Unbeatable mutant

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A short character idea

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011






Neither darkness or light can hold me back, I've proven this. My whole life I made it past obstacle after obstacle, even past things that are inhuman. It's because I am versatile, I evolve to any situation and nothing holds me back. About a year ago some punk was lucky to catch me off guard and collected his big reward for handing me over to the government. Now everyone thinks they are safe, but I'm like water damn it. I can get use to this but I wont be in here for ever. This prison is my training ground and I've never felt this strong before. It feels good to have the power dampeners off, they only put them on me when I'm outside the cell because to them my powers are of little threat. Can't blame them, speaking in numbers yes my power is only a level 2 mutation but I'm a class 5 super criminal on chart out of 5. Idiots!


Todays the day the guards ganna bite it. I love the look on a man's face after he's met my fist. He's often shocked at my speed or the fact that I am a women. They are never surprised that I left them alive, they should be. The cell door slides open, the guard comes in with heavy machine like cuffs, the dampeners. He puts the cuffs on me as fours guards behind him watch. Right before he locks it I look at the guy and ask him for a favour. He couldn't hear me cause I mumbled on purpose. I keep mumbling until he comes closer with his ear. I took a bite, there was blood everywhere and the guards came charging in. The dampener wasn't locked so I expelled my force barrier and bounced the guys out. I started running the memorized path, I got out into the court yard and jumped over the 10 foot wall. I could do those before but this time I jumped so high I wasn't prepared for the landing and had to expel my barrier near the ground so the landing wouldn’t hurt. The two years in confined space made me stronger, imagine a born super human spending every day training, the justice system made their enemy worse. But first I have to take back my title, the unbeatable, the lucky bounty hunter won't be so lucky anymore.


The fucking teleportor wasn't easy to get my hands on. I had to follow a bounty to catch him. I killed the wanted criminal and turned him into a mannequin. I could have loaded him with explosives and let him blow up the hunter but it wouldn’t be personal enough. I wanted to see his face twist, the look of surprise when I return and the horrible revelation when he saw my new strength. Teleporters are tricky because their next move cannot be easily predicted and they could escape almost any situation. So I let him get cocky, let him strike me a few times and make him think my barrier was defective or something. I was hoping he would be stupid enough to fall for it, and he was. He prepared himself for the final blow and even gave me a chance to beg for mercy. Oh god that made the next moment feel like ecstacy.


He's standing right above me and decides to kneel down to put the gun closer, I expel my barrier and sending him bouncing back then I get up so quickly then when he hits the ground and looks up I'm there. I grab his throat and start squeezing the life out of him, he's wheezing and turning blue and all I can do is laugh. Now who needs mercy? Redemption comes as the life leaves his body. I'm Cassandra the unbeatable, don't ever fucking forget it.

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