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Submitted: January 26, 2012

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Submitted: January 26, 2012




Little Tom’s memorable gift


It was a cold winter season.  The lakes and lawns were frozen and the houses were covered with snow. Little Tom was back from his school.  He changed his uniforms and washed his hands and refreshed himself. Then Tom had his snack and a glass of milk and informed his parents that he is going to his friend’s house to play with him. He came out of his house in his playsuit covered with hooded windcheater.  While walking along the footpath to his friend’s house he heard a crying sound. Tom was disturbed by hearing that and was curious to know what it was.  He went towards the place from where the noise had come and was so sad to see the helpless starving rabbit lying in the frozen weather.  Tom wanted to rescue the rabbit, but he did not know how to save the rabbit.  Tom thought for a while and decided to carry the rabbit with him to his house.  Tom was worried, as he did not know whether his parents would accept this.  Tom reached home and noted from the maid that his parents with his 3month old sister had gone to the market to fetch some vegetable.  He took the rabbit inside his house by hiding it in a small cover, which was lying in the garage.  The maid informed Tom that she is going to wash the clothes and went to the back yard with the dirty clothes to be washed.  By this time Tom went into his kitchen to get some vegetable to feed the rabbit.  He took a carrot from the kitchen and rushed to his bedroom where he had hidden the rabbit in a small carton box. The rabbit was so sick and was not able to even open his mouth to grab the carrot.  So Tom taught for a while and suddenly he got an idea and he went to his parent’s room and took the feeding bottle of his younger sister to feed the milk in it to the rabbit. He put the rabbit on his lap to feed him the milk in the bottle. The rabbit had the milk that little Tom gave him. The rabbit was shivering with cold.  Tom took his blanket and covered the rabbit with it.  Suddenly he heard the noise of the gates being opened.  Tom hurriedly put the feeding bottle back in his parents’ room and was sitting with his fingers crossed.  His parents entered his house and were surprised to see Tom sitting there and asked Tom why he came back so early without playing with his friends.  Tom lied to his parents that his friend was not there in his house.  By that time his younger sister started crying out of hunger.  Tom’s mother rushed into her room to get the feeding bottle to feed the baby.  She was surprised to see that there was no milk in the bottle.  So she suspected Tom to have consumed the milk in the bottle and asked Tom, did you drink the milk kept in the feeding bottle meant for your sister.  Tom said no mum.  Then how could the milk vanish she asked.  Tom started crying and revealed the entire story to his mother.  Tom’s mother hugged him and took Tom into his room along with his father anxiously to see the little rabbit that was rescued by Tom.  Tom was surprised to see the rabbit eating the carrot and jumping around the room.  Tom wanted to keep the rabbit with him and requested his parents for the same.  Tom’s parents told him that the rabbit would be missing his parents and he cant live alone.  So Tom asked his mother for an alternative idea to retain the rabbit with him and she told Tom that she would think over it.  Tom’s parents decided to buy a suitable pair for the rabbit and present it to Tom on his birthday on 25th of June.  Tom became so close to the rabbit and once he came back from school he took his friends to his house to play withthe rabbit.  It was on 24th of June Tom realized that tomorrow was his birthday and asked his parents what gift they are planning for him.  His parents told that it was a surprise.  The next day morning when Tom woke up from the bed he was surprised to see his rabbit playing with another rabbit in a cage specially designed for his pet with a greeting marked as “Wish you a Happy Birthday Tom by mum, dad and sister”.  Tom jumped out of his bed and hugged his father and mother and kissed his little sister and thanked them all for the memorable gift they had given him on his 5th birthday. 



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