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How sensuality is its own spirituality
Freedom from dogma allows one to both embrace and release the physical self

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013



The crow hides behind her silver wings

The sun rises upon vibrating sitar strings


The thousand petaled lotus explodes

into a million paths of gold


Rainbow mirrors implode upon themselves

to find inside -the bodies we release and hide


Atlas drops the ball

Jesus rolls the die

Snakes eyes

Dead man's hand

Tears are streaming gently

from the frightened fool's face


The elephant parades around

The peacock struts without a sound


The fish has grown wings

As the bows of centaurs release

a thousand arrowed messages

across the seven seas


The ships are draped with colours

no one has ever heard or seen

meanings irridescent

pulsating with an efferescent glow


Butterflies release themselves

Snakes shed miles of skin

Phoenix eggs crack open

Releasing the fires within


You my love are at the center

in the middle of such weeds

Some call them wild flowers

some let go of seeds


Beyond the fist of lust

half read

Red- beyond the clutches

of greed

The steed races to me

with lightening speed

Awakening the thunder of our heart beats


I climb aboard the embers

e enter the ethers bare

rising again upon a setting sun

without the dawn to care



Vashti Puls

© Copyright 2018 Vashti Puls. All rights reserved.

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