Kyu bahate ho Ashru In Komal Akhon Se

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The sun was sizzling me as I waited. 'Its been soo long and still no ones here. They never take so long'
I turned to my wrist watch. It showed 10.45 am.
'Gosh.. Just 15 min left... Once the recess is over I will be packed up with lectures until the school ends. No chance of meeting them'
My eyes were fixed to the school building. 'Whats wrong today...
'Sushma..' I called out t a grl sitting under the tree.
'Do you know where these commerce guys are?'
"Nay.. But If you are asking about Komal then he is in his class.I dont know about other'
'Thanks.That would do.'
'Why didnt they come still now? they never keep you waiting'
'I know not Sushma.. Let me check out. Talk to you in class'
I speeded into the school building and directy into the senior classes corridor.
As I reached XI Comm, I saw all my friends right there.
" Hey, Whats taking you guys so lng? I was waiting for you all out there" I yelled out to all my friends. They all were silent like never.
"Why? Whats wrong?'I asked aas I slowly entered the class.
I was left dumb. I felt helpless. I wanted to help ,wanted to support but I couldnt.
I walked out silently and went strat into my class. I was full of tears. I then penned down this poem for my friend.

Kyu bahate ho ashru in Komal akhon se,

Un haste labzo ko, kyu rulate ho hatho se,

Diya to sahi, par kyu na hame vo aasu dete ho

Jo unke jagah hum roo sake raato mei.


Diya agar dukh unhe,to hame kyu batlate ho,

Hume batlaya to phir, unse dur kyu bhagate ho.

Ve asu hum to mita nahi payenge, ye jaan

Hume bebasi aur lachari mei tadpate ho.


Kar sako kuch agar to, Ve ashru mita do.

Un Komal nayano se dukh ke saye ho hata do.

Khushiyo ki bauchar kar do un ke hridaya par,

Aur asu na le pao vapas, to ve hume lauta do…

Ve hume Lauta do….

Ve hume Lauta do….

Submitted: February 25, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Varna Salunke. All rights reserved.

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