The Time Paradox (PART 1)

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Take a trip through the time paradox

Submitted: January 20, 2010

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Submitted: January 20, 2010



There are numbers; hundreds and  thousands running through my head. I don't remember how all the numbers apeared. They came out of nowhere as far as I can remember. The numbers repeat themselves in a code like pattern. I do not know if the numbers have any significant value or if they are just from my subconscience mind.

I tried seeking advise from some people I use to know, but they sent me to the psychology center; that bloody center. They feared that i was daloosional.

While in the center, many people visited me. Some told me to write down the numbers in my head. Once I tried to do so, but the numbers quickly vanished in front of my eyes.

One night a man came into my cell. He asked me if I would like to leave the center. My stupidity left me fainting a few seconds after my reply.

Now I sit in yet another room. The thousands of numbers still running through my head. The room constantly changes. Glass panels slide over one another and disapear into emerging ones. Raidant blue lights reflect off the glass from the active detonator.

When I awoke in this room, only a sticky note remained of the man who left me.

"Only you can open the box," was scribbled on it. 

The screen of the computer held the answer, but what I fear most is what lies beyond this room...

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