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Native American words of pride

Submitted: July 02, 2013

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Submitted: July 02, 2013



The Call

Cherokee winds blow, up the mountain, over the ridge, into the valley below, blow winds blow
I can see your face
I caress it with grace
Can you not see, do you not know
It is me, I come from the place between time and space

Cherokee winds blow-  along the land, blow winds blow
I touch the grass with my hand
Do you not know, can you not see
I have come to take my place
I'll stand beside you in this race

Cherokee winds blow-  flow into the nostrils of the Red man, blow winds blow
Fill his lungs with life and this stand
Can you not see, do you not know
Come, join, pass the pipe, Whoop the cry
Gather together - become one
For it is a good day to die

Cherokee winds blow- join the prayers of old, blow winds blow
We can not be bought or sold
I live in my Red skin
I have painted my pride on this skin of mine

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