Black Rock Shooter: Rising Apocalypse Chapter 5

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Black Rock Shooter wakes up in a subway under Penn Station, surrounded by soldiers with heavy machine guns and platoon leaders. Among them is Lieutenant Cortez, First Sergeant Piercen and Staff Sergeant Nomez. When the interrogation began, Rock says she will only speak to Harris.

Submitted: January 07, 2013

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Submitted: January 07, 2013




Chapter 5


Joseph Harris

Samoa Islands April 27, 1861


Henry: (faint) “We can’t wait any longer! The boat is going to leave soon and we haven’t done anything since!”

Bob: (faint) “I know. I know. We just have to wait until Doctor Harris wakes up.”

Henry: (faint) “Forget that old man! We should just leave him to his prized rock! I don’t want to have the same fate as him!” My head feels completely heavy. When I open my eyes, I notice I am in a small hut. I rise to the edge of the bed, my body aching in almost every joint. I stand up, and limp over to a small bucket of water. I try to remember what I saw in that dream. Who was that girl? I cup my hands in the bucket, and splash water on my face a couple times. I grab a cloth lying neatly wrapped beside the bucket and a medium sized mirror beside my bag. I wipe my face with the cloth while I place the mirror against the bamboo wall. When finished wiping, I stare into the mirror thinking what to do. I realize the mirror is black and I can’t see my reflection. I wipe the glass with my hand, but the black stuff is not coming off. I lean my face closer, noticing faint swirls in the black stuff. Before I could lean any closer, my neck is suddenly constrained by what appears to be a hand covered in black armor with sharp claws. I gasp for air, and try to pry myself free. The hand lifts me up, and a bright violet light starts shining on the mirror. Coming out of the light, is a figure dressed up in heavy black armor. It has a large metal clamp attached to one of its twin tails like a shattered helmet. Its eyes are bright purple, much like the other girl I saw in my dream. My vision slowly blurs as the figure rises out of mirror. Then, the figure smirks.

IBRS: “Darkness has now awakened.” Before I know it, I’m pulled into the mirror, screaming out my lungs.

I suddenly gasp for air when I jump from my bed. I look around, realizing I’m in the hut. Was it a dream? I feel a burning pain from my right eye. I feel around my face, noticing bandages covering my eye. Then, Henry and Bob rush in, breathing a sigh of relief the minute they see me.

Bob: “He’s awake!”

Henry: “Thank God.” I wipe the sweat off of my forehead and sit up straight in my bed.

Bob: “Take it easy, Doctor. You were injured quite badly.”

Joseph: “I can see that. Where are we?”

Bob: “We’re back in the village. That struck of lightning from the stone really tore your eye.”

Joseph: “I see.” I start seeing the dream about the figure covered in black armor and bright purple eyes.

Joseph: “We must get back to the stone.”

Henry: “Doctor, please. You must rest. Plus, the boat will pick us up in a couple days.” I get up from the bed ignoring Henry, and put on my light jacket.

Joseph: “Let’s make haste, then.”


PFC Kyle Harris

1st Battalion 6th Marines, U.S.M.C.

Madison Square Garden F.O.B., New York December 20, 2012 Day 2 24:57:18 AM


6th Marine Division:

2ndLt. John Cortez

MSgt. Ronald Romill

Sgt. Eric Kresten

PFC Kyle Harris

LCpl. Zach Mc'Neil (medic)

SSgt. Michael Nomez

FSgt. Frank Piercen

Pvt. Craig Fisher

LCpl. Joe Stanar (MG Gunner)

Cpl. Paul Jordes

PFC Christopher Taylor

LCpl. Shaun Linelles (radio operator)

Cpl. Robert Hills





I watch everyone in the center of the playing ring rushing around like ants while sitting in the rear row seats with my squad. The entire Madison Square Garden has turned into a forward operating base. The ring below is filled with computers and radios. Across the ring, up on the rows of seats, tons of medical tents cover almost half of the rows from top to bottom. The clamoring never ends. Sergeant Lockey is probably one of hundreds of those wounded in the medical area, or he was safely evacuated in a chopper. The last Marine from Bravo Company is now part of our squad. Master Sarge Romill told me a while ago his name is Corporal Robert Hills, at least a year older than I am.

Marine: (distant) “Hey, Johnson. Did you hear about that thing?”

Marine: (distant) “What?”

Marine: (distant) “A squad just captured one of those alien freaks.” I look down at two Marines talking to each other. They probably just heard about us capturing the girl.

Marine: (distant) “Those things are huge, man. You take them down, they blow up.”

Marine: (distant) “No, no. This one’s different. My friend was one of the evac support team. He said the alien looked like a girl!”

Marine: (distant) “I don’t buy that shit.”

Marine: (distant) “No seriously! That girl had, like, black hair, and boots, and…”

Marine: (distant) “Well, where is it?”

Marine: (distant) “My friend said they took it to one of the subways at Penn Station. But, it was sick, man!” My left shoulder is suddenly slapped. I tighten up and lose my focus on the two Marines. When I turn around, I see Eric smiling.

Sgt. Kresten: “’Sup birthday boy?”

PFC Harris: “Jesus, man. Don’t scare me like that.” Eric hopes over the seat and plops down next to me.

Sgt. Kresten: “Some trip we had, right?”

PFC Harris: “Yeah.” I stare down at my dusted M16A4 leaning between my legs.

Sgt. Kresten: “Hey, I got ya’ something.” Eric digs into one of his patches and pulls out a frag grenade spray painted gold. Written around it, says ‘HARRIS RULEZ!!!!’ The pin has a small key chain with a smiley-face on it. I couldn’t help but laugh at the gift.

Sgt. Kresten: “Happy eighteenth birthday, Kyle.”

PFC Harris: (laughs) “Oh my God. You’re the best.” Eric wraps his arm over my shoulder.

Sgt. Kresten: “Just use it for anything important.”

PFC Harris: “I will.” I pack up the grenade in my pouch, and move my rifle over to the next seat.

Sgt. Kresten: “Mind if I?” Eric stretches his M4 Grenadier across and settles it beside the M16.

Sgt. Kresten: “By the way, where’s that, uh, thing we captured?”

Marine: “You mean that girl-like alien with the black hair and everything?” Eric and I turn to see the two Marines I was listening to earlier.

Marine: “What company you from?”

Sgt. Kresten: “Sixth Marines, Charlie Company.”

Marine: “Oh. So you guys the one who captured that alien girl.”

Sgt. Kresten: “Yeah. You know where the boys took it?”

Marine: “One of the guys from your evac support team said they took her to Penn Station for some, uh, conducting.” Eric and I look at each other confused.


Penn Station, New York 01:07:11 AM


Deep in one of the subway stations, at Penn Station, the girl is lying on the tracks surrounded by troops from the Marines, Army and SWAT loaded with heavy machine guns. Beyond the line of firepower, Lieutenant Cortez, Master Sergeant Romill, Staff Sergeant Nomez and First Sergeant Piercen are with three other generals and a couple other platoon leaders from the Army and Marine companies.

Gen. Fores: “Now, explain to me how you found this… thing.”

Lt. Cortez: “My squad and Bravo Company were under fire with those aliens, when a bright light came down and just took ‘em all down.”

Army Leader: “You mean the Cyclopes.” Lieutenant Cortez turns to one of the army leaders behind with his arms crossed.

SSgt. Nomez: “Is that what you call ‘em?”

Army Leader: “You can’t miss that bright red eye on those things, can ya?” Before Nomez could reply back, the troops raise their guns as soon as the girl wakes up.

SWAT Member: “It’s waking up!”

Army Soldier: “Standby!” The group watches as the girl sits up, looking around the subway walls and then at the soldiers aiming at her. After a while, she slowly gets up on her feet.

Gen. Wilson: “I want full experiments on that thing. Any information we can get that can be used against the invasion. We have to win this war.”

Marine Leader: “We’re not gonna have enough time to conduct any experiments on that. Those defense lines can’t hold out for even ten minutes.”

BRS: “Where am I?” The group falls silent after the girl spoke. When they turn, they see the girl staring back at them.

SWAT Member: “Team Two, standby.”

Army Leader: “Sergeant, are we ready?”

Interrogator: “Yes sir. Gears’ all set.”

Army Leader: “Begin the interrogation.”

Interrogator: “Yes, sir.” The interrogator turns on the monitors, and the lights turn on above the girl.

Interrogator: (through mike) “I’m going to ask you a series of questions, and you must answer them truthfully. Do you understand?”  The girl nods to the interrogator on the platform.

Interrogator: (through mike) “What is your name?”


Interrogator: (through mike) “What does that stand for?”

BRS: “Black Rock Shooter.”

Gen. Wilson: “She’s pretty easy-going.”

Interrogator: (through mike) “Where are you from?”

BRS: “Far away.”

Interrogator: (through mike) “Be specific.”

BRS: “I-I don’t know.” There was a silence for a while.

Interrogator: (through mike) “Okay. Why have you come?”

BRS: “To protect the boy.”

Interrogator: (through mike) “And who is the boy?”

BRS: “I wish to speak with him.”

Interrogator: (through mike) “Who is the boy?”

BRS: “I want to speak to the boy.”

SSgt. Nomez: “This is not gonna go so well.”

Interrogator: (through mike) “What is his name?”  The girl stays silent for a while.

BRS: “Kyle Harris. He is the only hope for all of you.” Cortez’s eyes suddenly widen, as well as Romill, Piercen and Nomez.

Marine Leader: “Who’s Kyle Harris?”

FSgt. Piercen: “Young kid in our squad. Excellent marksman.”

BRS: “I wish to speak to him now.”

Gen. Martino: “Lieutenant Cortez.”

Lt. Cortez: “Sir.”

Gen. Martino: “Can you bring down your marksman for this? If what that, thing says is true, then maybe we can get it on our side and fight off the invasion.”

Gen. Wilson: “General Martino, I understand your concept, but I do not trust this thing one bit. I have orders to use lethal force ‘if’ that thing gives us any smartass moves.”

SSgt. Nomez: “General, with all do respect. These things are hard to kill.”

Gen. Wilson: “I know that, Staff Sergeant. But we have four Fifty-caliber machine guns that are designed to puncture through two inch steel armor plating. I’m sure it won’t be hard to kill that thing.” Staff Sarge takes a step closer to the general.

SSgt. Nomez: “Those ‘things’ have weapons the size of themselves or bigger and can cut an Abrams in half.”

Gen. Wilson: “Staff Sergeant Nomez, you will stand down. Lieutenant Cortez.”

Lt. Cortez: “Yes, General.”

Gen. Wilson: “If I were you, I would get your good man to go fetch your marksman to settle this relationship between him that that thing.”

Lt. Cortez: “Sir.” Cortez looks at Nomez frustrated at the general, and nods once. Nomez shakes his head, grabs his helmet on the table and marches to the stairs.

SSgt. Nomez: “Unreal.”

Lt. Cortez: “First Sarge. Go help him out.”

FSgt. Piercen: “Aye, sir.” Piercen grabs his helmet and races back up the stairs to catch up with Nomez.

Gen. Wilson: “Lets continue with the interrogating.”

BRS: “I will explain everything to him when he comes.”

Gen. Wilson: “I don’t know about you, Black Shooter! We are fighting off an invasion we do not understand and we need every ounce of intel you have on those things!”

Gen. Fores: “General Wilson. Let the interrogator handle this.”

Nomez bursts through the main entrance of Penn Station out into the freezing night with Piercen walking next to him. Floodlight posts shine all over the square with evac helicopters land and take off with civilians and soldiers and armored vehicles barricading each of the streets.

SSgt. Nomez: “This is bullshit. That sonuvabitch has no clue what he is doing!”

FSgt. Piercen: “Damn right. But listen…”

SSgt. Nomez: “I don’t even trust that, whatever that thing’s name is! God forbid if it magically pulled out that cannon and started blastin’ everyone below!”

FSgt. Piercen: “It says it’ll tell Harris everything.”

SSgt. Nomez: “Yeah. Sure it will.”

FSgt. Piercen: (sighs) “You’re panicking again.”

SSgt. Nomez: “What’d you mean?”

FSgt. Piercen: “Back in Post Four. You know what happened.” Nomez stops Piercen in his tracks. Piercen looks down at Nomez with a puzzled look, thinking he pissed him off. Instead, Nomez giggles a little.

SSgt. Nomez: “Hehe. You still remember that time, didn’t ya’?” Piercen stares at Nomez for a while, then smiles back.

FSgt. Piercen: “Hmph. It’s always you who has to be the hero, doesn’t it?”

SSgt. Nomez: “Heh. Come on. Let’s go find the kid.”

I continue to play with the grenade Eric gave me by rotating it around in my fingers. The clamoring still continues all around the indoor stadium. Eric and I wait in our seats for anything from the Lieutenant.

Sgt. Kresten: “You’re liking that, aren’t ya’?”

PFC Harris: “Hehe. Yeah I am.”

Sgt. Kresten: “Yeah. Modified it myself. Like I said, save it for something important.”

PFC Harris: “You modified it? Looks pretty much the same to me.”

Sgt. Kresten: “I, added a little something extra, let’s just say.”

PFC Harris: “Hehe. Can’t wait to see it, then.” Just before I pack up the grenade, I see Taylor running up stairs like he’s in a hurry. He scurries past us and Eric calls his name.

Sgt. Kresten: “Hey, Taylor! You lose your iPod again?!” Taylor turns around and runs down to us.

PFC Taylor: (panting) “Oh geez. Been looking all over the Goddamn place for you.”

PFC Harris: “What’s going on?”

PFC Taylor: (panting) “Staff Sergeant Nomez and First Sergeant Piercen need you asap. That thing we captured, apparently, it keeps on saying that… you… I don’t know, Staff Sarge will explain. Come on.” Out of curiosity, Eric and I get up from our seats, grab our rifles and belongings, and start following Taylor.

PFC Taylor: “Oh woah, woah, woah. Staff Sarge only wants Kyle.”

Sgt. Kresten: “Really, man?” Taylor nods.

PFC Harris: “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. Go talk to Fisher or someone.” I follow Taylor down the stairs.

Sgt. Kresten: “I’m not gonna talk to someone who prefers Call of Duty over Halo!”

As Taylor and I exit outside in the cold air, we see Nomez and Piercen waiting over by a pile of ammo crates.

FSgt. Piercen: “Harris!”

SSgt. Nomez: “Thanks for the help, Taylor.”

PFC Taylor: “Aye, Staff Sarge.”

PFC Harris: “What’s going on?”

FSgt. Piercen: “Lieutenant Cortez wants you down in the subway area at Penn Station.” We start walking as Fist Sarge continues on.

FSgt. Piercen: “That thing we captured said it will tell you everything about the invasion. Hopefully we can use that info against those aliens.”

SSgt. Nomez: “One of the platoon leaders call them Cyclopes.”

PFC Harris: “Cyclopes?”

SSgt. Nomez: “You can’t miss that bright red eye, can ya’?”

PFC Harris: “No sir.” We continue to walk around The Garden. Beside us on Eighth Street, evac choppers are parked end to end with people and soldiers running around and inside.

FSgt. Piercen: “Now listen to me kid. We’ve got guys down there fully loaded and surrounding that thing. I don’t even trust that one bit.”

PFC Harris: “Did it tell you what it is?”

FSgt. Piercen: “It told us its name, Black Rock Shooter.”

PFC Harris: “Kind of a strange name for an alien.”

SSgt. Nomez: “Damn right on that, kiddo.”

FSgt. Piercen: “General Fores, Martino and the interrogator will guide you through with that thing. And what ever you do, birthday boy, stay calm.” I take a deep breath when we near the entrance to Penn Station covered in construction platforms.

PFC Harris: “Aye First Sarge.”

FSgt. Piercen: “We’ll be right behind you.”

Nomez and Piercen takes me down into the lowest platform station in Penn Station. As we approach the last flight of stairs, we start hearing the interrogator speaking through the microphone. Nomez stops Piercen and I just as we make it to the bottom of the stairs, and walks up to the group of leaders.

SSgt. Nomez: “Lieutenant Cortez.” As the group turns around, they stare at me completely covered in dust and smoke standing at attention. Before Lieutenant could speak, one of the generals breaks in first.

Gen. Wilson: “Ah, so this is the boy Kyle Harris.”

Lt. Cortez: “Uh, yes sir.” The general walks up to me with a smile.

Gen. Wilson: “General Wilson.” We give each other a quick handshake.

Gen. Wilson: “And this here is General Martino and General Fores. Those two are Captain Smith of the Army and Major Wilhm of the Marine Corps.”

PFC Harris: “Uh, P-F-C Kyle Harris.”

Gen. Wilson: “Come here, son. Put your stuff over there.” I place my backpack, rifle and helmet on a table where everyone else’s stuff is, and walk over to where General Wilson is. He lightly puts his hand on my shoulder.

Gen. Wilson: “Is this the boy you want?!” Off the platform, in the center of the railways, is the girl staring at me surrounded by SWAT and Army with four heavy machine guns aiming at her. Staring back at me, the girl nods.

BRS: “I wish to speak to you.” I am a little surprised the girl spoke. Her voice sounds very soft.

Gen. Wilson: “Alright son. I know you may not like this, but we’re gonna put you in and let that speak to you.” Immediately, I take a step away from Wilson.

PFC Harris: “What?!”

Gen. Fores: “Sir, let’s find another way. You knew he would disagree.”

Gen. Wilson: “It’s the only way, Fores.”

PFC Harris: “Wait, what’s going on?” I start turning my head around at the leaders staring at me.

Gen. Martino: “Private Harris. Calm down. According to this, Black Rock Shooter, it will only speak to you, saying you are the only hope for the sake of the world.”

PFC Harris: “What does she want with me?!”

Army Leader: “’She?’” There is a silence. When I look at the Army leader, he has his arms crossed.

Army Leader: “What do you mean ‘she?’”

PFC Harris: “I-I mean, it. When I first encountered it, it looked like a girl at first.”

Lt. Cortez: “It does resemble human-like features, but there’s something off.” I stare at the girl, deep into her bright blue eyes.

BRS: “You.” I shake my head to clear it up after she spoke.

BRS: “You are the only one.” I feel like a statue. I can’t move or do anything except stare deeply at her. Then, I feel a slight pulse on my neck where my birthmark is.

BRS: “The mark.” The girl raises her arm, and the pulse grows a little stronger.

Army Leader: “What mark?” General Wilson uncovers my neck from my scarf, revealing the birthmark.

Gen. Wilson: “Get him down there. I want this interrogation done, and that thing neutralized.”

PFC Harris: “She’s here to help.” Wilson stops.

Gen. Wilson: “What?”

PFC Harris: “She’s here to help. Aren’t you?” The girl nods her head.

BRS: “I am here, to help you stop the invasion.”

SSgt. Nomez: “I don’t buy that. I saw a girl almost just like you, and tore apart one of our men.”

BRS: “Mefe. Mefe is her name you describe. She is one of many you face across the world.”

SSgt. Nomez: “You mean…”

Marine Leader: “There’s more things just like her all around the globe.”

Gen. Wilson: “Son, I’m gonna give you one last shot. Go over there, and tell it to give us what we want.” I look at Cortez, Nomez and Piercen giving me the go-ahead.

Lt. Cortez: “It’s okay, Harris. We got ya’.” I take a deep breath.

PFC Harris: “Alright.” I walk over to the edge of the platform, and hop down. The girl continues to eye on me like an eagle. I look back to where the leaders are. Cortez nods his head, and I slowly take a few steps closer. The pulse on my neck slowly grows stronger and I start to strain myself.

BRS: “You are him.” I stop at least three feet away.

PFC Harris: “W-what do you mean?”

BRS: “You are the boy. Just like he would say.” Up on the platform, General Wilson leans over to the Army leader.

Gen. Wilson: “I want weapons ready. The moment the boy gets back up on here, neutralize it.”

Lt. Cortez: “General, with all do respect. It’s nearly impossible to kill them.”

Gen. Wilson: “I’ll take the chances while we’re at it.”

BRS: “They are here from another dimension.” Wilson turns back to the girl staring at him.

BRS: “My world has broken into yours. It is what they planned to do for so long.” The girl turns back to me. The pulse sends a sharp pain, like the right side of my neck has been punched. I grasp on to my neck trying to ease the pain.

Lt. Cortez: “Harris!”

BRS: “The process is not yet completed.” The girl takes a step closer and raises her arm close to my neck.

Gen. Wilson: “Prepare to fire!” The soldiers around ready their rifles.

PFC Harris: “W-what… are you?”

BRS: “Call me Rock.” As the girl reaches over and touches my hand covering my birthmark, a sudden bright light blinds everyone in the subway.

Gen. Wilson: “Open fire! Now!” In a split second, the soldiers open fire while still blinded by the light. The light grows brighter and brighter as the soldiers continue to open fire.

SSgt. Nomez: “Harris!!” The light erupts, sending a wind of blue fire all over the subway platform. Everyone ducks as the flame harmlessly goes straight through them and disappears when it touches the walls and the ceiling. The lights flicker and spray out sparks. When Lieutenant Cortez gets back up, he sees the girl and I still standing in the same spot.

I open my eyes, slightly blinded from the light. The first thing I see is a blue flame erupting from the girl’s eye. The pain from my birthmark is gone. Instead, I feel an energy surging through my body coming from it. It feels like I have more adrenaline than I ever had.

BRS: “The rest is up to you to end this.” I look at the girl with the flame still going on her eye.

SSgt. Nomez: “Harris!” Nomez jumps down from the platform aiming his M4 at the girl.

SSgt. Nomez: “Get away from it!”

PFC Harris: “Wait!” I stop him before he takes another step closer. The girl turns to Nomez.

BRS: “I will help you stop the invasion.”

Lt. Cortez: “Nomez! Stand down!” Nomez ignores Cortez’s command and keeps his rifle high.

BRS: “If you kill me, then there will be no hope for all of you.” Nomez looks at me.

SSgt. Nomez: “How you doing, Harris?”

PFC Harris: “Actually, I feel great. It’s like I have this, power.” Nomez slowly lowers his rifle.

SSgt. Nomez: “Okay. Okay.”

Gen. Wilson: “What are you doing?! Shoot it!”

Gen. Fores: “Sir…”

Gen. Wilson: “Open fire! Now!!”

Army Leader: “General!”

Gen. Wilson: “Shoot it!!”

Army Leader: “General!” Everyone stays quiet, not doing anything. Just staring at the girl and I. General Wilson then walks away and disappears up the stairwell. Captain Smith later follows after him.

Gen. Fores: “Lieutenant Cortez.”

Lt. Cortez: “Sir.”

Gen. Fores: “I want you to put that girl in your squad. If what she said is true, then we’ll take it. We have to win this war.”

Lt. Cortez: “Yes sir.”

Gen. Fores: “Girl!” The girl turns to General Fores.

BRS: “Rock. Call me by that.”

Gen. Fores: “Rock. You will be assigned to Second Lieutenant Cortez of Charlie Company. Do you understand?” The girl nods her head.

Gen. Fores: “Private Harris.” I turn to General Fores.

Gen. Fores: “If what, Rock, says is true, you will save the world?”

PFC Harris: “Aye, sir!”

Gen. Fores: “May God be with you, kid.” Captain Smith comes running back downstairs to General Martino.

Army Leader: “General Martino. Enemy’s broken through Twenty-third West.”

Gen. Martino: “And just in time too. Everyone! Pack up! We’re leaving in five!”

SWAT Member: “Let’s go! Let’s go!” Everyone starts packing up their stuff and ammo.

Gen. Fores: “Sergeant. Send a message to the President.” I climb up back on the platform and help Staff Sarge and the girl up.

Lt. Cortez: “Good job there, kid.” Lieutenant Cortez lightly pats my back.

FSgt. Piercen: “Damn right, son.”

PFC Harris: “Thank you, sir.”

BRS: “We must hurry.” The three of us turn to the girl.

BRS: “Azuma and Slayer.”

SSgt. Nomez: “Let’s just get outta’ here.” Nomez walks by and grabs his helmet before ascending upstairs with everyone else.

FSgt. Piercen: “Guess we should do the same.” Piercen follows Nomez upstairs, while Cortez, the girl and I stand in one spot doing nothing.

Lt. Cortez: “Just let me tell you something, Rock.” The girl looks up at the Lieutenant.

Lt. Cortez: “If you ever so try and play any tricks with us, we will use force on you, got it?” The girl stares at Cortez, before he slowly starts walking towards the stairs. I turn to the girl still staring at Cortez walking away.

PFC Harris: “Hey, um, Rock.” The girl turns to me.

PFC Harris: “W-why am I, the chosen one?”

BRS: “Your great grandfather was the first to find me.”

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