Good Night - Poem

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(I wrote this short poem just to keep you up to date and occupied while I am working on my story. Black Rock Shooter Chapter 6 is underway, it takes some time.)

This children's like free verse poem shows something about the great things about night time when we were kids. Hope you enjoy.

Submitted: February 16, 2013

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Submitted: February 16, 2013




Good Night



The time has come once again,

It is time for you to dream.

As your eyes close from the real world,

I will lightly kiss you

“Good night.”


Sleeping soundly, you start to dream.

I lay beside you, holding your hand.

Slightly humming one of your favorite songs.

While you continue to dream,

I will whisper into your ear

“Good night.”


Your dreams are something special to you.

Snuggled in your warm bed,

You dream of flying through the twinkling stars,

Creating something with nothing but your imagination,

Or have superpowers like your favorite comic character.

All in all, you will hear this message from me,

“Good night.”


The night slowly vanishes into day,

You wish you could spend the rest of the time dreaming.

You do your daily routine you complain so much about.

As the day ends once again,

The smile on your face reappears as the sun hides behind the horizon.


“Good night,” you will say to me,

As you jump into the bed.

The time has come again,

Your eyes close,

And I climb into your bed.

Humming you a song,

I whisper to you,

“Good night.”

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