Think and It happens

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Where do our thoughts go?

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012




\"\"We think. Where do our thoughts go? What happens to them? What do they do? They have got to go somewhere. But where? The answer is that they escape. They escape into the atmosphere and then into space. Whatever scientists call dark matter is nothing but our thoughts. They make up space. According to astrophysicists, a unknown energy called dark matter compromises of space. Space and universe is all full of our thoughts.

The dark matter is said to have increasing. Aren’t our thoughts increasing day by day with increasing population? So don’t both the facts collide?

Some people have goo\"\"d thoughts some have bad thoughts. And these good thoughts bring us fortune and the bad ones misfortunes or accidents. So we can say that what we think the same happens. We even have heard many say, ‘think positive, positive will happen to you’. This is the reason. We even release thoughts and even attract them. We act like radio cum transmitters. We have built an enormous source of energy for us.  We make the universe and the universe in return makes us.

\"\"But we are just transferring thoughts not attracting them for our own betterment. Our in our hands now. Our future, the incidents in them and all. If we want  positive to happen we must think positive. Just imagine. What if the whole world just thinks well? Then only good will happen. We are the creator of our own life. But we don’t know the fact and roam like cattle. Know this and you will be able to extract all that you want your life to give you from universe.

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