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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Pyramus is the prince of Al-behd and a young soldier in a war to dominate and raise the Al-behd empire as the superior human race with their all seeing eyes.


“O lord we beseech thee.” the words spoken from a radio.

“Someone shut that damn radio off-” Pyramus was shouting when there was a sudden interruption.
“Sir Look out!” The scowling was interrupted by the sound of an explosion, it overwhelmed his ears and his sight was taken away by the smoke and falling debris. Instinctively his pupils were overflowed by the crimson red that seemed to seep out into his iris. The smoke and sound was no longer a factor he was overpowered by something else, something lurking though him and giving him insight and direction. His crimson eye was the birthmark of all Al-Behd, with these eyes nothing was hidden and his body was on a powerful adrenalin rush.

“ Take us into your arms.” something heavy grabbed his arm, he quickly wrapped his hand over the heavy object, he could feel it was the hand of a attacker among the smoke. He quickly grappled the person behind the smoke and tossed him in the direction of the preaching voice. “ Take us into your-” the man he tossed bounced off what ever shelf or table held the radio and knocked it to the ground. The radio wailed out in terror,and there was the sound of static before crashing down and spraying its parts and wires on the floor.

Pyramus could see the next soldier coming towards him in the smoke, he reached down to his waist and unsheathed his blade. He quickly dispatched the enemy, another came from his left side and he struck furiously against it, another charged forward to attack failing as he was beheaded. The smoke began to clear as another figure exposed itself to him. The figure in militia uniform charged forward with a heavy rifle strapped to his back and a knife in one hand. Gunshots screamed through the air, the sound of this man choking on his blood was added to the mix. He watched the man hold his hand up to the gash on his neck, behind him another man clad in the same uniform prepared to fire. But was shot down. Soon more fire followed from behind Pyramus, ripping apart the attackers that emerged within the blown hole in the wall. Soon all was quiet and the smoke had completely cleared.

The sun rested upon his shoulders and scorched the expose skin on his neck and face. one of his men, Zander came up behind him and saluted,“Sir its clear.”

“ Nice work delta team.” he professed back as his eyes reverted back to their normal state and he placed his sword within the sheath strapped around his waist. Behind the first was a second sheath wrapped at a slightly different angle. He squinted his eyes as he took in the surroundings of the sunny villa. The citizens had all been evacuated in expectancy of their invasion, despite this rebel soldiers still remained to try and weaken the numbers of the Al-Behd armies. The rebels had sprung from within a cafe that now had a gaping hole in its wall that allowed him to take in the inside view.

The cafe was set up nicely, with beautiful wooden tables and chairs, and had a nice decoration. Someone has taken their time setting up this place of business, it was a shame to see it go to waste. But this was the result of war, nothing else could be expected. The building itself was made of stone like most of this villa was.

Behind him,at the outside eatery of the cafe he saw the radio pieces shattered among the ground, close by was the knocked down table and a young rebel trying to recover from the heavy fall. the man groaned as he attempted to get up. Pyramus turned to Zander behind him. The young man received his gaze and took notice of the fallen foe. The young soldier stepped forward and shouted out. “ Freeze!” he aimed his rifle and simultaneously the rebel raised his hands up “ Don't shoot!” Zander was only a few years older then himself but had much more experience in the army. “Get down on your knees!” the shouted back “Red eyed scum!.” The rebel placed himself face down on the ground. Their medic soldier Jeryl came forward to restrain the rebel. Immediately after the restraints were placed on the survivor Zander turned back to his Lieutenant, who's gaze was still fixated on his squad. “ no casualties or injuries on our personal sir.”

Pyramus turned to him then looked at the rebel on the floor “ and him?” Zander had only been with delta for a short time but he had already revealed himself to be an excellent soldier. Zander did a quick check on the rebel before answering “ Just a sprained wrist sir.”

“Excellent-”Zander suddenly shoved him and shouted “ Everyone get down.”

The only available cover was the turned over wooden tables, everyone ducked under one as shots were suddenly sprayed all around. Pyramus activated his crimson eye, he could survey the surrounding areas without moving like an all seeing eye above the sky. He saw the sniper on the ninth floor of a building at a short distance away. Before Pyramus could make his move the soldier was dead, a bullet came right through his window and landed under the bridge of his nose. Pyramus turned to see Zander beside him, on his knee after firing his pistol. “Good shot,” he said to Zander

Pyramus came forward to congratulate him but Zander gestured him to stop and gave out a warning “ There's another one.” The rest of delta ran into the cafe for cover. While Pyramus remained in his spot with his gaze fixated on scanning the surrounding area, Zander remained with him. “sir” the soldier whispered to him with red eyes. “ Yes?” he responded back. “ there's something over there but... I cant get a good sight on it... its hazy.” the soldier pointed to a clock tower far from where they were.

Pyramus sent his gaze to the top of the tower and even for him it was a bit of a stretch. His ability, like all Al-Behd was limited by distance and stamina, but when his gaze reached above he could see two men working on a radio and a third one peering over the ledge with binoculars. Pyramus didn't have the required skill to hear what was being said from so far but he knew that what ever was being transmitted over the radio would be a threat to them. “ Get inside” He called out to Zander as he quickly stepped towards the cafe to join the others in haste. “Sir-” Seeing his Lieutenant walk into the cafe he abruptly followed. As Pyramus walked in, two of deltas members came up to him to speak. It was the old man, Stiegman, who did not seem to want to get along with Pyramus simply because of the age difference, and their radio man Earnil who spoke. “Sir Alpha Red and Alpha Blue have reported that they've been ambushed” The younger man spoke with a radio strapped over his shoulder with a wire coming out attached to an ear and mouth piece. For this mission each squad carried only one radio. “Sir they've also suffered heavy casualties!” He added. The older man coming up from behind simply stated “ There's a radio in the back.” He pointed to an employees only room.

Before marching into the villa all enemy radio towers were taken out by air assaults. And at the far end of the villa under heavy guard was a radio camp that would allow easy transmission for all Al-Behd soldiers while the enemies had to deal with larger radios of burst transmission just to be able to communicate with each other. Pyramus turned towards the entrance of the cafe. Through the glass doors the bell tower was visible. Then he turned back to the two men. “Their mapping us out and sending coordinates to their allies on when to jump us.”

“How are they able to conceal themselves, we didn't see them coming until the last minute and neither did the other squads?” One of the soldiers Davis, asked. “ Because we weren't being cautious enough.” Pyramus responded. the soldier was taken back by what he just said before protesting Pyramus continued his point. “ We only kept on guard for movement its too much work to scout out every building we walk by. By keeping silent and still they can sit under our sights until they scramble on command.” Earnil interrupted “It has to be more then that though, they couldn't have so many successful ambushes against us just by moving quietly” The shy Jeryl suddenly spoke out, “ They use heart suppressors, it helps lower their heart beat enough that it's difficult for us to determine if their alive or not without physically checking,”

“That's not the case here,” Said Earnil “ Although that is useful information, I'll never assume a rebel is dead now without checking myself.”

“ they've got a clever system, they've found away to evade our sense and ambush us from right under our noses.” Pyramus stated “ Earnil is right, they have some unknown advantage right now.”

The soldiers turned their attention to someone behind Pyramus he turned to follow their gaze. Zander was calmly escorting their prisoner into the cafe. “ I had to go back and grab him.” He said stating the reasoning for his delayed arrival. Pyramus regarded this and continued “ their system is flawed. All the teams are working on the eyes and ears of one.”

“Aha...sir!” The radio man interrupted. “What -” Pyramus had his question cut off by a gesture that he needed silence. After a moment and a gasp the Earnil began shouting over the earpiece. “ Yellow do you read? Yellow!...Does anyone out there have eyes on yellow?” Before an answer could come over the radio Pyramus scouted the area with his crimson eye. As the rebel was being seated his capturer read the ill expression on his lieutenant's face. “ yellows gone” Pyramus spoke out, “But so are the ambushers, Yellow leader survived.” Stiegmen began to laugh “ Good old Hiesha, no one can put that old man in the ground!”

“Look who's talking,” said Lurk.

“You watch it wiseguy,” Stiegmen spat back.

Zander spoke to Pyramus. “ Sir I think you should command the other teams to remain behind cover until we've taken out the scout.” Pyramus took in what he said then walked up to him. “ And why us?” His lieutenant questioned. Zander found himself a bit dumbfounded before straightening his posture again and speaking stiffly “ Because sir we are Delta, the primary team in this mission and we have had the highest survival right so far in the war, which leaves it as our duty to put ourselves out there to protect the other squads!”

Pyramus showed no expression on his face that would reveal if the answer was right our not. He simply turned to the others. “ Do you agree with what he says?” the eleven men from delta saluted and spoke out “ Yes Sir!” Pyramus turned back to the aspiring soldier. “Before we decide anything, We need to know more about our enemies, Earnil, Send out a command, tell all our men to remain vigilant and hidden until further orders come from me, and only me. Zander drag that man into the employees room I'll speak to him.”

Pyramus walked behind Zander as he walked the hostage into the room, From behind him he could hear someone on radio questioning Earnil, He had removed his ear piece from the radio so that the response would be played through its speaker.. “Who do those orders come from,”

“No one other then our prince Zent Pyramus,” Was Earnil's response. No one would disobey that order.

Pyramus was compelled to discover where General Swern was taking shelter. The objective of this mission was to seek out the rebel leader. After a few moments of questioning the rebel refused to answer. Pyramus had shut the door to the back room and sat the prisoner behind the table that held the radios used to attempt their ambush on them. Pyramus tossed the radios on the floor and stood silently for a few moments before questioning the hostage. “ Where is Swerve!”Every question was returned with either no answer, a spit or an insult to his people “ Al-Behd War pig!” he shouted back.

Pyramus was growing impatient he wished to have his answer now. He placed his hand on the table and stared squarely into his eyes hoping to intimidate him a bit before asking another question. “ Whats your strategy against us?” The rebel paused for a moment, the hostile look rubbed away from his face but still he only responded with “ I don't know” in a somber voice. Pyramus still staring into his eyes felt something strange happening. He could not take away his gaze something was drawing him in. he was so focused on his eyes that he could not take note of the mans face turning ill and pale. Soon his eyes began to droop. Pyramus was Shocked but still could not tear away his focus, he felt himself succumb to the man as if he was being pulled in. But he was the one in control, he wasn't being pulled, he was pushing forward, into a place where he didn't belong, a place where no one else had excess to. Before he realized it his eyes went crimson and his mind plunged in behind his prisoner. He could feel himself melt into this mans brain. Out of shock Pyramus pulled himself out but as he did so, the prisoner confessed to the location of their leader.

His mind still reeled with what he had seen. He had caught a glimpse of the mans life within and outside the rebel army, He came back with hazy memories and images, but he could see that Swerns stronghold was somewhere underground, and he could see the only way to it was through the sewers, There were more thoughts screaming through his mind but he could not make out what they were telling him yet. The prisoner gave him the exact coordinates, and he went to share them with his delta squad.

Pyramus came out and turned to Zander. “ What was your name again.” the soldier answered with a salute. “ Private Zander Sir-” “Sergeant Zander your orders are to take the rest of delta through the sewers,keep going north and you will find a passage that leads to Swern, I'm going on my own through the villa to attract their main fire. ” Zander was once again dumbfounded by all that was just said. Pyramus turned to the radio man who also seemed surprised “Order the other squads to remain behind cover and stay alert.” he immediately passed the order over the radio. “ Sergeant?” Zander faintly mumbled to himself then shouted “But sir!” Pyramus once again abruptly cut him off. “ You've been promoted, follow those orders sergeant!” With a salute Zander obeyed “ But sir-” Earnil grabbed Zander, and urged him to stay quiet,“ Get moving now, there's a basement under here, you'll find a passage to the sewers.” Pyramus walked out the the glass doors, as he left Earnil said to Zander “ You should be more worried for the rebels then him, He's a living hell on his own,” Steigmen added his own opinion into the mix “ He's a walking fucking massacre, and he's going to take all the fun if we don't start moving.” He then shoved Zander in the direction of the basement door.

The prisoner was no longer needed and so was left bound at the cafe to be taken away later for more questioning. Zander and delta had been given the location of the stone stronghold with an underground tunnel hidden in the basement that run under small stream running across the villa. The stronghold was not to far from the bell tower their paths would be near each other until meeting a fork in the road where they would head in an opposite direction from him.

Pyramus made a slow pace down the stone step roads of Vilentra, a small villa in Dorn. It was full of old style stone and buildings just like the roads. The villa was not to far from the shore lines but remained close to the Valice borders which the Al-Bhed dominated with ease just a few days ago. Netherial was the country the Al-Behd called home, it had two neighboring countries Sentra and Valice. Sentra was marked at the top of the North continent taking all its little islands and the shore line and only little bits of land and calling it under one name and government. Valice was below Sentra and took the remaining shores and close by small islands and most of the bottom land.

The war had began with the Al-Behd army invading both Sentra and Valice. Soon the invasion of the Sentra islands began and was still on going. Both countries were almost completely helpless against the attack as they both carried small armies. But the survivors of those armies were beginning to form into one larger rebel army. A third and final shore country-Dorn- was preparing its defenses as it was inevitable to be the Al-Behd's next target. The Al-Behd had discovered that Dorn was funding the rebel army and was preparing to give them soldiers. The Al-Behd wish to put a stop to this by attacking their stronghold and rebel leader General Swern. But it seems the rebels have turned the small village into a labyrinth of traps. Pyramus had only walked a couple miles and had already met with ambushes, snipers, and booby traps. The rebels had placed mines and bombs at precise locations. Each individual bomb could be triggered at the rebels whim and used to stage an ambush. He also discovered that some of the snipers were not personal. They were Rifles or machine guns hooked up to a computer system that allowed a user from a single monitor to control its view and fire. The rebels had quickly learned that the Al-Behd were born war mongers and in a stand off would not suffer no where near half as much as the opposition would. So their only chance of fighting back was clever cunning traps and tactics. In a while when it seemed safe Pyramus would use his crimson eye to check on the progress of Zander and the delta squad.

Pyramus kept in absolute vigilant shell around himself his crimson gaze always circling around him and the surrounding area to warn him ahead of time of surprise or simply to react to those that would succeed to surprise him.
Zander had been right when he said it was their duty risk their lives. Delta was the primary squad on this team. A few days ago The Al-Behd's main army came marching down Vilentra. The army was often known as the Al-Behd militia. There was nothing special about this army. They simply collected their rookies in large numbers and placed them all under one command. General Sysco, was the kings right hand man and general of this militia. Anyone within the militia who was able to stand out would be pulled aside and consoled about their abilities and from their given a position among the squads and ranks, this is where Zander recently came from. The Militia had come to surround and secure the perimeter, they did their basic duties of tearing down the radios, setting up their camps and provided a primary defensive against anyone who tried to escape. Though the individual soldiers were nothing to fear, in large numbers and under Sysco's orders and tactics they made a fine army. Swern was trapped but not beaten, the Militia had failed to infiltrate the borders of the town as the rebels put up heavy fire. Sysco had been smart to know it would cost many lives to try and reach General Swern this way. charging in and spending lives was a foolish tactic so instead he asked his militia to pull out and secure the perimeter while the special forces were sent in.

Along with delta, five other Alpha squads came in with them. All marked differently by color. Each squad carried from ten to fifteen men and the leaders of each team were Elites. Al-Behd Elites were powerful warriors just like him although he was still young and had no where near the experience or wisdom the Elites would carry from their years of training. Before their arrival, the militia had moved back in to attempt to draw the heavy fire while the special forces came in. though they never expected the traps the rebels had cleverly plotted with their new defensive system. Already Alpha yellow was lost and their surviving leader was without a radio.

From what Pyramus could recall the Elites varied from a number of five-hundred. Though it was not a large number it was enough for the enemies to fear. More then anything their rivals would always fear the presence of an Elite,It would only take a whisper or mention of an Elite to demoralize the enemy soldiers. Almost all Elites hailed from the same source. A trio of warriors that had trained with Pyramus's father and king at a younger age. Though the three were older then his father by a few years he has claimed to have gain more knowledge and power then the three put to gather. This could not be denied as his father was known as the greatest of warriors among the Al-Behd.

Pyramus was vigilant again, He could feel that danger was nearby. He was standing in the middle of a long road, the area was clear of living enemies, but the entire road was littered with motion sensors that would activate machine guns to fire on him, Pyramus took a moment to rest himself, the crimson eye drained the users stamina when ever it was in use. After a few moments, Pyramus was ready to charge in, he activated his crimson eye to be cautious. As he ran down the street he was fired upon, he evaded the fire with his speed, but now there was another danger. His gaze was fixed on something in the ground, a large square piece camouflaged to look like it was apart of the road, something was under it, but Pyramus could not see under this square piece. He did not know how to react to the unknown, nothing was ever unknown to his eyes before. He assumed it was a trap so he leaped high above it, as he passed over it, the square piece lifted off the ground like a hatch, two soldiers came out laughing at him. One held a rocket propelled grenade launcher pointed at him in mid-air.

“And the legendary god eye fails,” The soldier shouted before firing, he was to cocky. The entire moment was in slow motion for Pyramus. Before the soldier pulled the trigger one thought came to mind. “ One chance,” He reached for the pistol kept at the back of his belt, he pulled it out, and in less then a second after the soldier pulled the trigger, Pyramus had his crimson eye and gun pointed at the center of the propelled grenade. He fired and it blow up, taking the two soldiers with it. Pyramus landed safely, the motion sensors were far behind him. But what was that material? His eyes could not see past it, even now he stared at it with his crimson eye, he could not see the corpses that were under the shut hatch. And it triggered a memory that wasn't his. Somewhere in the rebels mind was the answer, for now Pyramus could only feel the name of the material on the tip of his tongue, he knew it started with an “A” But he could not get the rest of the word out.

The stone step beneath him slowly began to vibrate it was the littlest movement but none the less he felt it. Pyramus was not to far from the fork, he could see down the end of the long road there was a large stone church. Pyramus needed a moment to rest his mind, as he was doing so the scouts most have taken noticed and warned their allies. Down the end of the street soldiers began to pour out of the house's unleashing heavy fire on him. As the bullets reigned down on him he made a dead run for the nearest building springing forward through a window closed by wooden doors, his body smashed through these wooden doors and he rolled on the ground as he landed in the empty room.

He cleared himself off as he got up and used his crimson eye to discover that the structure had a second floor with enemies above scrambling to make their move. He turned to the wall adjacent from the house entrance that he had not used and saw a stair well run up. A light object came bouncing down the steps Pyramus recognized it as a smoke grenade. His enemies believed they would have the advantage in a blind match. Pyramus quickly took off the soft vest he was wearing and took off the shirt under to cover his mouth as not to breath in the smoke. With his crimson eye he watched the soldiers come down in gas masks. Though they could breath easily their sight would still not be perfect and that gave him the advantage. He counted four enemies climbing down the stair. He remained idle in the center of the room resting on one knee. He kept one hand wrapped around the hilt of his blade and another to hold his shirt over his mouth. Breathing in the smoke and coughing would make his location aware to them.

He patiently waited as the figures lurked around in the smoke searching for him. One had passed him with out being aware, slowly Pyramus rose up behind him and struck him down. The soldier managed to let out a howl as he was cut down. Then one of the three remaining men reacted to the cry and began firing in the direction of his fallen comrade. Beside the man firing he could hear the pleas of another man asking him to reclaim his composure but the feverish man would not listen. Pyramus charged around him away from the spray of fire. He quickly cut down the shooter and his pleading comrade had suffered the same fate. The smoke was beginning to clear up but Pyramus did not let his guard down and neither did the remaining soldier. Now alone he still managed to remain calm and alert. As the last soldier slowly circled the room reinforcements came in. the Five men in, letting the smoke out throuigh the door behind them. No longer wishing to waste time Pyramus lashed out at the last man circling. The five men were foolish, they should have taken their chance to fire at him but instead thye looked at him like he was a trapped prey, they thought they had him.
Pyramus left no time for a single shot to be fired, he unleashed the wrath and agility of both his blades on his opponents as they charged forward. Slicing and dicing through the five of them like water. Once again he sat patiently. His immediate attention was needed outside to witness what numbers were against him. He counted more then two dozen man marching towards his hiding spot. And guessed there were more in cover. The vibrations were now thicker down road from where he came from, he could see a large mass of armor on treadmills coming up to his direction. Pyramus certainly did not expect his enemies to have heavy artillery.

The tank stopped its movement and swerved its cannon towards the house he was in. before it fired he took a quick glimpse towards Zander and delta making sure the shots didn't pull their attention towards him, he wished for them to remain at their path and complete the mission at all costs. He found them moving through the sewers under the church it didn't look like they were going to turn back.. An explosion came fourth and the wall in front of his eyes had been completely decimated the force of the blow had pushed him back. He quickly shielded his face from the coming debris. The corner of the house had now become a big gaping hole from this Pyramus could see the oncoming tank dredging forward and the cannon aiming towards him. He quickly made his way up the stairs before another explosion tore off the bottom steps. He arrived at the top and saw a single window. He could climb through this and reach the roof.

As he made his was to to the top he began to reevaluate his situation. He was one man against two or more dozen and heavy armor. If not for the tank he would be able to remain hidden and would take his enemies out one by one. He looked down towards the end of the road where the church stood behind a fork in the road, one of the roads leading to the bell tower. From the rebels memories, he knew the church had a trap door that lead to a shelter below ground from this an exit to the sewers- the same sewers that delta was taking-could be found. He knew that their was a path in the sewers that lead in the direction of the bell tower but unsure if it could take him there directly. But he also didn't have many other choices. He could scale the roof tops and try to reach the church in time before the tank attempted to blow him to bits. He quickly made his way jumping from one roof top to another under heavy fire, he decided he would not need his crimson eye as their shots were not accurate. Nearing the end of the road he could see only a few more houses remained from his destination. Then he would leap down and make a run for the-.

As he came to land on the next rooftop he heard a crashing sound that rocked the roof below him. as his feet touched down he felt the roof collapse on itself taking him with it. He felt himself fall weightless before hitting hard wood ground but not hard enough to keep him. He crashed heavily through once again free falling until finally reaching surface. He hit the ground hard. He felt his mind reeling with the impact and his body became heavy. After a moment he attempted to move but his body ached to much, any attempt to move only seemed to weaken him. As he tried to open his mouth to call for help he realized he had no one to call to. But even if there was, he quickly discovered that all he could do was groan softly. He wasn't sure how far he fell but it was enough that he could no longer move and pretty soon he felt dark circles invade his vision.

Soon Pyramus felt himself being dragged. Was it by enemies? Had he been captured? He could hear the voice of who over was dragging him. “ Stiegmen come help me here!” Stiegmen he knew that name. His vision slowly came back to him he could see a soldier-older then the others- running towards him. “Stiegmen!” he tried to call out. But his mouth didn't even move. He wasn't even sure if he was in his own body now. He felt like a spectrum. But he could feel his heavy body being dragged quicker now by Stiegmen's rough hands. That must have accounted for something. As voices came in so did heavy fire. “ Get him to the church!” He saw Zander pacing back, slowing down every once in a while to fire back. What were they doing here? Did they get Swern? No they wouldn't be able to get back to him that quickly, they had abandoned their objective. The dark circles swirled around his vision again.

The voices came back pulling him out of darkness. He opened his eye to see a high ceiling above him. Beside him was a voice calling out. He turned his head to see... What was his name again? He thought to himself. A man lying on the floor next to him-Jerry? Jeryl- a man crouched over him. the man on the floor was wounded. No Jeryl was the man above the wounded, he was the squads medic, Who was the fallen man? he asked himself. Then shortly an answer came. “Lurk”

He paused for a moment seeing Zander came in with Earnil, “that tank has us pinned down!” Zander was shouting

“Sir yellow leader is over the radio with red.” Earnil shouted proudly. He let loose a smile of hope and pride. “ Their making their way here to flank the tank!” “ Thank god!” Zander responded back. Zander came towards Jeryl “ How are they?” Zander asked. “ Pyramus is doing well just had a few sprains, a broken collar bone and a concussion. But he'll make it for sure.” Jeryl paused. He looked down at the man in front of him with an ill expression on his face. “ Its to late for Lurk.” The darkness was now getting thicker. “Zander!” He tried to call out but his mouth didn't even move. There was more shouting, He could hear Davis “ Another man down, I'm dragging him in,” Zander shouted out the name of the wounded “ Fisher!”

I need to get up, Pyramus thought to himself. He raised his arm and tugged on Jeryls leg. Jeyrl turned to him in shock, “ Your highness!”

“ I told you never to call me that,” Pyramus muttered

“Sorry lieutenant,” Jeryl corrected himself, “ But you can't move now.”

“Zander!” Pyramus shouted. Zander turned to him. They were in the church now, everyone was behind cover firing back.

“Sir!,” He responded. “ You bastard, you shouldn't have deviated from your task,”

“I'm sorry sir, but we don't leave a man behind.”

Earnil came running down to Pyramus, “ Sysco has ordered an air strike on the bell tower, and we gave him Swerns location, the militia is moving in, the remaining alpha squads are coming to reinforce us, all is fine sir”

Pyramus pulled Earnil down to his level, “ You don't count your chicken before they hatch.”

Stiegmen was at the church door firing back, he couldn't help but hold his fire and throw in his own opinion once again. “ That's not the way Al-Behd say it, it's we don't count our countries before we've invaded them haha...”

Pyramus murmured“You crude bastard,”

Earnil was still by him” Sir, please rest, we are getting you out of this,”

Jeryl came by, “ Here this will help,”

He injected Pyramus with a needle and he was back into darkness.

Pyramus felt someone pulling him up, he awoke in a seated position outside against the church wall,His broken shoulder was bandaged. He could hear a helicopter somewhere near by, beside him was Jeryl. “private,” Pyramus looked at him and asked “ What the hell did you do to me?”
“I'm sorry sir you were being uncooperative, so I gave you a sedative,” Said Jeryl.

Pyramus was angry “ Don't you ever do that, don't ever relinquish me of my command, do you under stand?”

“Yes sir,” Jeryl was speaking cautiously. “Now give me an update.” Pyramus said.
“Sir, we've destroyed the bell tower and alpha team eradicated the tank and rebels, also extraction is on its way and Sysco's militia is invading the stronghold as we speak,”
Pyramus had something else in mind, “ What are the casualties for delta?”

“ We lost fisher and Lurk sir,” Jeryl said it without hesitation, like it was everyday news, but Pyramus couldn't take it so lightly.

“What,” Pyramus raised his voice, “Wheres Zander?”

“Checking the perimeter sir,” He confessed.

“Bring him here now,.” Pyramus commanded.

“Yes Sir,” Jeryl went after Zander immediately.

The two of them returned together, Pyramus was standing he had his hand on the wall for leverage, he was very unhappy. “ You fools, did you see what you've caused, I've never lost a soldier in my command, your at blame here too Jeryl, you put a commander out of control, you were risking lives like that,”

“I'm sorry sir,” Jeryl apologized immediately. Zander was hesitant “ Sir, I was only doing what I thought was best,”

“What was best was to continue on with the mission, I though I could trust you, maybe your just not cut out for delta,”

Stiegmen wasn't to far from the front of the church, he was only half way down the steps, he heard it all and was very unpleasant. He made his was up the steps angrily, Davis came up behind knowing that something was bound to happen.

“ You dumb bastard!” He shouted to Pyramus “ Your such a spoiled brat, you don't know anything about war, poor Zander here has more experience then you, and your trying to tell him he doesn't know what he's doing? This is war people die, stop fussing over your dam tattered record, In the end we will win and that's what matters”

“ It's not a record, its two human lives, they died for nothing,” Pyramus responded.

Stiegmen was agitated, “ You must be blind, they died for this war, they died for you father and for yourself because without the Pyramus family there is no war, so you should be dam grateful that Zander came back, And if you want to get mad at him for that, then you might as well punish all of us as well, because we all would have done the same in his position, even me, and I hate your damn dumb guts.”

Davis was trying to hold him back “ Hey chill out man,”
“No,” Steigmen said, “ I've got more to say, listen your just a brat, you've only got this position because your father put you here, and you have the least experience at war then any of us, your still just a kid for Christ's sake, I wonder what your even doing on the battlefield.”

Davis cut in “ Hey just chill, don't you forget who your talking to? Auron doesn't just put anyone in the front lines, this kids got more talent then most of our elites,”

Stiegmen turned to him, “ I'm not talking about talent, I'm talking about intelligence and wisdom, that's what he lacks,”

Zander jumped in front of Stiegmen, “That's enough, he's heard all you've said,”

“ Forgot it, he could be right,” Pyramus said as he walked away.

“Wait” Stiegmen said, “ just let me make this last point, Those men died for this war, and if you turn your back on your comrades, then your letting their death go to waste, and if you do that I swear to god I'll...”

Davis shoved Steigmen aside, “ We get the point man,”

Earnil came running into the scene “ Guys listen!”

His radio was playing, a soldiers voice was coming through, “ We are awaiting visual confirmation... Yep it's him, we've got Swern do you copy?”

“Roger that,” Earnil responded, “ Ha we got that slimy bastard,” some of the soldiers began to cheer.

Pyramus spoke “ I'm sorry Zander, I guess I over reacted,”

The helicopter touched down, it was a large army transport made to carry at least thirty soldiers. Pyramus couldn't help but feel at loss, even though they got what they came for, he lost two soldiers, and this made him question this war more and more, guys like Stiegmen didn't care about what the purpose of war is they only thrive off it, much like his father did, the only goal Pyramus ever had was to make it through the war with confidence and pride, he would always follow his father loyally but he would always spend these nights wishing for a different life away from this, and now he knew that for the next few nights he would relive these moments were his comrades fell, fighting for him, when he didn't even think he was worth their lives. He was a prince to a throne that brought bloodshed, and sometimes he wondered how much better the world could be without him, but for now he would simply follow orders and fight this war.

As the soldiers were hopping aboard the helicopter, Pyramus suddenly grabbed Earnil, seeking advice he explained the events of the trap involving the strange material that he could not see past. “Wow,” Was Earnil's first response “ I thought It was just a rumor, we should inform Sysco to sweep the area,”

Pyramus agreed, “ I'm sure they were using it for the ambushes,”

Earnil was surprised, “ I can't believe it's real, I heard that material was coming in from across the oceans in the east, the rebels must be putting a lot of effort into smuggling these in if we were not aware of them,”

“Do you know what it's called?” Pyramus asked.

“Yea, its called Animine”

hearing the word was a relief, it relieved the stress of him trying to find the word in his brain. Pyramus still had to wonder where this sudden ability came from, he couldn't comprehend what he had done to that rebel in the cafe, he could ask Earnil, but what would he know? An older Al-Behd like his father might have the answer. The only thing Pyramus was aware of was that he had something that no other Al-Behd had.

The helicopter pilot shouted out to the two of them “ Hey guys, hurry up, we have new orders, check your radio,”

Earnil was flustered, “ Oh right,” He turned his radio back on and attached his ear piece.

“Oh,” He said, “ Sir we've been ordered to Naapa, the rebels want to make a final stand against us, all our military power is being pulled in to the border, we march at dawn.”

Pyramus and Earnil hopped on the helicopter, he looked at his delta team and spoke “ Right then, so this is the end of the north war, after tomorrow we will have total dominance over the north continent,”

But of course this wouldn't be the end, it was just the stepping stone to the rest of the world. The Al-Behd empire would take the world by storm.

The End

Submitted: February 18, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Vassellucci. All rights reserved.

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Yo dude! That was amazingly sick!!!

Mon, March 7th, 2011 3:22pm


hahaha no one reads this story, I'm glad someone finally read it :P

Mon, March 7th, 2011 7:28am


Okay, honestly this short story is too long to be called 'short', you should have parted it into some chapters :(
anyway it's cool,you described the movements and actions perfectly.
This story reminds me to Prince of Persia :D

But I'm not really into such genre so I feel a little bit bored...just...not my taste

Tue, March 22nd, 2011 7:41am


thanks for the comment

Tue, March 22nd, 2011 5:15am

Kurlz Basheld

I really liked it. took a while for me to read though, haha. whoa that's long. I'm glad it was because it was so good!! :)

Wed, March 23rd, 2011 5:51pm


Yea, I cant write short things its impossible. its a curse becasue i can never submit my shorts into contests. I always pass teh maximum XD
thank you for the comment

Wed, March 23rd, 2011 10:55am

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