You, Me, & She

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Written by Vanida Lim. Dedicated to a dear friend who was struggling in the past.

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



Dear Diary,

Alright, so I got this friend
And I don’t know what exactly to do
I know he’s really hurt from his break-up
And I hate it that it’s true

It hurts me seeing him lonely,
It hurts me seeing him sad,
But the fact that he ignores me,
Always just makes me mad

But I understand what he’s feeling
And I know exactly where he’s coming from
But I hate seeing him gloomy
And looking so dead, unhappy,  and glum

So, I’m sitting here in class
When I should be doing my work
But trying to help your best friend out
To me,  always comes first

He doesn’t know that he’s too good for her
It seems he’s mad at himself
He shouldn’t beg for her back,
He should be mad at her and no one else

But he doesn’t listen to me or anyone,

And that’s just how stubborn he is
It seems she changed him quite a bit,
When it’s the old him that I miss

I don’t know when he’s going to realize
That he just needs to put her behind
And that he should move on
And that everything is going to be fine
He’s excluding himself from everyone
I miss being good friends with him like before
But first he needs to learn his lesson
That relationships aren’t everything, there is more

I hope my best friend gets through this,
And that he’s going to be okay
But there’s just so much more
That I want him to know and for me to say

But I don’t know how to word these things
How to tell him what I truly feel
And what I want him to find
Is not a fake, cheating girl but real

I really think that dating her
Was the biggest mistake he ever made
Was it even worth it?
Having a heart that all it did was break?
I knew she wasn’t the one,
I knew there no trust
But of course he didn’t want to listen
Because to him was love, to her was lust
Then she started to come in the way,
Are you really going to choose her over me?
She’s trying to ruin our friendship,
I can’t believe it’s so hard for you to see

What did he even get out of it in the end?
Besides a broken heart,
Just a couple of more stabs here and there,
And all his feelings from her just hurt

He was stupid though
I’ll tell you that straight up
Not minding her manipulative ways
When he should have done the break up

Well, it’s because he’s too soft
He’s needs to learn what’s the limit
Of a girl toggling with your heart
And just letting her stab and play with it

That’s why he should be the type
The guy who shouldn’t give a shit
And just move on and put her behind him
To just look at her and say, “You know what? Fuck it.”

He needs to know that it’s not all about her
There are other girls out there, you know
He also has good friends like me for instance,
Who was there for him since long ago

But no, I’m not going to give up
I’m not going to lose a valuable friend,
That’s just how much he means to me
Even if that means battling for him till the end

I wish I could be there
To comfort him and show him love
How much I care about him,
Ad to give him a big warm hug

But I should be grateful
He’s such a wonderful person, I will say
For always putting a smile to my face
And for always making my day.

© Copyright 2018 Vanida. All rights reserved.

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