In The Darkness There Is Nothing

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The words are rather self evident. This was during a very difficult time in my life.

Submitted: June 29, 2013

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Submitted: June 29, 2013



In The Darkness There Is Nothing


In the bleakness of black there is no echo, no cry.


In the abyss of an endless hollow there is no side, no top.


In the void of life there is nothing and darkness.


I only exist, always feeling the sensation of the fall, emptiness rushing past.


Bleakness and void swallow me whole. 


Sometimes the terror rips and tears at my flesh until agony is my sweet friend. 


One day I realize I have been lying on the bottom, for an eternity or - maybe a moment.


There is a voice that reaches me, it is recognized.


It is mine, crying in anguish, pain, fear and terror.

The screams sear my mind.


The terror shreds me to a bloodied heap.


The fear tastes of bile, bitter and repulsive.


The pain - Oh the exquisite pain, it has been a long time companion, well known to me.


The anguish traps me like a steel cage burning every touch.


Slicing me to the very core with every move.


No one can see, no one can know, no one can feel.


In the darkness there is nothing - Only me.


Once again I know where I am.


This is home - in my mind

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