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These are the thoughts that went through my mind as I visited a nearby township.

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



Like sardines wedged into a tin can, we lay on floored mattreses positioned below the only means ofventilation for the entire room.

Two steps lead to thekitchen, one step leads me outside.

Separated by only a wooden door and a buglar gate from the outside world- we lay there.

Beyond the Burglar gate burglars stride the streets looking lost while searching for vulnerable souls to strip down and

drag off to the dark unknown future that posseses their hearts.

Hearts vacant and souls banished by their deeds.

They are fearful of tomorrow so they keep they eyes fixed on Today.

Only Today's day, holding close totheir bossoms the hope from yesterday that they snatched from they mothers heart,

only to forsake it for the worlds void promises.

You'll see them dreadin the evening and hoping for Morning because what's inbetween is unbearable for even with their hearts banished and cast in stone..

one can still see traces of the colour red in their eyes that leds to gaping hole in their chest...

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