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Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012






It was on the eve of Christmas when Shirley was getting ready to attend the mass along with her parents which was supposed to take place in the church very close to her house.  The moment they were ready they locked the doors of their house and came out and started walking towards the church.  The houses in the lane where they lived was so beautifully illuminated with lights inside the hanging stars and they had trees decorated with lamps to cover all the branches of the trees.  It was a great visual treat for the people who lived there.  Shirley and her parents reached the church where they attended the mass with lot of their friends and relatives.  After the mass was over Shirley’s aunt who had come there to attend the mass greeted Shirley a merry Christmas and introduced Shirley to one of her aunt’s  relative, Charles, who had come down to his native in India to celebrate Christmas along with his parents.


Charles was doing his P.G. course in U.K. and was well settled as he was the only son of a rich business man. Shirley was so fair that anyone who meets her will like her at the first sight.  Shirley was from a middle class family and was so simple and well behaved. Shirley was working in a garment factory as a fashion designer after completing fashion designing; she was earning a monthly salary with which she was able to maintain her family.  Shirley’s father was aged and retired.  After the mass was over Shirley returned home with her parents.


In the mid night it was a surprise to Charles who heard the noise of band and he along with his parents and aunt rushed to the gate and was thrilled to see the Christmas Carol dancing and singing jingle bells and throwing chocolates by greeting merry Christmas.  It was a great visual treat for Charles. At the same time he could also see Shirley watching the band and the Christmas carol.  After the procession had gone they went to bed. 


The next day morning Shirley heard someone knocking the door and when she opened the door she was surprised to see Charles with a Christmas cake greeting Shirley a merry Christmas.  Shirley accepted the gift and requested Charles to get in and Shirley introduced Charles to her parents.  Shirley’s father was so impressed with Charles and he wanted Charles to join them for the breakfast as they had prepared some special items to celebrate Christmas.  Shirley cut the Christmas cake and distributed it to Charles and her parents.  Then she started serving the breakfast and Charles was so impressed with Shirley and requested her to join him for the breakfast.  They became very good friends and they made themselves lot of opportunities to meet each other by fixing the time comfortable for both of them.


One day Shirley invited Charles for a function in the church and Charles attended the same.  He was surprised to see Shirley on the stage with a background of lot of musical instruments.  The concert started and Shirley started singing.  Anyone who hears her song will become an addict hearing the husky voice of Shirley and it had impressed Charles too.After the concert was over Charles was eagerly waiting to meet Shirley and when Shirley came out Charles congratulated her for the nice song and her talent and he was left with no words to praise her.  Then they walked together till they reached Shirley’s home and bid good bye for the day and Charles went to his aunt’s home where he stayed which was in the next door.


Charles had his dinner and went to bed but he could not sleep that night as he had Shirley’s image in his mind and heart and still he was able to hear the song that was sung by Shirley.  He wanted to call Shirley, but, was hesitant and he did not know how to start with.  He sent an SMS to Shirley asking her whether she was awake and within no seconds came the reply yes, why?  Charles sent another message saying that he wanted to talk with her and Shirley replied ok.  It was around 1 a.m.  Charles dialed the number and before the first ring was half the way Shirley accepted the call and Charles asked her why she is still awake?  What happened? Shirley replied the memories of their meeting are haunting her and she could not sleep and she is not able to explain the situation and she asked him how about you? 


Charles told her he too had the same kind of feeling and hope that it is because that he was in love with her.  On hearing this Shirley was exited and could not talk to Charles at least for few seconds.  She was on top of the world and suddenly she realized that Charles was on the line and with shivering voice she told him, I too dear.  It was a wonderful night for both of them as they expressed their thoughts to each other.  Days passed by and it was time for Charles to pack up his things as his vacation was getting over.  Before leaving the place he wanted to express his wishes to Shirley’s parents and get the things settled so that he can have a trip back to London with a confidence that he is getting Shirley as his better half. 


The next day morning Charles met Shirley’s father along with his parents and his parents expressed his son’s wishes.  On hearing this Shirley’s father was surprised and happy but did not give any expression immediately.  He then called Shirley in a very angry voice and Shirley was upset on hearing that as her father never called her so louder and it was burning in her heart.  Shirley came and asked her father why did he call her?  Then he told her why did not she tell her about this development and just went in making her stand in front of Charles and his parents.  They were all worried and never expected this. 


In the meantime Shirley started crying and Charles’s mother went near by Shirley and started convincing her.  They were all upset and suddenly Shirley’s father and mother entered the hall with some sweets and tea and called Shirley close to them and asked her to distribute the sweets to Charles and his parents.  They could not understand and then Shirley’s father expressed his views to Charles’s parents saying that he was lucky to have a son in law like their son.  Then they were all happy and Shirley’s father called Shirley and took her right hand and called Charles and handed over Shirley to him.


Then they planned for the wedding of their children and fixed the dates convenient for both and Charles and his parents also wanted to get settled in the same place after their return from U.K. before the marriage of their son, very close to Shirley’s house which is their native too, for the rest of their life.  The next day Charles packed the things and was ready with his parents to leave his native after the holidays.  Their car was ready and they wanted Shirley and her parents to accompany them to the airport to see them off.  Shirley and her parents joined them and went to the airport and gave Charles and his parents a good company before they parted to be together again.  The sweet memories were haunting both Charles and Shirley and hope they had returned back to live with Shirley.


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