Operation: Dangerous Love

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Harry Styles was a scientist that fell off the grid years ago after a mysterious lab incident he had been working on left his fellow researchers dead and him presumed to be. It was no coincidence and for his own safety Harry faded into obscurity, living deep in the forest where not many dared to venture. One clone from the experiment – subject 363, survived. Before his unauthorized release he was given a name, brainwashed to remember it and haunted by false memories of a warm and happy childhood. Louis Tomlinson was subject 363, Harry’s only successful clone to come out of the experiment. What happens when the powers that be finds out Louis is a surviving clone and tries to kill him? What happens when Harry has no choice but to kidnap Louis to insure his survival? And What happens when two people find love through it all? Operation: Dangerous Love has been initiated.

Table of Contents


Harry Styles was dead – at least that’s what the news reports had all said. He was supposed to be but had they looked a little deeper... Read Chapter

Chapter 1: Vertigo

“Welcome to the world, 363.” A soft voice murmured, his tone deep but his words gentle. Like talking to a newborn. “You talk to... Read Chapter

Chapter 2: Rescued and Kidnapped

Louis was dragged out of bed – quite literally by his feet at seven o’clock sharp by his mother…well, she tried to drag him out of ... Read Chapter