedding speech poem dedicated to Kim Vath Lim and John Chouangrasakod.

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



Today, we are all gathered here on the 10th,
On a day that brings happiness and joyful tears
We are also gathered here on the 10th month
Where we celebrate John And  Kim Vath's wedding on the 10th year

Weddings brings out the love and gratitude,
From people that are important, like you and me
Where the love and  laughter can be shared throughout,
Each friend and  everyone's family

But I am honored to stand here,
And  be a part of John And  Kim Vath's marriage celebration
Where we get to see their journey end,
But start fresh again with a very new beginning

They were lovers and friends,
From the very start of post-secondary
And 10 years magically flew by,
Now they are ready to officially marry

A whole 10 years,
These two loving people spent together
Sharing tears, anger, joy,
Sadness, experiences, and  laughter

Throughout the whole time,
Their love stayed inseparable and  strong
No wonder why they have been soul mates,
And  have been together already for so long

Usually couples don't make it past high-school,
People choose their own paths and  go  their separate ways
But how do you know when it's true love?
When they were able to make it work even until this day

Their love was like a seed,
A seed that was waiting for just that water
In which it then grew into a stem,
And  then blossomed into a beautiful flower

They both compliment together,
Where they're each a puzzle that fit together so well
Even despite any problems in the past,
That caused each other to cry or yell

Because those factors are important in a relationship
It's when people take it in and  learn from their mistakes
It's when you are able to understand one another,
And  to continue fighting for your relationship if that's what it takes

When I heard the news,
That these two loving people were going to get married
I was over excited with joy,
Because I thought it is exactly what they needed

Which is to take one step further into their commitment,
To seal it with a kiss and  when they read their vows,
That they'll remember all their special experiences,
And  to remember the past, future, and  now

I am sure that they both helped us all,
Influencing us in one way or another
And  we'll remember what they did for us,
And  it'll stay in our heart forever

They've done a lot for me and  my family,
Lending us a hand, ears, a hug here and  there
Because all they wanted us was to be happy,
And  to know that someone out there cares

So, that's why I am grateful,
To be given this opportunity to  read a poem to them two
So, I can hopefully return the favour,
And  for it to be my turn to tell you both how much I am proud of you

So, dear John and  Kim Vath,
Keep doing what you two both do
Keep making others smile,
And  teach what you taught me to your kids too

And that is something that I learned,
And  what you both taught me one main important fact
To always put your head up,
And  to just get out there to live, love, and  laugh.

© Copyright 2018 Vanida. All rights reserved.

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