Mad Thoughts

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Just another character in this world.

Submitted: April 20, 2008

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Submitted: April 20, 2008




Mad Thoughts


I just need to find out the most sensational method I could adopt to end my life. It should be something different. Nothing new came to my mind, so, I decided to start a website Why should I die? Iam not going to die before the time comes, but I believe that we are all walking towards the truth of life-DEATH-from the moment we are born. The problem here is we don’t know the time of our last call. Nobody till today predicted the time of death.

But this is just a preparation.

There is a great lack of ideas in this world, nothing new came up in the web site.I started getting mails and calls from groups who do the counseling and help people overcome the suicide tendency and bring them back to life.It was really hard to convince them that Iam not going for a suicide attempt.

I started looking into all the options..


If a 3rd world war happens..

If a tsunami hits my area..

If an tornado come..


But what if in those situations..


My chances to die naturally are less..


So I decided to change the plan .


I will die when the time comes..but if I get a chance to know that  by whatever reasons I would live only for so many days/months/years/  Then I would work out a plan to make my exit from this world a super hit success.

But how.


.A REALITY SHOW, just like The Big Brother


“Dinner is ready”

The sound of my sister made me to leave the world of death fantasies.


“Tomorrow by 2o’clock we have to reach the clinic, 2-30 is your appointment with the psychiatrist”



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