My Angelic Vampire

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Rose is getting married today. yet, she is not happy as her best friend Zoey won't be there to attend it. She gets a letter from Zoey which is filled with magic, love and mystery. She learns that Zoey fell in love with a VAMPIRE.

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012




My Angelic Vampire


The wedding day seemed nothing like Rose had always dreamed about. In fact it had turned out to be one of the most bewildering days of her life. She certainly did not feel prized or delicate, rather she felt exhausted. She could hear cries of her younger sister around the house enquiring about her brooch and her mother squealing on her and asking her to keep quiet. Her brother’s loud brawl with the caterers was also clearly audible and her maid of honor and best friend Zoey had backed out at the last moment. Oh! How she wanted to kill Zoey right now. Zoey and Rose had been best friends ever since kindergarten and had also planned to marry together. But Zoey seemed indifferent about her own marriage these days and now she had even refused to be a part of Rose’s wedding. Yet, no matter how much mad Rose wanted to be on Zoey she could not help but miss her. As Rose was sitting there and cursing her luck, she noticed a bunch of her favorite lilies lying on the stool. Near the flowers was an envelope; scrawled upon it was Zoey’s handwriting. Rose quickly grabbed the envelope and tore it open, inside was a huge letter from Zoey.


23rd December 2011

Dearest Rose,

I know you must be completely mad at me right now. We had always planned to marry together on the same day, in the same chapel and now I am not even there for your wedding. You have always asked me why don’t I date guys anymore and why don’t I want to marry. I have always ignored your questions and said that it is just a passing phase. Today, on your wedding I know I owe you an explanation. Mistakes are inescapable. All humans make it. I have been making them right from the moment I was born. There are so many types or mistakes, some foolish and some with grave consequences. Some have no impact on your life and some change it forever, haunting you for the rest of your days. 

It all began five years ago, when we were sweet seventeen. You were with me that day; the things are so crystal clear in my memory that it seems like yesterday. You and I were sitting on the park bench playing our favorite “spot the hot guy” game. We watched the people passing by, hoping to see a cute face. I still remember how it used to be our daily routine on Saturday afternoons.

Rose put down the letter, a faint smile on her lips. Yes, she remembered the game. It used to be their favorite pass time, silly girls. But what could have happened that changed Zoey so much. She quickly got back to reading the letter.


I am not sure if you still remember, but on that day we did see an exceptionally hot guy. With his tall 6 feet something height, I immediately noticed him. His messy honey colored hair was falling all over his forehead and the dreamy look on his face made my heart skip a beat. I couldn’t see his eye color from such a distance but I was sure they must be deep enough for me to fall. I had shown him to you and we gasped together. You told me that you had seen him working in a bookshop. I had never felt so captivated by someone else’s presence in my life before. Suddenly, he was a magnet attracting my entire existence towards him. That moment, I knew I was in love. My first love. I didn’t share it with you then, partly because I was ashamed to have fallen for a complete stranger and partly because I was afraid you would want him too.


I tried a lot to not to think about him. Telling myself that it was wrong, but nothing seemed to help. Next day I went to that bookstore you had mentioned. I was standing nervously outside the door. I didn’t know what to expect. Certainly, he was not going to lift me up in his arms and tell me that he loves me. “How stupid can you get Zo” I scolded myself and thought of leaving all together. But I knew I would come back. “Why not get it over and done with”, I thought to myself.


As I finally go through the door, a little bell tinkles and I am welcomed by the sweet smell of books. They smell delicious, the fresh, comforting smell of new paper. I tie up my curly hair into a bun and then stroll across the store anxiously. Finally, I catch a glimpse of him. He was helping an elderly lady to find some book. I still couldn’t see his eye color and he didn’t smile. I was hit by stronger emotions this time. It felt like a storm, all I could see was him. He looked so perfect, almost like a revered sculpture. He slid his hands through his ruffled honey hair as he was speaking. He then started to turn to my side. I quickly turned around and paced out of the shop like a maniac, not even stopping to breathe. I felt drained as I inhaled a deep breath of the crisp air after I had run for some time. Why did I run, I still don’t know. Maybe, I was scared of facing the truth, of being told that I was not loved back. I was scared of being hurt. After all, I was only a stranger.


I walked back home and took a long cold shower. I tried to loose my thoughts in the fruity smell of the shampoo. When I came out I didn’t feel any better. I dressed up in my regular denim skirt and white tee before heading out again. I missed mom, I knew she would have known the right thing to say. My mom loved daisies. I picked up few as I walked passed the boulevard. It was already evening and generally I would have been scared to go to the cemetery alone at that time. But that day was different. I felt very lonely and desperate. Soon I could see the iron gates of the graveyard.


I had no trouble finding mom’s grave. I sat down beside it in despair, gently putting the daisies upon it. I sat there for I don’t know how long. Many hours passed by and it got dark. I knew I had to leave. As I got up, I saw somebody at a distance. For a moment I thought it was a ghost, but then I realized it was him. I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was he doing here? He bent down and put red tulips on numerous graves. He didn’t cry, his face was perfectly still. He looked gorgeous. As he turned around to leave, I realized I was following him. “Now what, have I become a stalker?” I thought to myself.


But I was too mesmerized by him to think rationally. I kept following him. He went out of the cemetery, so did I. He took a left, so did I. I was like a puppet following the orders of some unknown force. Suddenly he started walking fast, faster than what I could catch up with. He ran with an inhuman speed. I tried to run after him, but I lost his track. Snapped back into reality, I realized it was already dark and I was stranded alone in an unknown place. It was a lonely stretch of road and there was nobody in sight. I had lost my way.


I started walking back; trying to go back on the path I had come from. But I just kept revolving in circles, getting more lost than before. Finally, I heard some people talking. Relieved, I started to follow the voices. Hoping, they would be able to help me. I walked in the shadowy alley, chills running down my spine. They were about four boys in their twenties and heavily drunk. “Oh God! No” I whispered and quickly turned back on my heels. But it was too late, they had already seen me.


“Going somewhere sugar?” I heard a voice behind me.

“You seem lost, why don’t you let daddy help?” said another. I started walking faster, taking long strides. But I was soon encircled by them. They were huge and completely out of there senses. There was no way I could run away. Maybe if I shout, somebody might listen.

“Help” I yelled

“Oh! Don’t make it sound like we are bad” said the tallest one while the one standing beside him put his hand on my mouth. They started to drag me to the corner while I cried. I tried to bite off his hand and yelled one more time but those guys were demons. They slapped me on my face and dragged me some more. I closed my eyes and prayed to die when I felt the grip loosen. Startled, my eyes flashed open. He was standing there.

“Leave the girl alone” he ordered

“Go do your own work mate” said one of the guys.

“Don’t make me do something I’ll regret”

“Like what? Cry?” all the guys started laughing. Then he did something I couldn’t dream of. He pulled the guy out and punched him hard on his face leaving him unconscious and then sucked the blood out of him. He literally dug his teeth in the guy’s throat and then sucked out every drop of blood from his body leaving him pale and dead. His friends met the same fate. He then looked at me. His eyes were coffee brown. Impulsively, I reached out and hugged him.


A vampire! Rose said that out aloud. Impossible! She thought. Sure, Zoey had changed a lot during the past few years, but thinking that she was in love with a vampire was insane. The very thought that vampires exist was insane. But Rose knew Zoey well enough to know that she would not lie about such a thing. Her sweet little Zo had fallen for a demon and she was unaware about it all along. “Shit, how insensitive of me.” Rose was scared to read further. Wondering what her friend might have gone through. “Rose, the car has arrived. Are you ready?”  She heard her mother’s voice. “Yes, give me a few minutes more.” Rose shouted back. She held the letter with trembling hands and read further.



He held me awkwardly. He didn’t really hug me back but didn’t push me away either. I held him as tightly as I could, digging my head into his chest and crying. Finally, he reacted. He put his hands softly on my hair and stroked them lightly. “It is okay. They won’t hurt you anymore.” He whispered. I nodded my head and pulled away. He let me go easily. I looked up at his face. There was still some blood around his lips.

“You have got a little something there.” I said pointing to my lips.

“Here” he said, pointing to his own.

“No, a little left.”


“Wait” I said before I went out and wiped them with my hands. I was surprised at how normally I could do that without getting grossed. The touch of his skin was velvety to me. He retraced back, as if a current ran over him.

“What happened?” I asked

“Are you not scared of me?”

“No” and I meant it

“You should be then, everybody who knows is.” He replied.

“I am not scared of you.” I said honestly and he looked at me like I was mad or something. But all I could see were his coffee colored eyes that seemed to stare at my soul. There was a little crease on his otherwise perfectly smooth forehead as he thought about how crazy I am. He then turned around to leave.

“Wait up.” I shouted and he turned back alarmed.

“What happened?”

“I am lost”


“Will you walk me back home? I am scared of meeting other goons like them.”

“Wait you are asking a vampire to drop you back home because otherwise you feel unsafe. Did I get it right?”

“Yes” I was laughing like an idiot.

“You need to see a doctor.” He chuckled. It was the first time that I saw his crooked smile and my heart overreacted. Suddenly his smile was gone.

“Are you alright?” he asked looking concerned

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“Your heart was beating very fast.”

“Oh no! You can hear heartbeats?”

“I can hear and see the minutest of things” his crooked smile was back.

“Bless me. This is going to be harder than I thought.” And he laughed some more.

“You really want me to drop you home?”

“Yes, I do” Rose, I must tell you his laugh is the best sound I have ever heard.

We walked in silence for a while. Then I began talking.

“I saw you at the graveyard.” I said

“I know.” He replied

“You know!”

“Yes, why else do you think I ran away from you?” and suddenly I was a scarlet letter.

“I am sorry.” I blabbered

“For what?” he asked

“For stalking you, or whatever it was. But I promise I had only gone there to put flowers on my mother’s grave. I didn’t know you would be there.”

“I know. You don’t need to be sorry or anything. It was I who had followed you at the cemetery.”

“What!” I was astonished. I could not imagine that this Greek God even thought about me. Let alone following me.

“I saw you in the park the other day, and I don’t know why I became crazy about you ever since. I know it is not natural, with me being a vampire and you a fragile human. Then you came to the bookstore today and I couldn’t help but follow you to your house and then to the cemetery. I saw you crying to your mom’s grave. I realized what I was doing was wrong. Then I saw you following me and I had to run away to save you from me” I heard everything like a fairytale.

“What if I don’t want to be saved? What if all I want is you?” I said

It suddenly started raining. We ran to the shade of a nearby tree. His hairs were dripping wet and I could see his toned torso through the wet white shirt he was wearing. He too was looking at me in a strange way. We were standing closer than we realized. He took a strand of my messy hair and placed it behind my hair. He dropped a kiss gently on my forehead. Our eyes met, and everything else ceased to exist. We kissed each other passionately; his lips were soft and cold like a stone. Our body danced to each other’s rhythm and for the first time I felt complete in my life. My dear Rose, I knew I wanted to marry only him. The next day morning I was lying on my bed alone. There was no sign of him, except a letter in which he explained that I was too good for him and that a vampire and a human can not be together. I was shattered into pieces. I have been looking for him ever since but he has disappeared into thin air. I can not bring myself to love someone else. I will be waiting for him, forever. Hope you will forgive me. Wish you a happy married life.


Yours lovingly,











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