Cuase Of Mutation

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I wrote this without any direction.
it became this strange progressive song, Its really pointless but i felt like sharing and hearing what people would think of it. again written on a whim without any purpose or direction.

Submitted: March 19, 2011

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Submitted: March 19, 2011




You don't know what hate means-not yet
Its ganna be like a train over your mangled corpse
It will flood you with despair and regret
Regret of the day we spawned this demon between us
Its a double edged sword
Its killing us both
But I swear no matter how crippled I am from the pain Ill be dancing on your fucking grave and pissing on your tombstone
Ill gouge your eyes and make you bleed until they can name a river after you
I know you wont cry but confess, your scared arent you?
My actions will speak louder then words
Your screams will be louder then the weeping at your closed casket funeral
I'm sure it will be closed after they've seen what iv done
All that pride wont save you now
It can dig a grave but it wont be mine
Now it feels strange
Like its not enough
How many more stab wounds can I leave before the hate finally leaves me
You put this monster in me and now it won't go away
Now im wondering was it your fault or mine?
Am i something more?
Did you get what you deserve or did you just become a first victim?


Now im understanding better
Your not to blame
I was simply born this way
A killer at heart
This monster was born in me
Wanting to blame everyone else
I'll let it loose
Theres no point in stopping it
The blood lust feels good
Theres power in my life consuming hands
The raping, the killings the lifeless struggles
So this is the new me? and i found it all thanks to you

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