Ethereal beauty

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A quirky poem about the essence of a rose....

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012




I spied a rose bush one mid summer’s eve

Her ethereal beauty you wouldn’t believe.


But she said beware of  her razor sharp arms

Those jagged thorns will do you harm.


Many suitors have perished along the way

Still true love only rewards the brave.


And what is a drop of blood

From a thorn in the side.


When a fair maiden’s heart

Is the gallant Knight’s prize.


Well her little buds were like angels cheeks

Sweet heads bent down; all fast asleep.


Dreaming of her ancestors, as moon beams lit her face

She drifted to a secret rose garden by an ancient Persian* lake.


And in the morn she blossomed, sparkling with dew

Infused with a heavenly aroma, painted a fuchsia hue.


Her blissful fragrance was floating on the summer’s balmy breeze

As her crown of petals rested, on a bed of emerald leaves.


Her heart she keeps well hidden, deep within her petals

Where she spends each day crafting, her secret love letters.


Sealed with a spritz of perfume concealed within her soul

She wears a sensory halo; so exquisitely beautiful.


Her bewitching spiritual essence makes a grown man blush

On the most sacred flower of all, I had an indelible crush.


But when I returned again that crisp clear autumn day

The young and ravishing beauty was rapidly fading away.


A bitter sweet shower was raining down

Fragrant pink petals mixed with acrid brown.


Soon the autumn turned to winter

And the rose bush was frail and ill.


When I saw her skeletal frame

It gave my heart a chill.


But I will always remember

The love I first felt.


And come the springtime

The ice will melt.


*the rose originally came from Persia

Copyright © 2012 Anne D Morgan


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