Defeat of Guild BoR - Reign of Kings

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short Reign of Kings story in a RP server.

Submitted: April 18, 2015

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Submitted: April 18, 2015



I slowly placed my crown on the table... staring at it and examining.... its contents were unknown to me, even the metals it had. It was beyond my brother's abilities to make such metal.... wherever it came from, people before us had made it.
I then go to look at the gathered herbs I found near the beach, all with different colors and styles of it's leaves and flowers. I go to smell one... then examining it. For some reason the Gods never poison me and aid me into studying medicine and such herbs without getting sick.
I had a collection of herbs in two chests.. one labelled for the aid and one labelled for poison. Whenever I smell a herb... the scent either stings my nose or smoothly breaths through. A stinging indicates poison while the smooth smell indicates aid.

I was distracted by commotion outside by my Brothers..... someone was yelling outside and loading a Ballista.
I quickly put my crown on and went outside to the top walls of the gates where all my brothers stand aiming their weapons at one individual standing at the gates.
I shook my head and sighed.... they were so hostile at one person who was even unarmed. They were itchy for battle, because I taxed the people of the land so high they think everyone was going against me. The reason is so because I allowed the winner of last time's Arena battle to choose a tax rate... which set it up to 20%.
I eventually brought down the tax to 3.7%... thinking it would make my brothers ease at people for once. I guess they were not.
I needed my taxes to get equipment to study medicine... no one in the land believed me of that.

"State your business here!" Brother Jared yelled out... aiming his crossbow.
The man outside the gate was shaking a bit... nervously.... I felt bad for him and wanted to talk to him outside... but my brothers would not allowed me to step outside without all of them following me for protection.

"I... I just need a good pickaxe so I can work hard for my Queen yes? " He stubbornly said...
"Phhh, asking the Queen for equipment?! Go find one yourself!" Brother Bacon yelled out and shot a warning arrow at the man.
"If you find one! Get some stone for the Queen!" Brother Insulf bragged after.

The nervous man jumped then started sprinting away from our castle like a roadrunner... my brothers then started firing arrows at him... missing purposely while they were laughing away.

This was too much... the people will be angry at me for being leader. I stomped my way to my brothers to confront them.
"That wasn't really nice, I could of easily gave him a pickaxe to spare." I said pointing my finger at them
They stopped laughing and looking at me,..
"Vanu... you’re the Queen now, you have to be stern and evil sometimes like us... we taught you that if your not, people will step over your shoulders." Brother Insulf said.

I nodded and sighed looking down at the ground. Brother T put his hand on my shoulder for confidence. I smiled at him and took a deep breath after looking at my hands... what have I done?

"Alright... well let's check the wall and see if anyone is trying to damage it." I insisted and brought only Brother T and Jared with me to escort while I leave the others behind.

While walking across the lands I thought deeply about being leader... I didn't want bloodshed. I don't fight... the only combat I can do is archery as a sport... not fighting. I wield a sword but I cannot control it as a warrior. I then looked at Jared while walking up the bridge... maybe he can take over for me while I settle down.

As we approached the wall it stood many stories high... I have built the wall myself. It took me weeks by my own hands. I made sure no one can go over these walls or pass the doors without permission. There were three doors to pass through... which were locked well.

We investigated the area and no one seem to be around, so we went through the doors and shut them.

As we trudged up the hill into the throne room, all was quiet. The crackling sounds of the ground torches who flame endlessly by the Gods were the only sounds that echoed in the room. We went upstairs in each floor looking around... seeing no one.

As we searched the throne I went back to the wall to oversee the bridge. The sun was setting beautifully in the West, coloring across the great land where I see people working hard in building houses. I then sat down on the edge of my wall, thinking deeply. I didn't want to be Queen no more.. I felt something was wrong with me once my Brothers taught me to be slightly evil... it's time to switch the crown over to another Guild member before I go overboard.

"BROTHER JARED!" I yelled out calling for him... standing back up on the wall and watching him come down.

"Coming My Queen." Jared called out then approached the wall as I stepped down to the ground.

I slowly took the crown off my head and held it with my two hands in-front of me...
"I want you... to take leadership to the people out here, I'm afraid I might do something wrong in the future, a mistake that might cause bloodshed. Take it... until I calm my mind on my own." I said slowly handing over the Crown to him.

Jared looked at me for a while, studying my mind... then he bowed his head and kneeled.
"Thank you, my Queen... this is a honor I will take until you are ready to have it back." He then took the crown slowly and put it on his head.

I smiled as I watched him rise up with the crown on his head... he smiled as well and went up to sit on the throne, so the message is sent out through the Gods throughout the people on the land. I told Jared that the sword was still stuck in the statue... as I didn't take it yet.

I sat back down on top of the wall, thinking through. As Jared came back, I noticed the steel armor he wore was gleaming brighter than ever before, he came up on top of the wall as well.. taking a deep breath of fresh air.

"Ahh... this is nice. The people of the land will be taxed a little so we can keep our fortified wall up. I hope our people are happy" He said smiling and looking across the land.

I nodded, watching the sun set slowly as the moon was rising through the night.

Next morning, I noticed T... set up a trebuchet and some ballistics on the wall.. he was eager to make sure we were protected.

Something was wrong though...

Our other brothers were supposed to be at the wall by sunrise... they were gone missing, or worse... murdered. I smell the air... there was blood in the air carried by the winds.

I took my bow out and hoisted my quiver to my back... holding many stone arrows. I didn't like this at all. I stood on the wall... letting the wind slightly blow my hair back. For a good morning, I stared down at the land... waiting.

I then looked down at the bridge... and saw something... or somebodies running up the bridge. I took a closer look at the people running... they were running with swords out, crossbows, and flags that emblem a different Guild I never seen before. When they were getting closer... I heard the yelling of war...

"Sir JARED! Brother T!" We have people coming up the bridge with wielding swords!" I yelled out.

King Jared came running out and to the wall where I was standing, the people are now clearly visible to see. Brother T was standing back with his sword ready.

"Who dares come to my bridge with swords?! Leave now! State your business!" Jared yelled out.

All of sudden a wooden javelin came from a man's hand and pierced the wall below us.
"THE THRONE!" A deep voice yelled as the people were now 100 meters away from our wall. "FOR JUSTICE!!! You done wrong by raising the taxes and let Lord Grim murder people!" Monsters!"

I loaded my bow with a arrow and yelled back... I remember letting Mr. Grim do murder people for witchcraft.... it was a mistake.

"I'M SORRY!" I said then releasing a warning shot at the 4 men who is at our wall.

I then suddenly change in emotion... my rage and anger filled my hands and my voice changed when I yelled out again....
"GET... OUT!" I said in a deep violent voice.... I never noticed before.

The people yelled out again and started throwing javelins. One man was trying to crossbow at us while another was breaking the small wooden door down with his great-sword.

Then the war raged.... javelins and arrows aiming towards me and Jared, they were poor aim... but I and Jared almost fell off the wall a few times while trying to kill the man breaking down the door. Brother T was waiting at the third door if they break through the first two.

We couldn't shoot them down, they were firing arrows too often for us to shoot back, so we fell back into the third door. As we did... the first door broke with a loud smash and breaking of wood.

"WE ARE THROUGH BROTHERS! To the second door!" A man yelled. "Someone give me some lock picks for the second door!"

I tried to yell over the commotion,
"What to we do?!" I yelled at Brother T and King Jared... freaking out because I couldn't fight, only shoot arrows. My hands were shaking, my body sweating... I didn't want to feel the slice of swords on my body. We were outnumbered 4 to 2.

All of sudden the second door opened violently... they lock picked the second door and started to slash through the third door. Already I watched the steel sword slice through the door.

"Open the door and we will ambush them." Brother T said... as he slowly approached the doorknob.

I took a deep breath, sheathing my bow then taking out my steel great-sword I never wielded before... it was heavy, and unbalanced for me. I watched as T suddenly opened the door and a sword push the door open...

Everything happened so fast... King Jared took the first swing at the person who ran through first... taking a clean hit on the man in the stomach. The man ran out and giving him some room... the King and the first man went face to face clashing swords.

I watched as 3 more men ran out... Brother T giving a clean hit to the second man, but suddenly being surrounded by 2 other people. The last men was going for the King. No one noticed me yet since I was on the wall still, I jumped down and went after the closest man fighting Brother T.

As I swung the sword over my head, the heaviness of the sword made me miss completely on the back of the man, hitting the ground. I quickly pick up the sword and backed up as a man was approached me with a sword.

I didn't know what to do.. I kept backing up until the man sprinted and took a swing at me... I held the sword up and closed my eyes...

The sword hit mine... hitting my sword down to the ground as it reflected the man's. I was rapidly breathing... panicking...

All of sudden Brother T... took a back slice to the man hitting his back; I noticed he was bleeding...
The man I face turned around and went after T as the other man as well, T went defensive. I suddenly took a chance to swing at the man turning the back on me...

I heard a slice and breaking of metal... my sword contacted with his armor slicing through. As I finished my swing... blood was on my sword. The man even screamed in pain...

I backed up shocked... I actually hit someone making them bleed. This was not my role.. but something strive me on to fight, as my anger and rage took control of me again...

I looked to the side where King Jared was half limping and struggling to fight against the two men.... I was about to run to him when I felt pain slash across my left side... a man sliced his sword through my leather armor and opened a wound, making me bleed already heavily.
I screamed in pain... backing up quickly as the man try to swing again at me again. I dropped my sword as I used my hands to hold my wound tightly. As the swing came it missed by inches near my legs... the man backed up in defense holding his sword up.

Just as I thought the man would strike again, I heard a loud voice nearby.
"Kill the King, to the King my friends! He's going to die!" he screeched.

The man pursuing me turned to the side and started sprinting with a war cry, leaving me behind and a chance to escape.
I looked ahead and saw a motionless body in a pool of blood a few meters in-front of me, I noticed right away by his tattoo's face it was Brother T...

I limped over holding my wound... still bleeding to check he was dead. I put my hand on his forehead gently to feel his temperature. Cold enough, he wasn't breathing or alive. I try not to panic, because the adrenaline of the fighting made my emotions only in fear now.

I stood up and looked to where King Jared was... I spotted him.
He was standing over a ledge surrounded by 3 people... he was bleeding heavily and seemed to be in no more shape to fight. He held his sword up in defense ready for the next striker.
One man jumped and gave a heavy slash down, the powerful slash clashed with the Ancient Sword... but King Jared couldn't balance himself... he then started falling backwards...

In a blink he was there, then he was gone.

"Nooo..." I whispered to myself and started to cough by the loss of blood. I was still bleeding...
The men were staring down the cliff where Jared has fallen... I wanted to push them off the cliff, but I was now alone, outnumbered.

I suddenly had to run... it was the only way to get out of here. The bridge wasn't a good idea.. so I limped my way to the side of the throne... where large outcropped rocks were.

On the left side of the throne wall, I leaned against it and slid down.. hiding behind some outcropped rock in a corner.

Time slowed it seemed... I was still breathing heavily and losing blood, but everything around me was in fast pace. I can hear footsteps run around the inside the throne, heavy footsteps of armor.

"Yes... take the throne! For the rightful owner! LORD KRIM FOR KING!" a man shouted.
"Aye.. this is comfy." it seemed to be Lord Krim's voice.

I blocked out the voices of the people. Immediately, I start to grab the bandages in my travel sack and wrapping it around my body to hold the wound from bleeding. Where I got slashed... was a clean hit across my left side, the leather armor was split oven, revealing my skin and wound. The wound was sliced open as well, a good inch deep hit... I would need to get it stitched before I bleed too much.

I calmed a little... still breathing rapidly and feeling hot from blood loss, I hope to no one will find me. As I was aiding, I started to overhear the conversation in the throne room....

"Yes, Lord Krim.... we kill those BoR members that were guarding their own home, we found out they split forces... and that is why we knew the King and the others have taken refuge up here." the man announced.

I clenched my fists... how dare they kill all my brothers... I was now completely alone and scared.

"Very good Mr. Tok Tok.... I am happy to hear that." Lord... or King Krim is saying, and then their footsteps stopped. "Was everyone... taken care of?" King Krim then asked...

There was silence for a few seconds then a yell out that made me jump a bit....

"VANU, COME OUT! We know your still alive.... our Gods tell us and we can still smell your fear." Tok tok yelled out. "Find her..."

Suddenly footsteps of armor start jogging around the area...

"Ms. Vanu... come out from hiding and surrender to the King for trial... if not, you will be shrubbed or killed." King Krim calmly said.

I had to get out of here.... I slowly fought pain by biting my lip as I try to use the wall to stand up slowly. I held my wound with my hand as I stood up, just as I did.... I looked up and saw one man looking at me. I pushed myself off the wall and force myself to stand... holding my wound in pain..

"I see you..." a deep voice said.. he then reached down and grabbed a chain with shackles.

He slowly approached me, knowing I didn't have a weapon or couldn't move as well. I backed up until I was the edge of a cliff, facing down to the splashing waves of the ocean. I was facing the same fate as Brother Jared...

"Stay back... " I said weakly... "I will jump..." I kind of bluffed that... but I would if I have to.. I would just do what my mind will do.

The man stopped approaching, didn't know if he should come closer or not. Then the other men approached, all 4 was here with King Krim. I looked down at my feet, ignoring everything and watching as the blood on my side slowly seeping out the bandage and dripping beside my feet. I started breathing heavily again and trying to hold my tears back. The sound of chains were coming closer... but then stopped..

"Let her be... " King Krim's voice commenced... "She has lost all her brothers and she is no fighter... even though she has taken part of the fight, she is all harmless now. She won't be going anywhere, let her go and weep for those she lost."

I slowly looked up as the man in chains back off. I slowly walked my way past the King and his men, hoping this wasn't a turnaround trap to get me away from the cliff. I was able to get to the wall's tunnel of broken doors, until a voice interrupted.

"You will face trial to the public the next day Ms. Vanu. If you don't show up, we will hunt you down and face harsher punishment." King Krim said sternly...

I didn't say anything or looked back; I just kept walking down the bridge.
I thought about what all happened. Was this all troubled by me? Was this troubled by King Jared? Why did they murders all my brothers instead of talking this out.
He was right, I was left with nothing.... except myself and the spirits of my brothers now. I had to take refuge somewhere before they try to find me the next day.

And so I went... limping away.

- Brother T...
- Brothers of BoR
- Grimm the Reaper
- General B

- Lord Krim
- Band of Rejects
- Tok Tok
- Lord Krim's brothers
- Ms. Vanu

- King Jared


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