Black Rock Shooter: Rising Apocalypse Chapter 3

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A few hours before the Marines were deployed, Sergeant Drake and his SEAL team are being dispatched to the Samoa Islands to find out an energy source below the surface after the earthquake. What they will find out, will possibly be the answer to save the world... or is it?

Submitted: November 19, 2012

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Submitted: November 19, 2012




Chapter 3


Joseph Harris


My head feels light and burning at the same time. I don’t know where I am. I feel like my body is floating. I don’t see anything but darkness, darkness everywhere. I want to yell but nothing comes out of my mouth.

BRS: “She will come.”  That voice. I look around to see where it is coming from, but I don’t see anything.

Joseph: “W-what… do you… mean?”  I’m speaking without moving my mouth. Like my mind is doing all the talking.

BRS: “They will come.”  I can feel my right eye slowly heating up, like it’s close to a furnace.

Joseph: “W-who are you?”  A flash of light sparkles through the darkness in front of me. As the light grows, I can see a figure floating through. When the light quickly dims, a girl is floating right in front of me. She is wearing a black jacket, very short shorts and high boots. Her hair is black as well with uneven pigtails. The only thing that’s standing out are her bright blue eyes staring down at me. I can’t help but admire them like jewels.

BRS: “I am…”  Her left eye immediately catches fire, the same color as her eyes. At the same time, my right eye is suddenly burning like someone put a torch right on top of it.


Sgt. Connor Drake

SEAL Team 4, U.S. Navy SEALS

Samoa December 20, 2012 Day 1 12:34:56 PM


Command: “Zulu X-ray Six, this is Command. Operation Cleanup is becoming a hammer zone, over.”

Cpt. Jones: “Copy. Richter scale is showing a lot of activity below the crater, over.”

Command: “Be advised, US Navy salvage team is standing by. Meteors are still causing damage globally. Los Angeles air space has confirmed meteors are hostile. Government has reached DEFCON 2, over.”

Cpt. Jones: “Roger that.”

SSgt. Ram: “Looks like we’re diving in a cave to a lost dinasaur.”

Sgt. Tory: “Hell yeah we are.”


SEAL Team 4:

Cpt. William Jones

SSgt. Greg Ram

Sgt. Connor Drake

Sgt. Nick Tory

LCpl. Josh Qing

Cpl. Zach Herrins

SPC Ryan Vickins

SPC Tyler Bennicks





Three Hours Earlier…


I peer outside the window of the Blackhawk to find the island we are heading to. I sit back down in my seat and watch Lance Corporal Qing listen to his iPod across from me.

Crew Chief: “Zulu Team. Two minutes. Get ready.”

SSgt. Ram: “Welcome to paradise, boys.” I check the Trijicon ACOG scope on my HK416 before looking outside again. I can see the edge of the island slowly coming into view.

Cpt. Jones: “Team, when we arrive at the island, wait for the briefing. Colonel Howard is expecting us.”

Whole Squad: “Aye, sir.” We fly past the beach, which is covered with tents and soldiers.

Sgt. Tory: “Why is the Navy here? Shouldn’t they be evacuating civilians from the meteor shower?”

Cpt. Jones: “The Navy arrived here long before the meteors arrived. The tsunami nearly brought down one of the cruisers. Already Australia has been hit a few hours ago. LA will be next in a few minutes.”

Sgt. Drake: “Shit.”

SSgt. Ram: “Crater in view.” All of us take a glance outside. The large crater comes into view with small puffs of steam and smoke coming out like a pot of boiling water.

Crew Chief: “Thirty seconds.”

Cpt. Jones: “This is it. Load up.” I grab my HK416 when the chopper slows down and lowers itself in the camp.

Cpl. Herrins: “Intel says the crater is at least a thousand feet deep. It also says that some type of energy source is illuminating somewhere down there as well.”

The Blackhawk lands in a small operating base with Navy Salvage teams and archeologists. The dust blocks our view when we exit the chopper, and the searing heat starts beating down on us.

Navy Member: “Move it! Move it!”

Navy Member: “Seals coming in!”

Cpt. Jones: “Let’s go!” We jog past news reporters and speeding trucks carrying equipment to an open tent where Colonel Howard is waiting with a few archeologists.

Cpt. Jones: “Colonel Howard?”

Col. Howard: “Correct. Captain Jones?”

Cpt. Jones: “Affirmative.” The two give each other a quick handshake.

Col. Howard: “Alright, we got ourselves a situation. I’ve got Navy Salvage teams and choppers all over the island looking for any survivors. I doubt anyone could survive a nine-point quake with a big-ass hole in the ground.”

SPC Bennicks: “What’s down there, sir?”

Col. Howards: “I don’t know. Sensors have responded to an energy source unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It’s at least two thousand feet below ground, and I want you guys to go down there and find that source. I’m giving you two archeologists to help you with this task. There’s a Blackhawk waiting for you to drop you off in the crater, and be careful. Sensors are reading something moving down there.”

Sgt. Drake: “Looks like we woken Godzilla.”

Sgt. Tory: “No, no. Godzilla is in the water. What we woken up might be the Kraken.”

LCpl. Qing: “Dude. The Kraken is a squid.”

Sgt. Tory: “Ever seen Clash of the Titans?”

LCpl. Qing: “No.”

Sgt. Tory: “You’ll understand once you see it.”

Cpt. Jones: “Sergeant.”

Sgt. Tory: “Sorry, sir.”

Col. Howards: “Okay. You’ll be moving out in five. There’s a weapons cache next door. Now be careful. Whatever the hell’s down there, engage at any means necessary, got it? I already have a shit load of warnings about the meteors striking every part of the globe.”

Cpt. Jones: “Sir. Seal Team. Let’s go.” We walk over a few meters to another large tent. I stock up a few extra magazines in my backpack, and add a small reflex sight on my ACOG scope.

Cpt. Jones: “Stock up on whatever you need. Colonel said something’s moving down in the crater.” Corporal Herrins screws on an Elcan optical sight on an M249 Paratrooper SAW.

Cpl. Herrins: “Alright. Let’s do this.” Everyone else adds a couple sights on their guns, attach thermal and night vision goggles on their helmets, and stock up on a few magazines.

Cpt. Jones: “Everyone ready?”

Sgt. Drake: “Aye, sir.” We set off back outside, where we see an MH-60 Seahawk flying over our heads at low-level, then landing somewhere at the end of the camp.

After walking past news reporters and Navy members, we arrive at the location where the Seahawk landed. The engines are still running and the rotor blades cut the air at high speed as we near the aircraft. Standing in front of the helicopter, are two people, one man and one woman. Both are wearing large backpacks and a small suitcase in each hand.

Cpt. Jones: “Excuse me! Are you the archeologists Colonel Howards sent?!”

Alex: “Correct! I’m guessing you’re the Seals Mister Howards sent! My name is Alex Bens! This is my co-worker, Jessica Rothe! Just call us by our first names!”

Jessica: “Pleasure to meet you!”

Cpt. Jones: “Shall we get going?!”

Alex: “Definitely!” The door on the Seahawk slides open. The two archeologists hop on and we follow them. Jessica sits with Alex across from me. Staff Sergeant Ram sits next to the edge next to Alex. The crew chief slides the door closed, and takes hold of a spotlight on the opposite side.

Crew Chief: “Team is on board. Time to go.” The pilot gives a thumb up, and revers up the engines. The helicopter slowly rises off the ground, wobbling a little against the wind. We fly straight up, getting a glimpse of the camp before lowering into the crater.

Seahawk Pilot: “Admiral Command, this is Vector Two-four. We’re going down, over.”

Command: “Roger that, Vector Two-four. Proceed.”  I watch the walls surround us as we descend in.

SPC Vickins: “This is it. We’re going in to find some predators and aliens.” The light starts to diminish as we go deeper.

Seahawk Pilot: “Spotlights on.”

Crew Chief: “Spotlights!” The two spotlights on each side and the front of the Seahawk turn on. I can see the rugged walls stained with water and granite.

I don’t know how long it has been. I look at my watch, and notice we have been descending for over twenty minutes. I start playing with a bullet in one of the magazines in my vest, before noticing Alex gazing at me. When I turn my eyes, we were at a staring contest for a few seconds.

Sgt. Drake: “Can I help you, Doctor Bens?” Alex shakes his head.

Alex: “Oh. Sorry. Just… uh…” He clears his throat and puts down his gear on the floor.

Alex: “It’s… a real pleasure… to meet… a real Navy Seal. You know… like… my nephew always wanted to be one of those guys. Also, please, please, call me by our first name. We’re not used to being called by our last names.”

Sgt. Drake: “Really?”

Alex: “Yeah. So, tell me. I know, like, its part of this whole government top secret thing, but what type of missions do you go on?” I am about to open my mouth to answer his question, but Staff Sergeant Ram interrupts me.

SSgt. Ram: “The US Navy Seals are a high combat squad. We usually go on strategic combat situations, POW rescue, most wanted, you name it.”

Crew Chief: “Zulu Team. Three minutes. Get ready.” I look out the window, and notice the walls are smoother than before.

Sgt. Drake: “Hey. Anyone notice the walls are smoother?” Everyone else looks outside.

Sgt. Tory: “Yeah. Must’ve been when the crater collapsed.” I look down to where the spotlight is point at the ground, seeing the rugged and sharp pieces of rock and granite lying below.

Crew Chief: “Twenty feet! Time to rope down, boys!” I release the buckle to the seatbelt and slide open the door next to me. A gush of cold air rushes inside the helicopter as I drop the rope to the ground.

Seahawk Pilot: “Admiral Command, this is Vector Two-four. Unloading Zulu Team, over.”

Cpt. Jones: “Down the rope! Go!” I slide down the rope first. When I hit the ground, I almost slip on the granite. The air is cold and very damp, quite ironic for a crater to form a few hours after the quake. I turn on the flashlight on my HK416, waiting for everyone else to follow. Jessica kneels beside me and grabs a small monitor in her bag.

Jessica: “Okay. Just let me set up.” I look back up at the Seahawk, seeing Specialist Bennicks grabbing on to the rope. Above is the surface that is barely the size of a light bulb. Suddenly, a shadowy figure jumps out of nowhere, and strikes the Seahawk’s tail rotor. The tail splits off, and the chopper spins violently down.

Sgt. Drake: “Shit!! Get down!”

LCpl. Qing: “Outta’ the way!!” The chopper crashes behind a small rocky hill, giving off an orange glow.

Cpl. Herrins: “Bennicks!!”

Cpt. Jones: “Team! Move! Get to the crash site!” Jessica and I run over to where the Seahawk crashed. When we arrive at the crash site, the chopper is nothing but a burning wreckage.

Sgt. Drake: “Jesus.”

Jessica: “Oh my God.”

SPC Vickins: “Jesus Christ, the hell was that?!”

Sgt. Tory: “Dunno. Where’s Bennicks?”

Cpl. Herrins: “Saw him go down with the chopper.”

Alex: “My God. What was that that came out?”

Sgt. Drake: “Saw it too. Don’t know what the hell that is.”

Cpt. Jones: “We need to keep going. Command, this is Zulu X-ray Six. Our chopper is down and we need another down here.” There is no reply from command.

Cpt. Jones: “Command, do you copy? I’ve got no signal.”

SSgt. Ram: “Same here.”

Alex: “Nothing on my cell.”

Sgt. Tory: “Looks like were stuck here.”

Cpt. Jones: “Okay. Continued as planned. Find that source, and pray there’s a radio around to call in another chopper.” We all nod our heads.

Cpt. Jones: “Move out.” We start walking away from the crash, but Corporal Herrins continues to stare at the wreckage.

SSgt. Ram: “Herrins! Move it!” Herrins takes one more glance, then runs over to catch up.

I peer through my night vision goggles as we continue to walk over large and small piles of stone and granite. Alex is scanning the ground with a metal detector in one hand and a radiation detector in the other. I point my flashlight up at a large granite boulder supported by other boulders beneath on each side like a bridge as we walk under it.

Alex: “I’m getting a slight reading on the radiation detector.” Jessica points the flashlight towards Alex.

Alex: “Ugh… I need help.”

Cpt. Jones: “Team, set up a perimeter.” Jessica helps Alex with the radiation detector while we circle around them and kneel down. I follow my flashlight as I look around the dark terrain through my night vision goggles. Suddenly, something catches my eye. I point my HK416 at a boulder standing straight up and see something swiftly moving behind it.

LCpl. Qing: “You got something, Sarge?” I lower my rifle.

Sgt. Drake: “I thought I saw something.”

Sgt. Tory: “Where?” I point my flashlight to where I last saw the object.

Sgt. Drake: “Right where I’m pointing at. Um… roughly thirty meters.” Sergeant Tory moves next to me and points his rifle at the area.

Sgt. Tory: “Hmm… no contact.”

LCpl. Qing: “Must be seeing things. Maybe the chopper crash is still hittin’ ya.”

Sgt. Drake: “I know what I saw, Lance. Something took down our chopper.”

LCpl. Qing: “Pfft. That must’ve been some idiot…”

Sgt. Drake: “Yeah, sure.”

Cpt. Jones: “Both of you, knock it off.”

Sgt. Drake: “Aye, Captain.” I wait for a reply from Qing, but he’s not responding.

Sgt. Drake: “Qing, you got that?” I turn to my left, and notice Qing is gone.

Sgt. Drake: “Qing?” I look around for any sign of Qing. Nothing.

Sgt. Drake: “Herrins.”

Cpl. Herrins: “What?”

Sgt. Drake: “Where’s Qing?”

Cpl. Herrins: “Dunno.”

Sgt. Drake: “He was just here.”

Cpt. Jones: “Sergeant. What’s going on?”

Sgt. Drake: “Qing’s not here.” Captain Jones turns around with a puzzled look.

Cpt. Jones: “Qing?” I hear something drop a few meters away on front of me. When I point my rifle to where the noise was, I spot a gun lying there.

Sgt. Drake: “Qing. Qing, don’t play shit, here.” I slowly get up and walk over to the gun.

Sgt. Drake: “Vickins, cover me.”

SPC Vickins: “Roger.” I keep the flashlight on the rifle as I slowly take a step closer to it. I’m just a foot away from the rifle. I point my flashlight around to find anything suspicious. I look down at the rifle on the ground, finding small splatters of blood. As I reach down to pick it up, something heavy lands on top of me.

Sgt. Tory: “Shit!”

SPC Vickins: “Drake!” I roll the object off of me, only to find a blood-covered face.

Sgt. Drake: “Fuck!!” I back away quickly, pointing my rifle at the figure. Vickins and Tory rush over to assist.

Sgt. Tory: “Sarge, you okay?!”

Sgt. Drake: (panting) “The… the fuck is that?!” I look closer to the figure, and then realize it is Qing. His lower body is missing, and his head is nothing but a bloody mess. His mouth is wide open like he was about to scream, and his eyes are turned all the way back. Vickins backs off and covers his mouth, like he is about to throw up.

SPC Vickins: “Jesus…” Everyone else runs over to see what happened. Jessica covers her mouth as soon as she sees the body.

Jessica: “Oh my God.”

Alex: “What the hell…?”

Cpt. Jones: “What just happened?” I lower my rifle, still pointing the flashlight at the corpse.

Sgt. Drake: “Qing’s gone.” I rise to my feet. Captain Jones takes a look at the body.

Cpt. Jones: “Jesus Christ.” We all stay silent, waiting for the Captain to give orders, but he doesn’t speak a word.

SSgt. Ram: “We’re not alone down here, sir.”

Cpt. Jones: “No we’re not.” The Captain walks over to Qing and takes his dog tags buried under the bloody uniform.

Cpt. Jones: “Bury the body. We’re moving out in five.” Just when Jones turns around, a dark figure lands right behind him. It raises a large sharp weapon, before Tory screams.

Sgt. Tory: “Whoa!!” The blade slices right across the Captain’s abdomen.

Sgt. Drake: “Shit!!” In less than a second we open fire. The figure lunges over the minute we open fire, first slicing off Vickins arms, and then racing towards me. I trip over something and land on the side of a boulder before the figure swings the blade inches from my face. The figure spins around, swinging the blade, which looks like a large scythe at everyone else behind, throwing them off their feet. I quickly aim my HK416 at the figure, and fire two rounds. The first grazed the arm holding the scythe, but the figure raised the large blade, blocking the second round. The figure jumps away holding the grazed arm, and runs off behind a large boulder. Herrins unleashes the SAW just when the figure disappears. I wave my arms to get Herrins’ attention, but he keeps his finger pressed on the trigger.

Sgt. Drake: “Herrins! Cease fire! Cease fire!!” Tory runs over and grabs Herrins’ shoulder.

Sgt. Tory: “Herrins! That’s enough!” Herrins ceases fire.

Sgt. Tory: “Save the ammo, man.”

SSgt. Ram: “Jesus, Christ. The hell was that?!”

Sgt. Drake: “She just came out of nowhere.”

Sgt. Tory: “She?”

Sgt. Drake: “Looked like a girl. In some sort of school outfit, I think.”

Cpl. Herrins: (panting) “Fuck. The hell is with these Japanese folks?”

Sgt. Drake: “Didn’t look Japanese, man. She didn’t.” Tory runs over to the Captain. Just by looking at him, I can tell he didn’t make it.

Sgt. Tory: “Captain’s gone.”

SSgt. Ram: “What about Vickins?” I search through my night vision goggles until I find him lying with his arms gone.

Sgt. Drake: “Vickins!” I run over to him. When I got to him, I notice he’s been beheaded. I back off, suddenly feeling completely nauseas. I lean against a boulder and throw up.

Sgt. Tory: “Has anyone seen the archeologists?”

SSgt. Ram: “Tory, Herrins. Go look for Jessica and Alex.”

Sgt. Tory: “Aye, sir.” I wipe off any excess particles from my mouth and take a deep breath.

SSgt. Ram: “Come on, Sergeant.” Ram pats my back lightly.

Sgt. Drake: (panting) “How the hell… are we gonna get outta’ here?”

SSgt. Ram: “We’ll find a way.”

Sgt. Tory: (distant) “Staff Sarge!!” Ram lifts his head up, then taps my shoulder.

SSgt. Ram: “You think you can make it?” I straighten my back like I am about to do an Olympic run.

Sgt. Drake: “Yeah. I’m fine. Let’s find the archeologists.” Staff Sergeant and I run over to where we last heard Sergeant Tory yell. When we finally get there, we find Jessica and Tory kneeling and Corporal Herrins standing with his back turn toward us.

SSgt. Ram: “Sergeant! What’s going on?” Corporal Herrins steps out of the way when we got closer. I almost trip on my feet when I realize Alex has been seriously hit. I remove my goggles, still in shock, to get a better look.

SSgt. Ram: “My God.” I watch Tory checking for a pulse on Alex’s neck, and then turning his head at us with a frown. He shakes his head, and Jessica bursts into tears.

Cpl. Herrins: “Fuck.” Staff Sergeant lowers his HK416 on the wet ground, flips his night vision goggles off, and compresses Jessica in his arms.

SSgt. Ram: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for your loss.”

Jessica: “W-we just got married.”

SSgt. Ram: “I’m so sorry. Listen. Let me tell you something. I want you to be strong. I know…” Ram looks up at us, then back to Jessica.

SSgt. Ram: “I know you are scared. We’re all scared. But, if we want to survive, we have to push forward. Can you do that?” Jessica wipes the tears from her eyes.

SSgt. Ram: “I too lost friends back in Afghanistan. They were my best friends. But, there will be a time where we all have to move on.”

Jessica: “M-move… on.” Tory, Herrins and I stare with our heads down.

Cpl. Herrins: “May God be with us.” Jessica grabs the radiation detector and the flashlight. Both her and Staff Sergeant get back up on their feet.

SSgt. Ram: “We still have a mission to complete. Find that energy source, and hopefully call in for an evac.” Jessica scans the area with the detector in her hand.

Jessica: “Okay. We’re somewhat close.”

SSgt. Ram: “Let’s go. Before that thing comes down and hits us again.” We follow Jessica away from the bodies, and continue our search.

We continue walking for another twenty minutes. My feet are starting to feel sore every time I take a step on the granite ground. Then, the detector starts wailing after climbing up a small pile of rock.

Jessica: “Wow. I’m getting a strong reading on something.”

SSgt. Ram: “Where?” Jessica points down into a small ditch right below us.

Jessica: “Just down there.” I point my flashlight down in the ditch. Peering through my night vision goggles, I only find small chunks of rock and granite.

Sgt. Drake: “I don’t see anything.”

SSgt. Ram: “Jessica said the source is coming from there. We just have to check it out.”

Sgt. Tory: “I’ll take point, Staff Sarge.” Sergeant Tory slowly climbs down the side of the jagged pile while we watch.

SSgt. Ram: “Drake, Herrins. Keep an eye on him.” Tory jumps down a few feet into the ditch. He points his flashlight to look around, and start sweeping up the pebbles with his other hand.

Cpl. Herrins: “Tory. You find anything?”

Sgt. Tory: “Hold on.” Tory swipes away the last remaining pieces of granite, when something catches his eyes. As he focuses on the clearing he made, he notices something out of color. A brownish red color is exposed beneath the rubble. As he swipes away more of the pebbles, it is clear that the color is rusted metal. Tory gets back up on his feet.

Sgt. Tory: “I think I found something.” Herrins and I look down at Tory waving at us to come down. Suddenly, the same figure from before swoops down with her giant blade held out to the side, stabbing Tory in his stomach, and throwing him to the side of the ditch.

Cpl. Herrins: “Shit!!”

Sgt. Drake: “Tory!!” I see the figure right above Tory trying to drag him up the side through my scope. Quickly, I fire on semiautomatic at the figure.

SSgt. Ram: “Open fire! Open fire!” All three of us open fire at the figure. She splatters out this dark goo before she takes the blade out of Tory and jumps out of the ditch back into darkness.

SSgt. Ram: “In the ditch! Go! Go!” We all slide down in the ditch. Herrins quickly jumps to Tory first.

Cpl. Herrins: “Tory! Hold on, man! You’re gonna be fine!” Before long, an explosion knocks us off our feet. Pieces of rock and granite rain down on us as we quickly get back up.

Sgt. Drake: “The hell is that?!” Ram climbs back up to the edge of the ditch. As he scrutinizes his night vision goggles through the clearing dust, he spots a figure, completely different from the one before. In a black and white outfit and long black hair, the figure wields a large sniper-like rifle in one hand and a large round in the other. Ram quickly slides back down just when the figure fires a bright beam right over the pit.

Cpl. Herrins: “Jesus, what the hell?!”

SSgt. Ram: “Drake! Help out Tory! Herrins, you and I go up and provide cover fire! Jess! Try and find something to get us outta’ here!”

Sgt. Drake: “Aye, Staff Sarge!”

SSgt. Ram: “Keep and eye out! Watch each other’s backs!” I jump to Tory who is with Jessica sitting with his two hands over the bloody gash.

Sgt. Drake: “Tory! Hey, Tory! Can you hear me?!” I place my hands over Tory’s wound to apply pressure.

Sgt. Tory: “Ah, fuck!”

Sgt. Drake: “Jess, find something that Tory found!”

Sgt. Tory: “D-Drake. Hatch.” Tory points his blood-covered hand over to a small wheel handle buried beneath the rubble.

Sgt. Drake: “Jess, get that hatch open, quick!”

Jessica: “Okay!” Jessica dashes over to the wheel handle as Ram and Herrins lay on the side of the ditch covering fire. I search through the pouch on my right side, pulling out a full roll of bandages, and press the entire roll on the large gash in Tory’s abdomen.

Jessica: “It’s stuck! I need help!”

Sgt. Drake: “Shit. Just keep the pressure on the wound! You’re gonna be fine!” I take out my Glock 17 and hand it to Tory.

Sgt. Drake: “I’ll be right back!” I run over to Jessica struggling with the handle.

Jessica: “This thing’s rusted to death! I can’t get it open!” Another explosion sends pieces of rubble raining on us.

SSgt. Ram: “Sergeant! Get that door open!” With all my strength, I tug on the wheel. Slowly, it starts turning.

Sgt. Drake: “Come on! Come on!” Jessica joins in and turns the wheel in the same direction.

Lying on the sharp rugged slope of the ditch, Staff Sergeant Ram continues to fire his HK416 at the figure downrange jumping around and firing another loud beam several meters away in front.

SSgt. Ram: “Herrins, how ya’ doing?!”

Cpl. Herrins: “What do you think?! Can’t see shit!” Herrins unleashes the SAW all over the area. Through the flashes, he catches the figure clinging on to a large boulder, before jumping in the air.

Cpl. Herrins: “For Vickins, you piece of shit!!” He follows the girl flying around like an acrobat while firing his SAW, before it disappears behind a pile of rocks. Jessica and I made one final tug, before the rusty wheel is finally free, and we hear a click.

Jessica: “That’s it! We got it open!”

Sgt. Drake: “Staff Sarge! We got it open!” I clear off the excess rubble to find the handle. When I did, I lift with all my might to open the heavy door. Just then, another explosion, too close for comfort, sends rubble and smoke raining down. I accidently drop the heavy door almost on my feet, and Staff Sergeant rolls down avoiding the explosion.

Sgt. Drake: “Staff Sarge!” I quickly help up Ram. He is covered in black soot and his uniformed is partially burned. His barrel on his HK is bent and the sights are missing.

SSgt. Ram: (coughing) “I’m fine! I’ll get the door open! Get up there and cover fire!”

Sgt. Drake: “Aye, sir!” I climb up the ditch as Ram slowly raises the door open. I lean down on a rock bed, finding the figure, when another round penetrates the ground a few meters beside me. The shockwave and the blast send my ears on a rollercoaster ride to hell, and my night vision goggles fly off to somewhere.

Cpl. Herrins: “Come on!!” Herrins continues to open fire his SAW on the other side of the pit. I shake my head to clear the ringing, before I see the figure loading its rifle.

Sgt. Drake: “Gotchya’ bitch.” I aim the scope at the figure’s head. Holding my breath, I fire two rounds, penetrating the figure’s head and chest. The figure is still standing, so I fire another three rounds until it falls back.

Sgt. Drake: “Got it! I got one!”

SSgt. Ram: “Drake! Grab Tory and get inside!” I slide down the slope, seeing Ram holding the heavy door over his head and Jessica sliding inside.

SSgt. Ram: “Herrins! Come on!!” I grab Tory’s arm, and lift him over my shoulders.

Sgt. Drake: “Tory! You holding out?!”

Sgt. Tory: “Fine…”

Sgt. Drake: “We’re almost there, buddy!” I look behind, seeing Herrins still firing.

Sgt. Drake: “Herrins, come on!”

Cpl. Herrins: “I’m coming!” Just when Herrins turns around, the dark figure swoops out of nowhere, stabs him in the stomach with the large blade, and takes him away.

Sgt. Drake: “Herrins!!”

SSgt. Ram: “Fuck! Come on! Inside!” I hop my way with Tory over me.

SSgt. Ram: “Come on! Come on!” Just when I am a couple meters away, the girl reappears, landing right between Ram and us, the large blade ready to cut. Before I could say a word, the blade goes around in a circle. Tory and I fall back as the blade comes inches to our vests. Tory quickly fires the Glock at the figure. The figure takes a few hits, and disappears again out of the ditch.

Sgt. Tory: “Go!” I lift Tory back up, and head straight to Ram, who is still holding the heavy door a few feet open while kneeling.

Sgt. Drake: “Ram! You okay?!” I place Tory down to check on Ram, until I notice a cut halfway across his abdomen. I lift the door open a few more inches, when Ram grabs my shoulder.

SSgt. Ram: “G-go.”

DS: “Humans are so pitiful.” I turn around to see the figure, standing on the slope of the ditch, with the large blade behind its back.

Sgt. Drake: “Shit.” Then, she takes a hit in its shoulder. She turns her head to see Tory crawling back aiming the Glock at her.

Sgt. Tory: “Drake! Go!” I hesitate for a second, before I scramble myself inside the large door. The girl swiftly lunges past me when I slip my whole body inside and the heavy door slams shut. The girl dodges the bullets when Tory fires, and cuts off part of the barrel. Tory stares at the girl pointing the large blade, a scythe, an inch from his face.

Sgt. Tory: “Fuck you.” He raises a grenade in his hand, pin pulled off.

I search around in what appears to be a dark, damp hallway for Jessica. It’s pitch black, and I can’t see anything.

Sgt. Drake: “Jess? Jess, if you can hear me, call out.” Suddenly, I see a bright light shine right in my eyes. The light lowers, and I can see Jessica holding a large flashlight.

Jessica: “I’m right here. What happened?” I just shake my head.

Sgt. Drake: “They’re… they’re all gone.” I take a deep breath, and check my light on my rifle. Once it turns on, I point around to see where we are. The walls are made of concrete, and lined with rust and mold. The ceiling lights are shattered and filled with cobwebs and small drips of water.

Sgt. Drake: “You have that metal detector?”

Jessica: “Dropped it outside.” Jessica points down the hallway, and find a large metal door at the far end.

Jessica: “I see something.” We both walk down the hallway to get a closer look at the door. When we arrive there, the metal door looks a little less rusty from the one outside. I feel around for a handle, but I know it’s locked shut. That’s when I notice a metal lever sticking out a few inches.

Sgt. Drake: “Here.” I tug on the lever, but it won’t budge. Again, I tug on it much harder, until the lever finally moved. We hear a loud clicking sound, and the heavy door nudges.

Jessica: “I think we got it open.” I grab on to the door, and slowly pull it open. I switch back to my HK416 before entering and Jessica following behind. Inside, we see old computers and abandoned seats at least a hundred years old.

Sgt. Drake: “Jesus.”

Jessica: “Let’s find a power source.” Jessica and I split up. I search around one side of the room, looking at control panels to certain rooms. I come up to a wooden board, which has a couple maps of the island.

Jessica: “Hey! I think I found it!” I point my light towards Jessica, who is fondling with a large switch. She yanks it down, and machines start running. Ceiling lights flicker on, and only a few computers pop on their screens. Now I can see the full view of the room. There are four large computers stationed at the center with pipes and wires running all over the ceiling. Control panels lay on each side except behind us and on the front room, which has a double door locked. I spot a large safe box the size of a medium locker, wrapped up in chains and with a lock in the center. As I take a closer look at the rusty lock, I notice the year embedded around the edge, ‘1969’.

Sgt. Drake: “Jess.” Jessica looks up while looking at one of the computers.

Jessica: “What did you find?”

Sgt. Drake: “That’s what I’m ‘bout to find out. Cover your ears.” I take a few steps back, aiming my rifle at the lock. I fire two rounds, and the lock shatters. I walk back to the safe, slide off the chains, and crank the small wheel. The safe door suddenly breaks open, and I back off as the rusty door collapses on the ground. I wave the dust away when I look inside the crate. Stacks of documented papers and portfolios lined up in several different levels, each level with a year on it.

Jessica: “What did you find?” Jessica shines the flashlight inside the crate. I pull out the lowest level, and string my fingers through the files.

Jessica: “How about that one?” Jessica points to a portfolio located at the very back. I take out the portfolio and check the date, ’27 August 1946’. When I open the file, I notice all the documents are in Japanese. The papers are as fragile as thin glass.

Jessica: “Looks like it’s written in Japanese.”

Sgt. Drake: “You speak it?”

Jessica: “Took three years of it.” Jessica slowly takes the fragile paper in her hand, studies it thoroughly.

Jessica: “It says something about having an agreement to conduct a project on this island.”

Sgt. Drake: “What project?”

Jessica: “That’s what I’m looking for. Here, Project Black. The US and Japan signed a top secret project about an… ancient artifact hidden underneath the island.” I close up the portfolio and search through the papers in the crate again. I pull out the top level of files, take out the portfolio in the very front, and check the date on the label, ‘April 1972’. I open the file, and the documents are written in English, each paper with signed by President Nixon.

Sgt. Drake: “Look at this. All of this, signed by the President.” Jessica takes one of the papers, and briefly looks over it.

Sgt. Drake: “It’s a memo to close off the project.”

Jessica: “This is a letter to Japan. It’s saying about no longer keeping the project in tact.” While Jessica continues to scan the letter, I walk over to the locked double door. I peer through the smeared glass, and I find a faint glow down a hallway. On both sides of the hallway are four or five circular windows. I take a few steps back, and try breaking the doors open by running into them. They burst open the second time I try to run into.

Jessica: “What are you doing?”

Sgt. Drake: “I think I see something down this hallway.” I point the light down the hallway, to see another sealed door at the far end. As Jessica and I walk through the hallway, we also have a glimpse outside of the windows. On one side is a large dark-mattered rock at least the size of two or three mobile homes stacked on top of each other lying on a platform.

Jessica: “It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.” On the other side, are rows of desks and wires running all over the facility.

Sgt. Drake: “Jesus. Looks like it was top secret info to the governments.” Jessica and I reach the sealed door. I look inside the cracked window, only to find a dark room. I look inside to see if I can find the faint glow, but all I see is darkness. I notice the door is welded tight as well.

Jessica: “The door is shut tight. No way to get in.” I reach into my backpack, and pull out three stacks of C4 explosives.

Sgt. Drake: “Better get back.” Jessica runs to the end of the hallway while I place the dough on the door handle. I set a small detonator on the charges, and arm the remote. Then, I run back to the entrance of the hallway.

Sgt. Drake: “Ready?” Jessica covers her ears, and I press the remote three times. The charge goes off, throwing pieces of metal out and leaving a blanket of smoke.

Sgt. Drake: “Go.” I go first, with Jessica following behind. When the smoke slowly clears itself, I crouch through a large hole, readying myself. Once inside, all I see is computers on the side and hearing machines are humming quietly. Jessica steps inside with her flashlight pointing at a large container in the center of the room.

Jessica: “What’s that?” I approach cautiously to the container, when I suddenly slip on something, and hit my head on the hard metal floor.

Jessica: “You okay?”

Sgt. Drake: “Ugh… yeah.” I place my hand on the panels, not realizing I accidentally pressed a button. Once I stand up, the machines start running louder.

Jessica: “What did you do?”

Sgt. Drake: “I don’t know.” Suddenly, the center object sends electricity sparks all over the room.

Sgt. Drake: “Get down!” I cover Jessica and kneel down, when sparks of electricity strike the panels. When the sparks stop, Jessica opens her eyes to see five large tanks.

Jessica: “Look.” I look up. Out of the five tanks, only one in the center is glowing with a bright, bluish color.

Sgt. Drake: “What is that?” I raise my rifle, and walk over to the front to get a better view. Inside is a dark figure curled up, but I can’t see with the light. I walk closer, at least where my nose is touching the glass. Inside, is a naked girl with black hair curled up in a ball. Her eyes are closed, and her skin is nearly pale whitish-gray. Even more shocking, she’s floating.

Sgt. Drake: “My God.”

Jessica: “What?” I step back to let Jessica see. Even she is surprised. Jessica continues to stare at the floating girl. Suddenly, the girl’s eyes open. Jessica jumps back in shock.

Sgt. Drake: “What?”

Jessica: “S-she’s awake!” Jessica slowly looks back inside. The girl stares back at her once she looks in.

BRS: “W-who… are you?” Jessica’s eyes widen. She remains silent after the girl spoke. Her voice is very soft, and calm as well.

BRS: “Who… are you? A-are you… him?” Jessica stays hesitant for a while, then looks at me.

Sgt. Drake: “Ask her for her name.” Jessica turns back.

Jessica: “M-my name is… um… Jessica Rothe. A-an archeologist from Chicago University. W-who are you?”

BRS: “I… I am… BRS.”

Jessica: “BRS? Um… what is that?”

BRS: “Black… Rock… Shooter.”

Jessica: “Her name is Black Rock Shooter.” I point my rifle at the container when Jessica steps back.

Sgt. Drake: “What is she, or it?”

Jessica: “I don’t know. But it looks like she needs help. Help me open this.” Jessica tries to pry the container open, when suddenly; a blade strikes the container, nearly hitting her by inches. Jessica screams and I back off point my rifle to where the blade came from. Standing in the doorway, is the same girl that killed my men. Completely wounded, and dark goo spraying out of her like a fountain, she slowly limps her way towards me. She is wearing some sort of black school outfit, and her eyes are dark red.

DS: “You… shall… never… free her.” I point my rifle right at the girl’s head.

Sgt. Drake: “Who are you?!” The girl smiles, followed by a chuckle a second later.

DS: “You… humans… talk… too much.” In a split second, she dashes right at me. I aim my rifle at her, but she kicks it in a different direction before I could fire at her. I discharge rounds at a non-working control panel. The girl takes the scythe, and swings it at me. I slightly dodge the blade coming down; only that one of my pouches is sliced clean off.

Sgt. Drake: “Jess, get outta’ here!” The girl swings the scythe wildly, striking a rusty pipe. I dive to the ground, and open fire on semi automatic to finish her off. The girl frees her scythe, but then falls down when one of the bullets strikes her in the head. I get back up on my feet, catching my breath and still aiming at the girl lying. I take a small step towards the girl, to see if she is actually dead. Now, I’m standing almost directly over her.

Jessica: “Is it dead?”

Sgt. Drake: “I don’t know.” Before I know it, the girl lashes out, and I’m on the ground. The girl jumps on top of me, her dark red eyes now glowing and her face covered in dark goo. I block her away with my arms and hands as she tries to scratch me like a wild dog trying to bite my face off. Suddenly, I hear a gunshot, and then we stop. The girl’s eyes dim, and I toss her off myself. As I slowly sit back up, I see Jessica holding a pistol.

Jessica: “You okay?”

Sgt. Drake: (panting) “Yeah. Jesus, what the hell is that?”

Jessica: “I don’t know. But I think it’s dead now.” I grab a crowbar leaning against a wall, and stumble over to the container.

Sgt. Drake: “Stand back.” The minute I stab the crowbar, the container suddenly bursts open, spewing out blue fire. Before I know it, the girl steps out with blue flames erupting from her left eye and surrounding her body. She stops and turns around to me.

BRS: “Thank you. I must find him now.” I rub my eyes to adjust into the bright light.

Sgt. Drake: “What… the hell are you?”

BRS: “I must find the boy. He is the only hope for your world.” I stare at the girl, completely confused. I open my mouth, but the girl interrupts me.

BRS: “The boy with the starry birthmark.” The flames grow in size, and I veer my eyes away from the brightness. Suddenly, everything stops. When I open my eyes, the room is pitch dark inside, and the girl is no longer seen.

Sgt. Drake: “What the hell?”

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