You Died Too Soon

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Song lrics that speak of the unsung heroes who have blazed the trails for us and how we need to take up where they have left off

The radical is the re-evolutionary!

Submitted: July 29, 2013

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Submitted: July 29, 2013



You died too soon

A winter storm that froze your June
but they can't take away the fact
you were ever born!
Just because
they fried your brain-
cut out your tongue
filled you with their blame
It does not mean you were out of tune!
They stuck needles in your veins
but the truth is and remains
nothing that you did was in vain
So they think their world is still the same
but it isn't
because you changed it!
You taught me thist when you resisted
that the world is not their thoughts 
but the way you live in it!
So I try to throw their pasts away
even though they kept us invisible and hid us away
and their poison still tries to ruin your remains
I'm not going to stick to it !
My parts are mine I am my own wholes
so despite their holes
I'm  not going to live with it !
You were young and so alive
but they taught you not to thrive
killed off all the hope you had inside
but despite their threats they never took your pride
so I'm going to run with it
Don't get upset just rock their boat until they drown
Because I revolt I wont be their fool and clown no more
Won't follow the rules of their laws and schools no more
because it was you who blazed my way
and they don't matter anyway
so I don't fit in   I have no sin
and I won't be another spoke in their wheel or cog in their machine
To live is to breath my dream
i don t need silence I don t need to scream
Just remember how to be real!
They think you died too young
but they don't know you weren't the only one
and all our wild weeds are going to feed their fields
until the poor claim their own yields
and those in power know what its like to be queer
Look it all that ice
they thought they kept well our sacrifice
but now they don't have time to even count their stock twice
because they have to play the cards that they dealt
now we watch the ice as it melts
doesn't it hurt
How about the Earth ?
They still don't realize
that their greed is so unwise
I;m going to do more than sigh
I don't need to listen or to live up to their lies!
Unlock the prisons and the cage
let out your up kept rage
now's not the time to be polite and behave
but break every lock
smash every clock
live in your own time !
refuse to be ignorant and blind and know your power is your only name
There is no win or lose the game
because you don't have to play!
throw all their pieces away
and claim what you already know!
So forget about their charity and their Thanks giving !
know this is your life for the living !
There is no way to fail their tests
so collect your thoughts
and take a breath
there is nothing left to kill
We won't swallow their lies or pills any more!
There are no windows or no doors
just the wide open land
so open your hearts mind and hands
and understand ! No one rules over you
You are your own leader you don't have to follow their commands
You have the right to your own demands
and you don't have to steal!

Let's make it all real
No need to blare blame scold or warn
The moment you awaken is the moment you are born
You do not have to try
just realize there is enough sky
and more than one shade of blue
So what do we do?
you died too soon
but you are not our only son daughter
mother father
sister brother
aunt uncle cousin friend relation 
but we upturn your tomb
reclaim our spaces places and wombs
speak in our own tongues
and make our own celebrations

It has all just begun
the song is not over until it is sung!
and you are really as young as you feel
The truth is revealed
and we come like a collective storm!
To stop your wars and your exploits of the poor
after all what is a minority for
if not to make them think we are too few
They had their fame fortune and fun
now the new times have been spun
and they will hang from each and every one of our tattered and torn threads
because we refuse to be their objects or their dead
I object that's what I said
and I'll say it again!
No more acceptance of their pain
dancing like puppets by their reins
It's time we all went in-sane
so they know just how it feels
We are alive and real
and though you died too soon to realize
You have opened up our hearts and minds and eyes
and you are not alone!
We reclaim our homes
for all is one is that's not all
we were always ready for the fall
so we come out as soon as we are born
It's all so complex but so simple and plain!
We all re-member we matter
after all that is what we're after
but that does not mean we never came before!
No need to keep track or score
No need for hate and empty plates
We all so tired of asking  
where is our next meal!
It's time to show them what has already been revealed
We are not alone!
This Earth is our home
We don't need to shrivel and die away
It's time to harvest our seeds 
and have our say
No invisibility
We have the ability
we are ready
Here we come....
Vashti Puls

© Copyright 2018 Vashti Puls. All rights reserved.

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