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It's all about a dialogue between a bird and a girl.


Hey my cute birdie! Where have you been?

Quite a long time you were not to be seen.

Your absence locked me in deep sorrow

With the least hope left for tomorrow.

Hey my sweet buddy! I took a rapid flight

To the heaven above with all my might.

Flew with an offer to the mightiest Lord

To bless and reward you as the best bard.


So sweet my birdie, and what did He say?

When will He grant me the best pay?

Why does He often test the good souls

And let go the brutes with loopholes?


Nay mate, such brutes may now act clever

Neither can they cheat nor evade forever.

Lord’s mercy is always for you my best pal

And bestow you the best rank amongst all.


Thank you, my fair birdie for all your love,

I find an angel in you, My Lovely Dove!

How will I repay the kindness you show?

If there is any way kindly let me know.



Submitted: January 10, 2016

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