Black Rock Shooter: Rising Apocalypse Chapter 6

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FINALLY!! After much delay, Chapter 6 is out! Hope you guys enjoy! \\^o^/

With help from Black Rock Shooter, the Marines are sent to Dyre Avenue Defense Line to defend against the Cyclopes and beings known as the 'Apostles'.

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013




Chapter 6

The Apostles

PFC Kyle Harris

1st Battalion 6th Marines, U.S.M.C.

W. 36th Street, Dyre Avenue Inter., New York December 20, 2012 Day 2 01:42:38 AM


Gen. Fores: “Attention, any units position in New York. We have a friendly positioned in one of our units. Code-name, Black Rock Shooter, or Rock. Assigned under Second Lieutenant Cortez, First Battalion Sixth Marines, Charlie Company, code Cold Steel December Six. Do not shoot on sight. I repeat, do ‘not’ shoot on sight.”

Marine Leader: “This is Wolfgang Sierra Six. Madison Square Garden is clear of civilians and wounded. We’re pulling out with armored forces to the Lincoln Tunnel with Cold Steel December Six, over.”

Hawkeye: “Cold Steel December Six, this is Hawkeye. I understand you have a new member with you, over?”

Lt. Cortez: “Confirmed, Hawkeye. Code-named, Black Rock Shooter is with us as of now, over.”

Hawkeye: “Roger that, Cold Steel. Hold position at Point Bravo on Dyre Avenue and Thirty-six West until further notice. Echo and Fox Teams are being set up on Thirty-fourth West Point Alpha so watch your fire if they fall back.”

Lt. Cortez: “Copy that.”


6th Marine Division:

2ndLt. John Cortez

MSgt. Ronald Romill

Sgt. Eric Kresten

PFC Kyle Harris

LCpl. Zach Mc'Neil (medic)

SSgt. Michael Nomez

FSgt. Frank Piercen

Pvt. Craig Fisher

LCpl. Joe Stanar (MG Gunner)

Cpl. Paul Jordes

PFC Christopher Taylor

LCpl. Shaun Linelles (radio operator)

Cpl. Robert Hills





Marine: (static) “This is Foxtrot October Three, holding position on Point Alpha with Echo Unit. We’ve sustained heavy fire from enemy aircraft. Requesting immediate air support, over.”  I sit in the back seat of the Humvee, with Rock sitting in the center sandwiched between Jordes and I. Eric is manning a .50 caliber machine gun up on the turret, while First Sergeant Piercen is on the wheel with Fisher right beside.

Cpl. Jordes: “Why’s the pussy up on front? He’s an easy target for a pain in the ass like him, First Sarge.”

Pvt. Fisher: “How ‘bout you learn to shut the fuck up and talk to your Mexican friends ‘bout this whole end-of-the-world bullshit!”

Cpl. Jordes: “Yo, no te atrevas a hablar de mi pueblo, maldito Americano.”

Pvt. Fisher: “Speak fucking English, man.”

Cpl. Jordes: “He venido aquí para vivir, no aprender tu mierda.”

BRS: “You two quarrel too much, you will eventually die.” There is a silence when Rock spoke. Fisher and Jordes stare at her, waiting for something else.

Pvt. Fisher: “Says who? The alien who killed Miles?”

BRS: “What you speak of is Mefe.”

Pvt. Fisher: “You better shut up with those Goddamn riddles.”

FSgt. Piercen: “Private, if you quit your shit, you might have a chance standing out there. Same goes to you, Corporal.” Fisher quiets himself and sits back in his seat.

Marine: (gunfire in background) “Where’s the Goddamn air support?! They should be here by now!”

Hawkeye: “All units, be advised, the US Navy is entering battle area New York in the Hudson Shelf Valley. They will lay down fire from Financial District to Chelsea and Gramercy. Air Force is inbound, ETA, fifteen minutes. They will provide support from Chelsea and Gramercy to Midtown West and East.”  I look out the front window, getting a view of the defense line as we close in.

FSgt. Piercen: “Okay. When we get there, we’ll set up position up on the far end of the defensive line so the enemy won’t flank us. We’ll be also securing a ramp at that location so any evac convoy is coming, we let it in, hooah?”

Whole Squad: “Hooah.” I check my M16 that is between my legs, when Rock taps my arm.

BRS: “What does it mean?”

PFC Harris: “What?”

BRS: “H-hoo… ah? What does it mean?”

FSgt. Piercen: “It’s been around for a while. It’s a statement that you understand an order.”

BRS: “Hooah.”

FSgt. Piercen: “Y-yeah.” We pull up to a checkpoint entering into the defensive line. A Marine walks up to the right side of the Humvee, and flashes a light inside.

Marine: “Who you boys with?”

FSgt. Piercen: “First Battalion, Sixth Marines.”

Marine: “Charlie Company?”

FSgt. Piercen: “Affirmative.” The Marine points the flashlight in the back at Rock.

Marine: “Is that the so-called Black Rock Shooter?”

PFC Harris: “Aye, sir.”

Marine: “I didn’t ask you, soldier.” He takes another look at her.

Marine: “Hmph… looks like a sixteen-year-old rather than an alien. Alright, get a move on.”

FSgt. Piercen: “Thanks.” We drive into the defense line, which is filled with armored tanks, vehicles and troops with heavy guns. On our left, where Dyre Avenue splits into separate roadways, lies an Abrams tank on section of the street, next to a poor conditioned parking lot with heavy machine gun pits, and two more tanks on the larger street section. Piercen parks the Humvee on a sidewalk curb just on the corner of the expressway of Dyre Avenue leading to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Marine: (faint) “Reinforcements!”

FSgt. Piercen: “Let’s go.” I open the door and exit the Humvee. The smell of exhaust and gunpowder quickly fills up my nose as I wait for Rock to exit.

Lt. Cortez: “Charlie Company. Form up on Express Alpha.”

Cpl. Jordes: “Which one is that?”

FSgt. Piercen: “We’re right in front of it.” Piercen points over to a medium-sized ramp leading downward under a couple of bridges.

FSgt. Piercen: “Evac trucks will be coming from there. So make sure we defend that ramp, got it?”

Abrams Driver: “This is Black Rhino Two-four. Moving in on West Point Express Alpha.”  An Abrams tank rolls right by us, squeezing itself between the parked Humvees on each side of the street.

Pvt. Fisher: “At least we got ourselves a tank.”

Sgt. Kresten: “Well no shit, Sherlock.” The rest of our squad comes jogging in and we all group together next to the tank.

Lt. Cortez: “Listen up. We’ll probably have a short amount of time for this. So I’ll keep if brief. We’ll be holding off Thirty-six West and that ramp over there for any stragglers trying to fall back from Thirty-fourth.”

MSgt. Romill: “Or another civilian evac convoy.”

Lt. Cortez: “Yeah. Piercen and I will keep this street secure with Black Rhino and half of the squad. Romill, you take Nomez and the rest and hold down the ramp and part of Dyre Avenue.”

MSgt. Romill: “Aye sir.”

Lt. Cortez: “And Rock.” Rock turns to Lieutenant Cortez after looking at the two tanks stationed on the edge of Dyre.

Lt. Cortez: “You’re with Master Sergeant Romill. Make sure you don’t let those things breach through the line.”

BRS: “Hooah.” I take a glance at Nomez rolling his eyes.

Lt. Cortez: “Harris, you’re with Romill too.”

PFC Harris: “Aye sir.”

Lt. Cortez: “Alright, let’s hold the line until the tunnel’s clear. One-sixth, hooah?”

Whole Squad: “Hooah.”

Lt. Cortez: “Let’s go.”

MSgt. Romill: “Kresten, Fisher, Stanar, Jordes. On me, let’s move.” We start moving out while the rest of the squad stay behind with the Abrams. We stop at a set of barricades with sandbags piled in front in between the concrete wall to the ramp and another tank.

Marine: (gunfire in background) “This is Foxtrot October Three! West Thirty-fourth has been overrun! We’re falling back with tank column on the Lincoln ramp heading northeast!”

Abrams Gunner: “This is Three-four, visual on Marine convoy retreating on the Lincoln highway ramp heading northeast.”

LAV-25 Gunner: “Contact. Contact. Hostiles breaching through Thirty-fourth Street.”

MSgt. Romill: “Let’s go! Set up!” I set myself to the edge of the road, right next to concrete wall. Eric and Rock kneel next to me as well.

Abrams Gunner: “This is Four-four. Firing on targeted hostiles.”  One of the tanks opens fire down the street. The round sends a rippling explosion, tossing the Cyclopes in the air outward in pieces.

Abrams Gunner: “Four-four. Direct hit. Direct hit.”

Marine: “More hostiles approaching.”

LAV-25 Gunner: “All units, commence fire.”

SSgt. Nomez: “This is it, boys!” I aim the scope at the red dots approaching us.

Abrams Gunner: “Two-four, suppress the enemy. Twenty yards from Thirty-fifth.”  Two more shots are fired from the Abrams. Several seconds later, everyone else opens fire on semi-automatic.

MSgt. Romill: “Burst shot! Burst shot!” I switch my selector to semi-auto, and continue firing. Cyclopes emerge from the smoke blanket, their armor reflecting the fire from behind and beside them, and their bright red eyes shining like a bunch of stoplights.

LCpl. Stanar: “I’m counting ‘bout a dozen hostiles, Master Sarge! Maybe more!”

MSgt. Romill: “Rock!” Rock turns her head to Romill.

MSgt. Romill: “I need you to suppress them with what you got!” She nods her head, and climbs on top of the concrete wall. She raises her hand high in the air, and casts a bright light. A large black cannon appears like it came through a portal as the light disappears.

BRS: “Rock cannon.” Rock’s left eye erupts in a blue flame, and aims the cannon down the street. The cannon charges up in a blue light, and three shots burst out down the street, hitting the Cyclopes in an immense explosion. We all stop firing, watching the explosions in awe.

Cpl. Jordes: “Dios mi.”

MSgt. Romill: “Don’t stop now! There’s still more!” Bolt streaks fly over again in a second. I duck my head before a bolt takes a piece of the barricade.

LCpl. Stanar: “Open fire! Open fire!” My adrenaline starts rushing. After a few breaths, I lay my M16 on the barricade, and open fire in burst shots. The glowing red eyes reappear through the smoke, before the tanks’ rounds hit them again.

Abrams Gunner: “Two-four, good hit. Good hit.”  A Cyclops pops out through the smoke through my Trijicon scope. I fire a few rounds at the red eye, and the alien stumbles and fires its attached weapon in all directions before another Cyclops shoves it away.

Sgt. Kresten: “Nice shot, Harris!” Rock fires two more shots from her cannon to the right side of the street.

LAV-25 Gunner: “All units, we have enemy fighters inbound from the south.”  The smoke blows to the side as an alien hovercraft approaches us at a fast speed.

Abrams Gunner: “Two-four, take it down. Take it down.”  The two tanks open fire point blank at the hovercraft, barely putting any damage on it. A second later, the bulked head of the hovercraft lightens up, and launches out particles in multiple streams at once on the left side of the defense line.

MSgt. Romill: “Get down!” I duck back behind the barricade, as the particles explode between the LAV and the Abrams. The LAV launches backwards covered in flames into a row of Humvees and soldiers. The Abrams immediately explodes with sparks and fire. Everyone near the two heavy armored vehicles is suddenly incinerated and vaporized.

Abrams Gunner: “Two-four is hit! Two-four is hit and burning!”

Pvt. Fisher: “Ah, shit!” I aim at the alien ship, and we all open fire. The tank next to us fires a round nearly deafening our ears, striking the head of the alien ship at point blank. The smoke quickly clears, and the ship faces us, with a huge and burning hole on the front of its head. Before it charges up, Rock springs into the air in front of us, aiming her cannon at the ship.

BRS: “Black Light.” The cannon charges up before the alien ship could have a chance to fire, and unleashes a bright beam. The beam goes straight through the alien ship, blowing up the rear thrusters and setting it in a bluish fire. The burning hovercraft drops on top of the bridge at thirty meters from us. The bridge suddenly collapses seconds later, bringing the craft down on the freeway below. Rock lands on her feet, and continues fire her cannon through the collapsed bridge at the Cyclopes.

Abrams Gunner: “Firing. Stand clear.”  The tank next to us opens fire again, giving us all an earache.

Hawkeye: “Cold Steel December Six, this is Hawkeye. Be advised, you have hostiles attempting to flank, heading north-northeast on Tenth Avenue. How copy, over?”

LCpl. Linelles: “Cold Steel to Hawkeye, solid copy!”

Hawkeye: “Be advised, you have an unknown object heading towards you underground, over.”

LCpl. Linelles: “Copy that!”  I search through the scorching fire with my scope, scanning any more hostiles, but Rock takes most of them down with her cannon.

LCpl. Stanar: “Jesus, this thing keeps stealin’ our kills!”

MSgt. Romill: “Make it a good thing, Stanar!”

Marine: (static) “Dyre Defense, this is Wolfgang Sierra Six. Lincoln Tunnel is clear of civilian transport and Echo and Fox Teams. Make your way back to Lincoln Tunnel. Air support is on standby on your mark, over.”

Marine: (gunfire in background) “Solid copy, Wolfgang! Waiting in on air support!”=

F-15 Pilot: “Dyre Defense, this is Greyhound Four. Wolfgang Sierra noted me to help you out. Mark the targets, over.”

Lt. Cortez: (gunfire in background) “Romill! We need you back on Thirty-sixth! We got Cyclopes moving in fast!”

MSgt. Romill: “On our way, Lieutenant. Squad, rally on Lieutenant’s position! Now! Rock, stay here and lay suppressive fire if any Cyclopes tries to break through!” Rock nods her head with her cannon slung over her shoulder.

Abrams Gunner: “Greyhound, Dyre Defense. Targets have been marked. Eighty meters from defense line, West Thirty-fifth, 4-0-4-5 7-3-5-9. How copy, over?”  We start running back to Lieutenant’s position while Rock stays behind suppressing the aliens.

F-15 Pilot: “Roger that, Dyre. Targets have been confirmed. T-O-T, thirty seconds, out.”  Rock fires off two more rounds over the downed bridge. Two Humvees drive up to the left, both turrets open fire while the tank starts backing up.

Marine: (faint) “Left side! Left side!” A stream of rockets shoot out from the far left at one of the Humvees, flipping it upside down. Rock spots several Cyclopes taking position at a parking lot ramp over to the left. She dashes through the shower of bolts for a clear shot. She springs into the air, charging her cannon and aiming at the parking lot. Before Rock could take a shot, a car set on fire suddenly smashes right against her body. The cannon fires a shot in the air as Rock hits the ground and the car tumbles beside a group of Marines with armored vehicles.

Marine: (faint) “Twelve o’clock! Twelve o’clock!” As Rock turns around, a fiery figure with a large flaming sword comes down just a few meters above. Rock slides out of the way before the sword strikes deep in the asphalt. She raises her cannon at the figure, and fire two shots. The figure easily dodges the rounds like a game of dodge ball, and counter attacks with a stray of fire at her, cutting straight through the platform. Rock jumps in the air, avoiding the piercing flames, and comes down with her sword at the figure. In a quick reaction, they both collide swords with an immense burst of energy blowing out in all directions. Rock holds her sword against the figures, staring into its dark red eyes.

BRS: “Mazuma.” The red figure smirks.

MZMA: “We meet again, sister.” The two clash swords again.

MZMA: “Rock is what they call you, right? Humans make such pitiful names.” A bullet suddenly scrapes Mazuma’s spiny ornament on its forehead. They both separate when gunfire emerges in a second.

Marine: (faint) “Open fire! Open fire!”

Marine: (faint) “Air strike inbound!” Rock and Mazuma continue to clash swords again and again while dodging bullets at the same time. The F-15s close in, launching missiles over at the Cyclopes ahead of Rock and Mazuma. Rock jumps in the air as Mazuma brings his fiery sword down again. The minute she lands, Rock fires her cannon at him. Mazuma blocks the cannon’s fire with his sword, but sends him flying across the wrecked bridge into a Cyclops just as the missiles come in. The ground shakes violently as multiple explosions rip the aliens apart. Rock dashes back to the defense line before the fighters finish their bomb run.

F-15 Pilot: “Dyre Defense, this is Greyhound Four. Confirmed hit on targets, over.”

LCpl. Linelles: (gunfire in background) “Greyhound Four, this is Cold Steel December Six! We need air support on West Thirty-six Street! One-zero-zero meters! Danger close, over!”

Rock watches the fires engulf everything behind a barricade, when several screams catch her attention.

Marine: “Hey! You!” She turns around, seeing Marines slowly surrounding her.

Marine: “You that thing Command’s been talking about?” She nods slightly.

BRS: “Where’s the boy?”

The tank fires again, nearly deafening my ears as more Cyclopes pour into the street.

Marine: (faint) “Reinforcements at your six!” Several more Marines plus a Humvee come up from behind us for support.

Lt. Cortez: “I want your men to set up on the right side!”

Marine: “Aye, sir!”

LCpl. Linelles: “Air support is inbound! Fifteen seconds!”

Abrams Gunner: “Cold Steel, this is Black Rhino. There’s too many of them. We need cover fire to fall back, over.”

MSgt. Romill: “Charlie Company! Cover fire for the tank to get out!” The Humvee moves up on to the sidewalk on the right side, when it suddenly erupts in fire after a rocket shoots at it.

Marine: “Shit!” We all continue to open fire, as the Abrams slowly starts moving backwards. I fire on burst shot, taking out the eye on a Cyclops. The blinded alien starts firing in all directions before another Cyclops melees it down.

FSgt. Piercen: “Keep hittin’ them!” The first fighter approaches ahead, dropping the bomb at least eighty meters away from us. Several more bombs rip apart the aliens as two more F-15s roar overhead. A large section of a building collapses, almost barricading the entire street. The Abrams fires the turret at the last two remaining Cyclopes through the fire and smoke.

F-15 Pilot: “Cold Steel, this is Greyhound Four. Confirm hit on targets, how copy?”

LCpl. Linelles: “Greyhound Four, Cold Steel. Confirmed hit on targets. Hawkeye, this is Cold Steel December Six. We’re pulling out to Lincoln Tunnel Evac, over.”

Hawkeye: “Solid copy, Cold Steel.”

Marine: “Let’s move out!” The Marines and us start to pull back. A few seconds later, we hear crumbling from the barricade ahead. We turn around and see a green light emitting from the crumbled building like it’s trying to break through. Then the ground starts shaking.

Abrams Gunner: “This is Black Rhino. We have unstable ground on Thirty-sixth West position, over.”  The barricade explodes and the light rushes out towards us.

LCpl. Stanar: “Get down!!” We are all knocked to the ground and the light retracts back. My ears are filled with a loud ringing mixed with faint screaming and sudden gunfire.

Marine: (faint) “Jesus Christ, open fire!!”

MSgt. Romill: (faint) “Open fire! Open fire!” A Marine slides next to me, firing behind the barricade, and turns to me the minute my hearing clears up.

Marine: “Come on, soldier! Get a move on!” A bolt suddenly punctures by the side of his head, and the Marine flies a couple feet away.

Cpl. Jordes: “Man down! Man down!”

LCpl. Stanar: “Mc’Neil, get on it!”

Marine: “Sniper! One o’clock! Grey building with spray-paint writing!” Eric slides beside, the same spot where the Marine was before he got hit.

Sgt. Kresten: “Come on, Harris!” I get up and settle my M16 on the barricade. Out in the distance, is the same figure with the large scythe we encountered before.

Cpl. Hills: “Oh, shit! What the hell?!”

Sgt. Kresten: “Oh come on! You fuckin’ kidding me?!” The figure lashes out a large ray of light through the ground with her scythe towards us.

Marine: “Incoming!” The light explodes beside Eric and I. A large cloud of dust sprays in all directions and knocks us down. I turn around, and find Jordes lying on his back screaming.

Cpl. Jordes: “Ahh!! I’m hit!”

PFC Harris: “Jordes!” Eric and I drag him by the barricade, noticing his right leg is missing.

Sgt. Kresten: “Hold on, amigo! You’re gonna be alright!”

Cpl. Jordes: “No me dejes morir! No me dejes morir!”

Sgt. Kresten: “Just stay calm!” A bolt chips off a piece of the barricade. I look over, still watching the figure blocking off the bullets with her scythe.

PFC Harris: “Dammit! Where the hell is Rock?!” I open fire at the figure on full auto, when the street suddenly erupts in blue flames and explosions. Seconds later, Rock lands right in front with her cannon and sword in both hands, and her left eye on fire.

BRS: “I got this. Go and help your people.”

PFC Harris: “Rock…” She stands up without looking behind. She raises the cannon, and fires two shots at the building where the alien sniper is.

BRS: “Go. I’ll catch up.”

Lt. Cortez: “Let’s go! Fall back! Fall back!”

Abrams Gunner: “This is Black Rhino. Most of the forces are evacuated on Dyre Defense. Cold Steel, you better move it, over.”

FSgt. Piercen: “Let’s go! Let’s go! In the Humvees!”

Sgt. Kresten: “Harris, help me out!” I help Eric with Jordes, and we all run to the Humvees, leaving Rock behind.

Sgt. Kresten: “Rock, meet us at the Lincoln Tunnel evac center!”

BRS: “Got it.” Eric and I race over to a medical Humvee, where Lance Corporal Mc’Neil and two other Marines are loading in the wounded.

Sgt. Kresten: “Doc! Doc! We got a wounded!”

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “Jordes!” Mc’Neil rushes over, and helps us move Jordes to the medical Humvee.

Cpl. Jordes: “Argh!”

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “Hold on, man. You’ll be fine.” We load him in the Humvee, and close the doors.

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “Clear! Go! Go!” The truck drives off through the street, and makes a left turn on to Dyre Avenue.

Lt. Cortez: “Everyone, in the Humvee! Let’s go!” Eric, Mc’Neil and I hop into the nearest Humvee.

FSgt. Piercen: “Come on, boys! We haven’t got all night!” Eric jumps in the front, and Mc’Neil and I take the back seats, with Corporal Hills on the turret.

MSgt. Romill: “Let’s go! Let’s go!”  Piercen steps on the gas pedal, and we start following the last remnants of the convoy on to Dyre Avenue.

As Rock watches us leave in the Humvees, she turns back to the blue fire still raging ahead. The figure then pops through, spinning her scythe in circles to put out the flames around her. Rock readies her sword as the figure walks out of the pit with only a couple tears on her outfit.

DM: “It’s been a while.” They both stare at each other for a while. Then, Rock dashes first, aiming her sword at the figure. Smiling, the figure steps to the side, and swings her scythe down as Rock comes in. Rock blocks the scythe with her cannon over her back, and swings her sword to hit the figure on the side. The figure quickly dodges the incoming sword only taking a scratch on her side. Rock gets back on her feet, and swings her sword again. Both blades clash together several times. Rock jumps over the figure as she swings her scythe to cut Rock in half. Rock lands behind the figure, and aims her cannon right at her face. The figure turns, staring into the cannon as it begins to charge. Just a second before Rock could open fire, an explosion right beside sends them flying in opposite directions. The figure is slammed through the corner of a building and lands on the hood of a van in an alleyway. Rock scrapes on the asphalt several times before smashing into the front window of a destroyed Humvee. Several more explosions erupt around the street and behind, as four F-15s swing overhead dropping more bombs in another area close by. Rock gets off the armored vehicle, leaving an imprint on the hood. Through the thick smoke, a swarm of chains fly out aiming straight at Rock. Rock flips on top of the turret of the Humvee, as the chains take the front section of the vehicle and bring it back into the smoke. Still standing on the turret, Rock spots an M2 .50 caliber machine gun just beneath her. She grabs the machine gun, rips it out of the turret, and the flame around her eye surrounds the gun. The gun transforms into a sleek-like glowing weapon with a large cylinder ammo case. The smoke instantly clears when more chains are launched at her. Rock pulls the trigger, and shards of blue-colored bolts fly out, blowing up the chains that come in. Rock jumps off the Humvee when more chains strike the vehicle, tearing it apart. The figure lunges straight for Rock surrounded in chains like they’re her shield. Rock opens fire again, breaking apart the chain links surrounding the figure. Before the shield breaks, the figure launches out another ray with her scythe. Rock springs in the air as the ray barely misses her and explodes on a building. She switches the high-powered weapon back to her cannon, and fires a shot right in front of the figure. The smoke blinds the figure. Before she could realize, a sword goes right through her chest. The smoke clears, and the figure sees Rock staring right at her with the flame still erupting from her eye.

DM: “N-no.”

BRS: “I’m sorry.”

DM: “Y-you… will… n-never stop… her.” Rock twirls the sword, and cuts the figure out to the side. Green and black substance sprays out from her side as the figure falls back on the ground. Rock looks at her while the blood forms into a small pool surrounding the figure, then turns around to the street where we left. She takes her two fingers into her mouth, and whistles loudly. Seconds later, a board comes flying down right beside her. The surfboard looks very mechanical; with blue light streaming all around inside form the center like string being sewn.

As we finally approach the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, tanks and armored vehicles surround every entrance both in front and above.

Marine: “Two-five, Two-five. Last remaining civilian transport is in Lincoln Tunnel Port 1.”

LAV-25 Gunner: “This is Outlaw Six. Taking a lot of fire from alien hostiles two hundred meters on Thirty-seventh West, over.”

Marine: (gunfire in background) “Taking heavy fire! Taking heavy fire! Gunner, eleven-thirty!”

FSgt. Piercen: “Come on! Almost there!” We wait in line not knowing what is going on way ahead.

Sgt. Kresten: “Corporal, what’s with the hold up?!”

Cpl. Hills: “We got an Abrams trying to fit itself in the tunnel!” Eric rubs his forehead.

Sgt. Kresten: “Dammit.”

Abrams Gunner: (static) “Incoming enemy fighter!”  The Humvee suddenly shakes around from a loud explosion we hear.

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “What the hell?!”

Cpl. Hills: “Holy shit!” We look out the front window. Above the entrance to the tunnel, where the armored vehicles are stationed, a large stream of explosive particles rip through the defense line, setting everything on fire and throwing them off to the side. I watch a Humvee set fire fly over the edge and land on top of an Abrams tank off to the right. Another tank breaks though the wall set on fire just above the entrance we’re about to take, and just stays there. Seconds later, an alien hovercraft swiftly flies over the burning wreckage and takes off behind a building.

Marine: (static) “The aliens just broke through Tenth Avenue Defense Line. I repeat, the Cyclopes broke through Tenth Avenue Defense Line! Requesting immediate air support, over!”

FSgt. Piercen: “That craft is gonna circle around and hit us at any moment.” The tank just above the tunnel entrance suddenly drops just as the other tank enters the tunnel. The burning Abrams blocks the entrance now. First Sergeant slams the steering wheel.

FSgt. Piercen: “Dammit!”

Lt. Cortez: “Marines, move to the other entrance. Let’s go before we get hit.”

Sgt. Kresten: “Well, no shit.” The two Humvees ahead move to the right to the other entrance. While following them, we were stopped by several Marines.

FSgt. Piercen: “Oh, what the hell now?” Piercen opens the door as a Marine runs up to our vehicle.

FSgt. Piercen: “The hell’s going on?!”

Marine: “We can’t let you go by, sir. Only wounded and civilian transports are allowed through.”

FSgt. Piercen: “Who gave out those orders?!”

Marine: “All forces are given orders to defend the evac zone until all evac transport are…” Another stream of particles suddenly explode right behind us. I peer out of the window behind us, watching several burning Humvees and soldiers fly into other parked vehicles in front of a fire station.

Cpl. Hills: “Shit!”

Abrams Gunner: “All gunners, open fire! Open fire!”

Marine: (static) “Alien fighter, twelve o’clock!!”  Hills starts opening fire with the M2 machine gun.

FSgt. Piercen: “Out of the vehicle! Out of the vehicle!” I open the door and hop outside. When I turn around, the alien hovercraft approaches us preparing to fire another barrage of particles.

Abrams Gunner: “Three-two-zero meters! Engage! Engage!”  The tanks open fire, but the hovercraft moves side to side like it’s playing dodge ball. The bulky head starts lighting up.

Lt. Cortez: “Keep hitting it!” I fire at the craft like everyone else, when two missiles strike it from the right. The aircraft slowly starts to lose control, and the head quickly dims. Two more missiles come in from the right and strike the craft again close to the front. Two fighter jets fly right past it as the craft quickly spins wildly on fire towards us.

FSgt. Piercen: “Get to cover!” We all quickly take cover behind the Humvees as the craft smashes through a ramp, and plows to a stop roughly fifty meters from us. I slowly peer over the Humvee, watching the dust and smoke settle revealing the craft.

F-15 Pilot: “Lincoln Evac Center, this is Greyhound. Alien ship neutralized, over.”

Abrams Gunner: “Greyhound, this is Groundhog Two-two. Thanks for the assist, over.”  I look through my Trijicon scope, inspecting the bulky head that is snapped open. I don’t see a pilot, but a lot of sparks spraying out.

Sgt. Kresten: “Anything?”

PFC Harris: “No. Don’t see a pilot either.” First Sergeant walks up beside Eric and I.

FSgt. Piercen: “Aircraft must be unmanned.”

Sgt. Kresten: “That or the pilot must’ve ejected before crashing.”

FSgt. Piercen: “Didn’t see any ejection when it got hit. Look.” Piercen points at the head.

FSgt. Piercen: “No pilot, but a computer system. Clearly a drone.”

Sgt. Kresten: “Shit.”

Marine: “Second team, move up!” Six Marines move up to the craft while we stay behind the Humvees to cover them.

PFC Harris: “I have a bad feeling ‘bout this.”

As the six Marines are about three feet away from the drone, guns up high.

Marines: “We’re clear!” Suddenly, we hear a straining sound, like something inside the drone is trying to break out. The Marines raise their guns, noticing a bulge breaking out on top of the drone.

Marine: “Take point!” I aim my M16 at the bulge, when a dark golden blade pierces through the fuselage.

FSgt. Piercen: “Easy. Easy.” The blade makes a medium-size circle, then disappears beneath the fuselage.

Marine: “Prepare to fire!” Hills cocks up the M2 and aims at where the blade disappeared. The piece of fuselage suddenly bursts out like a bottle cap, heading straight at us.

FSgt. Piercen: “Shit!!” Piercen, Eric and I dive away as the large piece of metal slams the front of the Humvee and continues to roll to the fire station. The Humvee screeches to the side slightly over Eric’s and my feet.

FSgt. Piercen: “You okay?!”

Sgt. Kresten: “Yeah!”

PFC Harris: “I’m good!” Corporal Hills is dazed from the crash, but shakes his head out of it.

Cpl. Hills: “I’m good!” The six Marines slowly get back up, staring at the hole on top of the drone. In a split second, a figure wielding the dark golden sword jumps out from the hole straight at the Marines. Before we could even react, the figure slices up three Marines in half from the waist in one swing. The other three open fire, but the figure cuts up their rifles, and finishes them off with another swing.

MSgt. Romill: “Open fire!!” We all engage just when the figure kills the last Marine. Black substance start spurting out as the figure tries to avoid all of the bullets. A layer of fire appears on the sword, and the figure swings the sword in a semi-circle, deploying a firewall shield around it.

FSgt. Piercen: “Keep hittin’ it!!” My magazine runs empty. As I reload another magazine in my M16, I see the figure raising its sword, and stabbing it in the ground. A shockwave sends us backwards several feet away from the vehicles, and small cracks suddenly start spreading out from the fiery shield. I sit up, watching Hills still firing the M2 with the Humvee now covered in tiny clumps of fire.

Cpl. Hills: “Raargh!!”

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “Corporal! Get outta’ there!” Corporal Hills can’t hear Mc’Neil screaming and continues to fire the machine gun. The fiery sword appears and comes down right on top of the Humvee in the center, cutting it right in half.

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “Corporal!!” The figure shoves the two pieces of the Humvee away, one slamming into the other Humvee in front, the other off to the side. The figure walks over, covered in large bullet holes and black and yellow substance spewing out. Another large bullet deflects off a black thin crown tilted on its head. When the figure turns its head, Lieutenant Cortez and the rest of our squad over by the side opens fire behind the other Humvee.

Marine: “Open fire! Open fire!” The figure takes several more hits before it starts backing up blocking the bullets with its sword.

FSgt. Piercen: “Keep on firing!” Piercen opens fire, then three of us join in. The figure jumps behind the one half of the Humvee, avoiding our squad’s line of fire, while it starts blocking our rounds.

Sgt. Kresten: “Come on, you sonuvabitch!” Eric launches his grenade launcher under his M4, exploding right on the figure’s blade. The figure stumbles with the black substance spraying out of its arm from the HE round. A second later, it springs into the air, and disappears behind the crashed alien ship. We all stop once it disappears.

FSgt. Piercen: “Cease fire! Cease fire!” My magazine runs out just as Fist Sarge screams. We all take a breath. Staff Sergeant Nomez runs over to us.

SSgt. Nomez: “You guys okay?!”

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “Yeah. We’re good.”

FSgt. Piercen: “Jesus Christ. The hell was that now?”

SSgt. Nomez: “Don’t know. But we gotta’ move. Let’s go.” The five of us walk over to the rest of our squad and several Marines from a different Company.

Lt. Cortez: “Everyone here, First Sarge?”

FSgt. Piercen: “We lost Corporal Hills. Got cut up in the Humvee when the thing attacked.”

Lt. Cortez: “Right. You guys, what company are you from?”

Marine: “Staff Sergeant Harpor. Easy Company. Second Battalion, Second Marines.”

SSgt. Nomez: “Lieutenant, we need to get out of here. There’s only one entrance left in the Lincoln and we’re the only ones left.”

Lt. Cortez: “Okay… Romill, how many transport vehicles we’ve got.”

MSgt. Romill: “Only two Humvees and two Abrams guarding the entrance, Lieutenant. No way all of us are gonna fit in them.”

Lt. Cortez: “Dammit. We gotta’ find another solution…”

SSgt. Nomez: “Sir, we don’t have much time. That thing could possibly come back with reinforcements.”

Lt. Cortez: “I’m thinking. I’m thinking! We just gotta…” The burning alien drone suddenly explodes in a raging red, orange and yellow fire. A bright line of fire comes out from the explosion, and plows through the two Humvees.

Marine: “Move!!” Two Marines suddenly incinerate before my eyes as the fire streaks towards the other entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel. The fire reaches beneath one of the Abrams, blowing them both up in a fierce explosion, and the tunnel entrance collapses.

MSgt. Romill: (coughs) “Is everyone okay?!” I slowly get up almost blinded by the incoming fire.

Marine: “Up!”

LCpl. Stanar: “Up!” I rub my eyes, and notice a large crack a foot away still glowing bright orange. The two Humvees next to me are sliced in half. I turn my head to the tunnel entrance, both Abrams tanks are charred and buried in the rubble from the cave-in.

Marine: “Contact!!” Suddenly, everyone opens fire. I quickly crawl behind one of the destroyed Humvees where Taylor and Eric are. I watch as everyone scrambles to get to cover when a blaze of fire comes in and almost burns everyone alive. When the fire retreats, I pop up over the Humvee and set my rifle. I see the same figure slowly walking towards us, almost healed.

PFC Taylor: “Oh come on! Doesn’t this thing die already?!”

Sgt. Kresten: “Forget it man, just keep firing!” The figure raises the golden sword, and prepares it to swing it horizontally. I open fire on full automatic to slow it down, but the figure seems to feel no pain whenever it takes hits.

Sgt. Kresten: “Oh shit! Get to cover!” I crouch behind the Humvee as the figure prepares to swing the sword, when metallic board suddenly rams into it and shoves it into a concrete wall to the side. Seconds later, Rock lands in a kneeling position in front of us with the cannon and sword in both her hands.

Sgt. Kresten: “Where the hell were you?!”

BRS: “Finishing up some business.” There is a silence for a while, until the concrete wall bursts where the figure was launched, and out it comes, covered in dust and small to large sized bullet holes on its black armor. It still grasps firmly to its golden sword as it steps out of the hole.

BRS: “Slayer.”

PFC Harris: “What?” Rock’s flaming eye grows a little bigger.

BRS: “Go.” I look at the figure who is stabbing the tip of the sword into the ground staring back at Rock.

BRS: “There are vehicles two streets ahead under a bridge.”

PFC Taylor: “What?”

BRS: “Go.” Taylor and I stare at Rock for a while, until Eric taps our shoulders.

Sgt. Kresten: “Let’s get a move on, yeah?” Taylor nods.

PFC Taylor: “Y-yeah. Lets get outta’ here.”

FSgt. Piercen: “Marines! Fall back! Fall back!” Everyone scurries away, while I slowly back away following them with my rifle aimed at the figure. I look at Rock, who is readying her sword.

PFC Harris: “Make sure you find us.”

BRS: “I will.” I quickly run to catch up my squad while Rock stays behind. The two figures stare into each other’s eyes, waiting for the moment.

DS: “We never faced before, Black Rock Shooter.” Rock points her sword at the figure.

BRS: “Leave this world immediately.” The figure smiles and straightens up.

DS: “Hehe… that I can’t do. Only the master can make the decisions. Only we follow to what she wants. And what she wants, is this world.”

BRS: “The only thing she wants is destruction.” Both the girls charge at each other and clash swords together. The figure swings the sword down, but Rock backs away just as the sword creates a small ditch in the road. Rock slides away, and fires once from her cannon, hitting the road right beside the figure, and sending it into the side of a vehicle dropping its sword. Completely battered and profusely bleeding, the figure watches Rock approach her until she is about two feet away.

DS: “Killing me won’t stop her campaign. I already did my deed for Azuma, and my pet.” Rock’s eyes slowly squint.

BRS: “The boy will stop her, Dragon Slayer.” Like any execution, Rock raises her sword and cuts off the figure’s head. As Rock watches the body gently slide to the ground, she hears a low roar, like an animal coming from below.

BRS: “So that’s your pet…”


Dyre Ave, W. 40th Street Inter.


My squad plus Easy Company take cover behind a bus under a freeway bridge, looking out for any transport vehicles.

Marine: “All clear ahead, Staff Sarge.”

SSgt. Harpor: “Okay, Easy Company, move up to the side of the white van and taxi on the right.”

Marine: “Aye Staff Sarge.”

Lt. Cortez: “Charlie, cover Easy Company.”

SSgt. Nomez: “Aye sir.” Easy Company dash out from the bus and run at least twenty meters to a van and a taxi parked end-to-end by an exit ramp to the right side of the road. I keep my eye on one Marine who is grasping on to his right arm tightly following them. He safely makes it to them. Master Sergeant Romill crouches right next to me, scouting at the Marines inspecting the area around them. Then, Staff Sergeant Harpor waves at us the coast is clear.

MSgt. Romill: “Area is clear, Lieutenant.”

Lt. Cortez: “Alright. We’ll split up. Going all at once makes us a big target. Piercen, Nomez, stay here with half the squad. The rest of the squad will follow Romill and I.”

FSgt. Piercen: “Hooah.” I look at Staff Sergeant turning his head away in the opposite direction.

Lt. Cortez: “You ready?” We nod our heads. Cortez walks to the edge of the bus, and slowly moves away.

Lt. Cortez: “Go.” He dashes out from under the freeway and into the open.

MSgt. Romill: “Move.” I run out next, then Lance Corporal Stanar and Private Taylor. Romill moves last following Taylor as we run in a line two meters apart towards Easy Company. First Sergeant Piercen watches us from the bus with Nomez, Kresten, Mc’Neil, Fisher and Linelles.

FSgt. Piercen: “Okay, they made it. Linelles, how’s the radio so far?”

LCpl. Linelles: “Can’t get any signal from under the freeway, First Sarge. I need an open area.”

FSgt. Piercen: “Okay. When we get to the van, hopefully we can contact Command for air support?”

Pvt. Fisher: “There’s nothing out there. Look!”

Sgt. Kresten: “Look at that bitch from the drone. If another one of those things come back, we’re all dead.”

Pvt. Fisher: “What fuckin’ drone?!” An explosion suddenly shakes the freeway. The squad covers their helmets as small pieces of concrete and dust fall lightly on and around them. Just outside, large clouds of smoke and dust, along with chunks of concrete and metal explode to the right as a large fireball collapses on the road and screeches through a wall and into a tiny grass area.

Marine: “Get to cover!!” We scurry over the cars and dive behind as the fireball barely misses us by inches.

First Sergeant Piercen wipes off the excess dust off his uniform while peering through the raging flames that are blocking the way.

Pvt. Fisher: “Jesus, what the hell?!”

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “Is everyone okay?!”

Sgt. Kresten: “I’m good!”

LCpl. Linelles: “My ass hurts, but I’m good!” They stand up, staring at the wreckage and thinking what just happened.

LCpl. Linelles: “How the hell are we gonna get through that?” The Marines turn around when they hear a minor air burst. Rock swoops down in the air towards them on her surfboard. When she steps off, the board turns around and flies away in the direction it came.

Sgt. Kresten: “Now what the hell was that?”

BRS: “Doesn’t matter. Where’s the boy?”

Sgt. Kresten: “He’s safe, hopefully. Something came down and blocked the road.” Eric points at the flames and thick smoke and dust blocking the road. Rock walks to the fire and stops right as she is about to exit from under the freeway. She raises her sword, and begins to glow blue.

BRS: “Blue wind.” She slices the air horizontally and a strong burst of wind is released, blowing away most of the smoke and fire. The wreckage is uncovered, appearing what is to be the body of a fighter jet. The tail fins are clearly shown on the left side of the road leaning on top of what remains of the freeway ramps. The main wings are completely scattered across the road and the cockpit is nowhere to be found.

Pvt. Fisher: “My God.” Staff Sergeant Nomez peers through the flames, and spot one of the Marines trying to wave over.

SSgt. Nomez: “I see them. They’re okay.”

LCpl. Linelles: “Good, ‘cause I think I hear those Cyclopes comin’.” Nomez turns around, noticing a faint red glow approaching on the road.

SSgt. Nomez: “Let’s go. Let’s go. Piercen, take point. Rock, stay here.”

BRS: “I must stay with you to protect the boy.”

SSgt. Nomez: “His name is Harris. And what makes you think he is the chosen one?”

BRS: “He is the Starite.” Nomez starts to feel irritated.

SSgt. Nomez: “Stay here and hold them off.” He signals Piercen to go with the squad. Piercen only watches before he walks off with the squad.

FSgt. Piercen: “Team, let’s move. We don’t have much time.” The Marines run out into the open and take cover behind a piece of the fighter, while Nomez stays behind, staring at Rock.

SSgt. Nomez: “I’m watching you. I don’t care whether or not you’re helping us, stay out of our way.”

BRS: “I sense a troubled past in you. You saw Mii kill him, didn’t you? The aliens also killed another person as well. The first time you encountered them.” Nomez takes a step closer now becoming annoyed.

SSgt. Nomez: “That’s none of your Goddamn concern.”

BRS: “You just have to move on…”

SSgt. Nomez: “The only thing you talk about is Harris will save the world. The least thing you could do is holding the Cyclopes off. Now do that.” Nomez jogs away to the Marines, leaving Rock standing. She turns around at the faint red glow down the road.

BRS: “It’s not them.” She slightly squints her eyes.

BRS: “Mazuma.”

Nomez quickly kneels beside the squad who are still behind the wreckage piece.

FSgt. Piercen: “What were you doing?”

SSgt. Nomez: “Just… telling her the plan. Let’s go.” I peer through my Trijicon ACOG scope at First Sergeant Piercen poking his head out of the wreckage through the flames.

PFC Harris: “Lieutenant, I got First Sarge.”

Lt. Cortez: “Good. Good.”

SSgt. Harpor: “Lieutenant Cortez. Six o’clock.” Cortez looks at Staff Sarge Harpor for a second, then turns around. Under the two freeway ramps behind right across from the stoplight intersection, lies five Humvees parked almost side-by-side.

Marine: “Well that’s certainly convenient.”

MSgt. Romill: “He’s right. Might be a trap.”

SSgt. Harpor: “Montez, Nollin. Check it out.”

Marine: “Aye sir.” Two Marines run off into the center of the intersection and slowly approach the armored vehicles.

MSgt. Romill: “Harris, keep Piercen covered. Two-two’s got it.”

PFC Harris: “Aye Master Sergeant.”

Marine: (distant) “They’re still running, Staff Sarge!” I turn back at the two Marines waving, when all five Humvees explode in a shower of heated shrapnel and fire.

LCpl. Stanar: “Shit!!” In a split second, high-powered bolts suddenly rain down on us.

Marine: “Ambush!!”

Lt. Cortez: “Open fire Marines!” Gunfire joins in. I pop my M16 over the trunk of the taxi, finding where the bolts are coming from.

PFC Taylor: “Where is it?! Where is it?!”

Marine: “Top freeway! Two-thirty!” I point my rifle up to the top freeway ramp. Next to where part of the freeway collapsed, I spot two tall figures popping over the concrete wall firing at us.

PFC Harris: “I got about two hostiles in sniping position!”

LCpl. Stanar: “I see it! About forty-five meters!”

Lt. Cortez: “Open fire!” I fire burst shots at one of the aliens. I watch one of the aliens get hit and moving to a different position. It leaps from the freeway and floats down behind the burning wreckage.

LCpl. Stanar: “Hostile at twelve o’clock! Behind the burning wreckage! Eighteen meters!”

MSgt. Romill: “Marines! Keep it pinned down! Watch your fire on friendlies coming in!”

PFC Taylor: “Aye, Master Sarge!” Taylor pokes his M16 through the door window next to me, and suppresses fire on full auto. One Marine slides to my left beside a large signpost.

Marine: “Mind if I join in?!”

PFC Harris: “Gladly!” Just as the Marine could put a few rounds in, a bolt strikes straight through his upper torso. He falls back a couple feet with a searing burn mark on his vest.

PFC Harris: “Oh shit!”

Marine: “Forris!!” Another Marine, a female, rushes over to the body.

Marine: “Hang on, Forris! You’ll be fine!” Another bolt pierces straight through the car between Taylor and I.

PFC Taylor: “Holy…!”

MSgt. Romill: “There it is! Open fire!” I spot the Cyclops out from cover, hovering from side to side and firing. This one is different compared to the others. It’s very skinny and tall, and it has a long spiny tail. The weapon is long-barreled. I raise my rifle, and open fire on full auto. The alien easily avoids some of the bullets like a game of dodge ball, before running back to its hiding spot.

Still hiding behind one of the wreckages, Staff Sergeant Nomez peers out and spots one the Cyclops taking cover while under fire.

SSgt. Nomez: “I got one taking cover.”

LCpl. Mc’Neil: “I got another on the top freeway. About eight meters where out jet crashed through.”

FSgt. Piercen: “Okay, Staff Sarge and I will move and take this one up ahead. I want you to suppress that thing up on the freeway. Sergeant Kresten, use your grenade launcher if you have to.”

Sgt. Kresten: “Aye First Sarge.”

FSgt. Piercen: “On my mark.” Piercen kneels beside Nomez, and watches the Cyclops ahead hovering out of cover firing. He notices two small jet thrusters on its upper back.

FSgt. Piercen: “Take out the thrusters.” Nomez nods. When the alien returns behind the wreckage, Piercen signals.

FSgt. Piercen: “Now!” The Marines pop out from the wreckage, and suppress fire at the Cyclops up on the freeway. Eric launches an HE round, getting a direct hit up on the alien. Nomez and Piercen charge out of cover, and open fire at the Cyclops taking cover. One of the hidden thrusters takes several hits, sparking a tiny fire before the alien turns around and takes more hits.

FSgt. Piercen: “Keep hitting it!” Nomez holds down the trigger while aiming at the head. The alien takes multiple hits. It suddenly smacks Piercen with its sharp claws in the vest to the side, and whacks Nomez away with its high-powered rifle. Nomez opens fire again once he hits the ground, but his magazine runs out in less than a second. The Cyclops lets out a high-pitched metallic scream in the air, nearly clogging the Marines’ ears. The lower barrel of the glowing rifle peels back, revealing an energized sword-like bayonet.

SSgt. Nomez: “Shit!” Nomez moves out of the way as the sword comes down, slicing a piece of the wrecked fighter in half. Nomez backs into a piece of the wing, struggling to reload his M4 as the towering Cyclops steps closer. He suddenly stops, staring right at the alien covered in bullet holes in the upper part of its body. The alien raises the energized sword, preparing to slice Nomez.

SSgt. Nomez: “Come on! Fuckin’ do it!” The alien suddenly stumbles as its back ruptures in fire and sparks. It turns around, revealing a burning gash on where its thrusters are.

FSgt. Piercen: “Nomez!!” Nomez spots Piercen aiming his M4 at the Cyclops. The alien screeches at him, and Piercen responds with bullets. The alien suddenly charges at him, sword held high, and swinging down. Piercen’s M4 is sliced, and he is smacked to the piece of the wing, before the sword comes stabbing through his abdomen. Nomez suddenly freezes as he watches his friend. Everything slows down, feeling like seconds to minutes. The sword pulls out of Piercen, and Nomez watches him collapse.

SSgt. Nomez: “No. No…” His heart fills with rage in a split second. He loads in a new magazine.

SSgt. Nomez: “Frank!!” The alien turns around facing him, and Nomez opens fire. Bullets shatter through the alien, piercing through the eye and head. When the magazine empties again, the Cyclops’s head explodes with dark goo spreading all around, then topples over to the side. Nomez, still out of breath, quickly runs over to Piercen.

SSgt. Nomez: “Frank! Frank, can you hear me?! Frank!” He lightly taps his friend on the cheek, until Piercen lets out a loud cough full of blood.

FSgt. Piercen: “I… I told you… to call me… by my rank… or last name… Staff Sergeant.” Nomez looks down, noticing the gaping hole in Piercen’s vest smoking.

SSgt. Nomez: “Jesus. Hold on, I’ll get Mc’Neil!” Nomez prepares to run, but Piercen grabs his arm.

FSgt. Piercen: “T-there’s no… time. I’m… I’m finished. L-leave…”

SSgt. Nomez: “Jesus Christ, man! I’m not leaving you! Mc’Neil! I need you!” Nomez stares at the Kresten and the others still engaging at the freeway above.

LCpl. Linelles: (distant) “Shit! We got more incoming!” Nomez looks up at the top freeway, watching four more Cyclopes joining in.

SSgt. Nomez: “Shit!” Piercen grabs Nomez’s shoulder.

FSgt. Piercen: “Listen! Y-you gotta’ get out of here! Ugh!” He coughs again, now blood is slowly seeping out of his mouth.

SSgt. Nomez: “Come on, please. I’m not leaving you!” Piercen reaches into one of his pockets, and takes out a folded piece of paper.

FSgt. Piercen: “I-it’s to my son.”

Sgt. Kresten: (distant) “Rock! We need support!” Nomez turns again, watching Rock jump into the air, and firing her cannon at the freeway. Part of the freeway collapses along with the Cyclopes.

FSgt. Piercen: “Listen! I-I know you don’t like it! Make sure…

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