Black Rock Shooter: Rising Apocalypse Chapter 4

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Recovering from the crash, Harris and his squad move quickly to the next defense line and evac park. When encountering heavy fire from the aliens, the Marines abruptly witnessed the arrival of her.

Submitted: December 19, 2012

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Submitted: December 19, 2012




Chapter 4

The Arrival

PFC Kyle Harris

1st Battalion 6th Marines, U.S.M.C.

Gramercy District, Park Ave. S., New York December 20, 2012 Day 1 23:14:43 PM


6th Marine Division:

2ndLt. John Cortez

MSgt. Ronald Romill

Sgt. Eric Kresten

PFC Kyle Harris

LCpl. Zach Mc'Neil (medic)

SSgt. Michael Nomez

FSgt. Frank Piercen

Pvt. Craig Fisher

Sgt. Alex Lockey (sniper)

LCpl. Joe Stanar (MG Gunner)

Cpl. Paul Jordes

PFC Christopher Taylor

LCpl. Shaun Linelles (radio operator)





Radio: (static) “All… this is… Two-nine Bravo. Hostiles have breached through Union… Park…”

Marine: (faint) “Is everyone okay?!” I slowly wake up, feeling completely dazed and have a ringing in my head. I shake the ringing out to look around where I am. I am still in the Osprey. Outside right behind me, is a large wall of fire. To the left, is a Marine with his face covered in blood leaning on the door to the cockpit. When I look outside, I see Eric walking inside, reaching out his hand.

Sgt. Kresten: “Yo, Harris. Can you hear me?” I grab Eric’s hand, and we both walk out of the burning Osprey.

PFC Harris: “That was one helluva’ ride.”

Sgt. Kresten: “Yeah, I know. Stanar said he saw something fly out and took us down.” Eric settles me down on the hood of a taxi, and hands me my M16A4. Everyone else looks a little dazed from the crash.

Sgt. Kresten: “Doc, can you check on him?” Lance Corporal Mc’Neil walks over to me.

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “How ya doing, son?” He kneels down, and pulls down the scarf, revealing my birthmark.

PFC Harris: “I’m fine. What’s going on?”

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “Kresten says you have some irritation on your neck.” Mc’Neil grabs a small flashlight, and points it on my neck.

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “Well, your birthmark does look a little pale.”

PFC Harris: “You mean the mark or around the mark?”

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “Both.” I pretend not to be surprised at all as Doc inspects.

PFC Harris: “It started to itch this morning. Ever since, I tried to ignore it.” Doc places back my scarf and backs up his flashlight.

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “I’ll check on it later, son.” Mc’Neil walks back to one of the Marines from Bravo Company holding a bandage over his left shoulder. Then, I hear an explosion from behind. When I turn around small plumes of fire and smoke pop up down the street, along with the sound of gunfire.

LCpl. Linelles: “Lieutenant.” I turn back to Lance Corporal Linelles talking to Cortez with a radio in his hand.

LCpl. Linelles: “Command said Union Square Evac site has been overrun. Our best bet is to move fast to Madison Square which is two blocks northeast, sir.” Lieutenant takes the radio.

Lt. Cortez: “Hawkeye Command, this is Cold Steel December Six, how copy, over?”

Hawkeye: (static) “Cold Steel… Six, this is Hawkeye. What’s… location, over?”

Lt. Cortez: “Hawkeye, repeat your last, over. You’re breaking up.”

Hawkeye: (static) “Cold Steel Dece… Six, I repeat, what’s…” (static)

Lt. Cortez: “Dammit. Lost the signal.” Two more explosions erupt from behind.

Lt. Cortez: “Alright. Let’s get to Madison Square before those aliens do. Hooah?”

Whole Squad: “Hooah.”

Lt. Cortez: “Bravo, take point.”

Marine: “Aye, Lieutenant.” I grab my rifle and we prepare to move out. Suddenly, a sharp pain surges right on my birthmark. I stop and press my cold gloves on it.

Sgt. Kresten: “Harris. You alright, bro?” I take a deep breath, and straighten my back trying to act normal.

PFC Harris: “Yeah. I’m fine. It’s… the crash.”

Sgt. Kresten: “Well, come on. That evac chopper ain’t gonna wait.”

We move alongside the sidewalk, with the two Marines from Bravo taking point, and scanning the roofs on small apartment buildings. Lance Corporal Mc’Neil carries Sergeant Lockey in front of Eric and I. Two attack choppers fly overhead, heading the same direction as us before making a quick left behind the buildings. We reach an intersection, 22nd Street. The two Marines peer over the slanted corner, while the rest of us lean on the glass doors of a closed grocery store, still looking out for those aliens. I aim at a building, which looks like a small University, checking the dark windows and the roof.

Marine: “Clear left.”

Marine: “Clear right.” The first Marine dashes across the street on to the other side.

Lt. Cortez: “Okay, we’re gonna cross this street. Doc, you’re up. Piercen, Nomez, help him out.”

SSgt. Nomez: “Aye, Lieutenant.” Mc’Neil carries Lockey to the edge of the corner with Nomez and Piercen behind.

FSgt. Piercen: “Go.” The four run across the street without any trouble.

Lt. Cortez: “Okay. On my go. Hooah?”

Whole Squad: “Hooah.” Lieutenant Cortez peers over the corner just above the Marine.

Lt. Cortez: “Romill, take lead.”

MSgt. Romill: “Aye, sir.”

Lt. Cortez: “Go.” The rest of us dash across the street, with the Marine and Cortez following behind.

MSgt. Romill: “Move. Move.” We all make it to the other side, which felt longer to cross.

Lt. Cortez: “Alright. We’re gonna keep moving up to Twenty-third Street, and head west to Madison Square Park. Hopefully, they’re still holding. Linelles, any word from Command?”

LCpl. Linelles: “No sir. Too much static in the area.”

As we approach 23rd Street, the gunfire and sound of choppers grows louder. The two Marines in front poke around the corner. Ahead, they spot infantrymen along with armored vehicles engaging at the aliens.

Marine: “Lieutenant, evac park ahead.” Lieutenant Cortez walks up to the front to have a look.

Lt. Cortez: “Okay, the evac site is still holding. Once we get there…” The Lieutenant is suddenly interrupted by a loud popping sound. A hovercraft appears from over the buildings across the intersection.

Lt. Cortez: “Get to cover!” I dive behind a newspaper box, while everyone else runs beside a bus as the alien craft hovers right past us and into 23rd Street.

Pvt. Fisher: “What the hell is that?!” I quickly get back up and run over to the corner.

Sgt. Kresten: “Harris! Get back here!”

Pvt. Fisher: “The fuck is he doing?!” I slide my head over the corner, noticing the alien hovercraft floating just below the buildings. The shape of it is nearly triangular, like a B-2 and an F-117 combined, with large sharp-end wings extending across the street from wingtip to wingtip. The front has a bulky-like head, and the top of the aircraft has rugged edges like small hills with two small wings at the back extending in an angle. A bright light emerges below from the aircraft to the ground like a stage light. I continue to watch as a figure floats down from the alien aircraft. As the figure slowly lands on the road, it raises a large blade-like weapon, and swings around in a circle. The light turns off, and the alien hovercraft flies away behind the buildings. Eric comes up behind, and peers over the corner as well.

Sgt. Kresten: “What is that?”

PFC Harris: “I don’t know.”

Pvt. Fisher: “Let’s fuckin’ kill it.”

Sgt. Kresten: “Shh. Why are you even here?” The figure, wearing a thick and black dress and skeletal horns coming out of its head, raises the blade, which looks like a large scythe. It looks like a girl.

DM: “Come forth.” The girl stabs the ground with the scythe, and a bright green light shines from below.

Pvt. Fisher: “What the…?!” Eric elbows Fisher back behind the corner. The ground starts shaking and cracks start spreading out around the girl. I pull myself back behind the corner when the cracks slowly move up to us.

Sgt. Kresten: “Get back. Get back!” The rumbling stops a few seconds later, but the green light around the corner is still shining. I slide my head again to see what is going on. Just between the girl, are two large black floating skulls with a green light glowing through their eyes and mouths.

Sgt. Kresten: “My God.” Without even thinking, I suddenly dash out from the corner into the middle of the intersection behind an SUV.

MSgt. Romill: “Harris! Get back here!”

Sgt. Kresten: “The hell are you doing, brother?” I peer over the hood of the SUV, watching the girl standing in the bright green light beneath her feet.

Hawkeye: (static) “Cold Steel December Six, this is Hawkeye. If you can here me, get to the nearest evac sight as soon as possible. Satellites are picking up an unknown high-energy source heading somewhere...” (static)

PFC Harris: “Oh shit.” The girl turns around as soon as I duck behind the car. I hold my breath, praying she didn’t see me. My heart starts pounding like a drum, when I see Staff Sergeant Nomez waving his hand while still behind the bus. The two Marines crawl to Eric and Fisher beside the corner.

Marine: “What’s he doing?”

Pvt. Fisher: “He’s gonna get himself killed.”

Sgt. Kresten: “Maybe if you don’t shut your damn mouth, we’re all gonna get killed by this psychotic…” A piece the corner wall suddenly bursts right into Eric’s face. The girl slides around, scythe ready in hands to swing at Eric and Fisher.

Marine: “Contact!!” In a moment, everyone opens fire at the girl just as she is about to swing. Eric and Fisher press against the wall as the bullets start flying around.

Pvt. Fisher: “Shit! Holy shit!!” The girl takes several hits and jumps back around the corner.

Marine: “Get it! Get it!” One Marine from Bravo runs after the girl, but the large skull thrashes into him and flies across the street into another building.

Marine: “Keane!!” I crawl back quickly as the black skull passes me and slams into the building. I quickly get back up on to the hood. When I did, the SUV suddenly flips off the ground, taking me along with it. I land hard on my backpack as the car flips over me and lands upside down several meters away from my head.

Sgt. Kresten: (distant) “Harris!!” I found my rifle lying just to my right. When I try to reach for it, my gun is kicked away, and a thick blade strikes the ground just an inch from my face. I look up, and I see the girl standing right over me. It’s déjà vu all over again. I turn my eyes, looking at the other skull roaring while my squad fires everything at it.

Cpl. Jordes: (distant) “Fall back! Go!!” I try to get up, but the girl steps on my vest, and leans her pale face close to mine. I start shaking uncontrollably.

DM: “Hmph… the Starite boy.” I grab for her neck. Before I know it, she throws me like a bowling ball, slamming into the side of a car. As I struggle to get up, the girl slowly approaches, scythe raised high above her horns attached to her head.

DM: “The mistress will be pleased.” A loud explosion rocks the ground without warning. One of the skulls blows up in a bright blue fire. The girl stops and watches the remaining pieces disperse all around, blocking a large piece with her scythe. Out in the distance, blue fireball charges at immense speed towards both the girl and I.

DM: “It can’t…” The fireball collides with the girl, dropping her scythe and dragging her away into a building, leaving me completely shocked. I take a deep breath, but I feel another sharp pain on my birthmark.

MSgt. Romill: “Harris! Harris, you alright?!” Master Sergeant Romill and Eric run over to me and help me get back on my feet.

PFC Harris: (panting) “Yeah.”

Sgt. Kresten: “Damn, it seems these things really love ya’.” Eric picks up my M16 and hands it to me.

Sgt. Kresten: “Don’t drop it next time.” I nod my head while trying to settle down my beating heart.

MSgt. Romill: “Come on. We still have to get to that evac park.”

FSgt. Piercen: (distant) “Master Sarge! We’re moving out!”

MSgt. Romill: “Come on. Let’s move.” The three of us jog over to the corner.

LCpl. Stanar: “Geez, Harris. That was some crazy shit you did.”

PFC Harris: “Oh, you think?”

Cpl. Jordes: “He got those creepy aliens all over him all of a sudden.”

PFC Harris: “Yeah. I think they know it’s my birthday.”

LCpl. Linelles: “Lieutenant, we got a bird inbound, ten minutes.”

Lt. Cortez: “Alright. Marines, head to the park as fast as possible.” A rocket comes out across from one of the buildings, exploding around the corner right beside Lieutenant Cortez.

SSgt. Nomez: “Contact! Contact!” Gunfire and screeching sounds erupt once again. Bolts rain down from a roof across 23rd Street.

Lt. Cortez: “Fall back! Fall back! Down the subway station!” Everyone tramples down the stairs to the subway station. I fire my rifle around the corner while the bolts continue to rain down.

Sgt. Kresten: “Let’s go!” Eric launches his grenade launcher and pulls back next to me.

Sgt. Kresten: “I got ya!”

PFC Harris: “Make sure you’re behind!” I dash from the corner to the stairway while Eric walks his way back covering fire.

PFC Harris: “Kresten, come on!”

Sgt. Kresten: “Comin’!” Eric starts making a break for it, when a window explodes beside him, and an alien jumps out. He stumbles to the side of the bus from the force.

PFC Harris: “Eric!” Eric quickly shakes his head, seeing the bright red eye from the alien charging up its attached weapon at him.

Sgt. Kresten: “Oh shit!” I open fire at the alien to grab its attention before it incinerates Eric. Eric dives just when the alien turns at me. My magazine runs empty, at the same time, the alien points its charged weapon at me. I suddenly freeze in position, like my feet are buried in concrete.

PFC Taylor: “Kyle!!” The bright blue light bursts through the bus, plowing right through the center of the alien before it could fire a shot. The shattered alien flies into the hole it created before. I just stand there, completely in shock as Eric rapidly runs over to me.

Sgt. Kresten: “Harris! Come on, bro! You okay?!” Eric violently shakes me until my head finally gets pulled back together.

Sgt. Kresten: “Hey. Snap out of it.” I stare at Eric, covered in burned marks and dust on his uniform, lightly slapping my face.

PFC Taylor: “Kresten! Get down here!”

Sgt. Kresten: “Kyle, come on, man. We don’t want those things to be comin’ at us again.” I nod my head, still staring at the hole in the side of the bus glowing from where the blue light came from. Eric takes my arm and we both run to the subway stairs.

PFC Taylor: “We’ll try and find another way to get to Madison Square…” A rocket comes out diagonally across the street, flying over our heads and blowing in a hole right above the stairway.

Sgt. Kresten: “Get down!” Eric shoves me to the ground as pieces of rubble rain down. I get back up first, spotting five aliens marching up through the maze of cars and vans opening fire down the avenue.

PFC Taylor: “Harris, Kresten! Get down here!”

PFC Harris: “Hold on!” I race out to a taxi parked partially on the sidewalk, crouching close to the hood.

Sgt. Kresten: “Harris, Goddammit!” I wave Eric over to the subway stairs where Taylor is taking cover from the alien fire.

PFC Harris: “I’ll meet you down there!” A wave of bolts puncture through the windows and the metal frame.

Sgt. Kresten: “You sonuva…” Another rocket shoots overhead, barely missing the subway entrance and blowing up after entering a window through a store.

PFC Taylor: “Harris, get outta’ the way!” The moment Taylor yelled out, I raise my head over the hood, seeing the giant alien towering over a couple feet from the taxi. Covered in scratches and bullet holes, I stare back into the bright red eye, clueless what to do.

Sgt. Kresten: “Harris, get down!” Eric grabs the trigger of his M203 grenade launcher, and prepares to fire. The alien is suddenly blown and incinerated by the same blue light. I blink a couple times to see what happened. A second later, I see something standing on the hood. When I look up, I see a girl, again different. Wearing long black boots, black shorts, a black jacket with a white star on the back and a loose belt wrapping around it. Almost everything she is wearing is black. Her hair is unevenly tied in twin tails. There is a large cannon-looking weapon being held in one hand, and a sword in the other.

PFC Taylor: “What…?” I keep gazing at the girl, wondering if she will turn around, until I see a blue flame erupting from the left side of her face. She raises the cannon-like weapon, and points it at the remaining four aliens.

BRS: “Black Light.” The cannon charges up, and a burst of energy shoots out like a laser. I divert my eyes away from the blinding light. When the light dims, the girl turns to me.

BRS: “Are you… him?” I jump away from the taxi, raising my M16 at her. Eric gets up beside me, rifle pointing at her as well.

BRS: “Are you him?” Eric and I stay silent, still aiming at the girl.

Abrams Gunner: (static) “This is a call out to any forces within a five block radius of Madison Square Evac Park! Last evac choppers are en route to Madison Square Park, ETA, ten mike!”  The girl hops off the taxi, with both the weapons still grasped in her hands.

Sgt. Kresten: “S-stay where you are!” The girl stops. A few seconds later, Master Sergeant Romill scurries out of the subway stairway with Taylor.

MSgt. Romill: “Drop your weapons! Drop them, now!!” Everyone else suddenly pours out of the stairway, surrounding the girl.

LCpl. Linelles: “Hawkeye Command, this is Cold Steel December Six. We are one block southeast from Madison Square Evac Park, how copy over?”

Lt. Cortez: “Drop your weapons!” The girl’s flaming eye grows bigger, startling all of us. A bright light shines on her sword and cannon, then vanishes like they went through a portal.

BRS: “I wish to speak to you.” She points at me. Completely surprised, I keep my rifle aimed at her.

BRS: “You are the…” First Sergeant Piercen whacks the girl to the side of the face with the stock of his M4. The girl falls on the asphalt, knocked out cold.

FSgt. Piercen: “That’s one down.” I move up to have a closer look at the girl. The flame on her eye is gone.

Pvt. Fisher: “The hell do we do with that thing? Shoot it in the head?”

PFC Taylor: “That won’t work. That’ll just piss it off.”

PFC Harris: “She’s here to help.” Everyone stops.

MSgt. Romill: “What did you say, Private?” I shake my head, having no clue of what I just said.

PFC Harris: “W-what?”

MSgt. Romill: “You said, ‘she’s here to help.’”

Lt. Cortez: “We’re running out of time, here. Let’s take it to the nearest FOB for experiments and interrogation. Linelles, contact Command. Tell him we got a special package.”

LCpl. Linelles: “Aye, Lieutenant.”

Lt. Cortez: “Everyone, load up. We have to get to that evac sight.” Eric reaches down and lifts the girl’s arm over his shoulders.

Sgt. Kresten: “She’s pretty light for an alien.”

LCpl. Stanar: “Heh… she looks cute when she’s asleep.”

LCpl. Linelles: “Hawkeye, this is Cold Steel December Six. We have a priority package in possession one block southeast from Madison Evac Park. Requesting immediate transportation support, over.”

Hawkeye: “Cold Steel December Six, this is Hawkeye. Solid copy. I’ll send over Abrams Warhound One-four and Echo Team to assist, over.”

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