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If you are a minecraft fan, you will know who "he" is.

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012






The dark cave is lined with an endless supply of coal and iron. I walk with a torch in one hand and my blood-covered sword in the other. I set the torch on the wall, and lay down my backpack. I search through my sack and grab another set of torches, and continue my journey.

I gather more iron ore and coal, enough to last me for two winters. Suddenly, a pitter-patter sound of footsteps echo from all sides. I turn around, waving my diamond sword in the air. A zombie? A skeleton? I heart starts racing. Before I know it, the sound stops. I keep my guard up for a while, when a spark of green catches my attention around the corner. A creeper! I ready my sword, as the creature walks over, with glowing red eyes and an open mouth ready to explode. I take a swing, slicing off the head just when it is about to hiss. I gather at least two sacks filled with sulphur from the dead creeper, and set off in the cave again.

I come down to a large lava pit. Gold and redstone hang from the ceiling at least ten blocks above the lava surface. Obsidian floats above the lava created by streams of water trickling down. My heart races with excitement, but I do not see the greatest gem. I check in my booklet for anything useful. Suddenly, the same pitter-patter noise appears again. I pull out my sword once more, and look down for a safe area to land. I spot a small stream of water on top of obsidian. I jump down without taking damage, and before I know it, the noise stops again. I quickly gather a set of redstone and a few more gold ore.

My backpack is filled with almost everything, although I didn’t find the jewel I was hoping to look for. I climb back up to where I entered, and check my torches; only ten more left. It’s time to go back home. I start following the placed torches back up to my house. I can hear the low roaring sound of zombies in areas that I never explored. I continue to make my way up to the surface, until I came up to a split path. Both sides are lit up. Have I explored them? I don’t remember lighting these areas. I turn around and suddenly see a skeleton preparing to shoot an arrow. Without thinking, I dash to the right to avoid the arrow. I run as fast as possible, not realizing the cave is going down, not up. The cave comes to a dead end. This area already has its ores dug out, judging by the irregular holes in the walls. I don’t remember exploring this cave though. I decide to make my way back up. I follow the torches once more to the split area and take the other side.

When I reach the forked cave, all the torches are wiped out. An eerie darkness lurks everywhere. Who did this? A zombie? The skeleton I encountered earlier? An enderman? Without hesitating, I use the remaining torches I have to light up the cave. When I finished, I notice a pile of bones on one side. I check the pile and notice the bones have scars like it had been slayed. I don’t know who did it, but I need to get out of here. I went to the right side of the cave again to collect the torches, starting at the dead end. I reach the end of the cave, and start to collect the torches. When I turn around, it’s pitch dark. Everything is gone. What happened to the light? I only have one torch in my hand as my only source of light. I take a deep breath, and run for my life through the dark cavern. As I try to make out the walls in the dark, the same pitter noise appears. The sound grows louder and louder every step I take. I quickly pick up the pace, not know where I am going. Before I know it, I’m running. I suddenly hit something hard. I fall back dropping the torch, feeling a great pain on my face. I get up as fast as I can just to realize I hit another dead end. The pitter-patter noise gets louder. I ready my diamond sword. My hands are sweating and shaking so much I can’t get a good grip on the handle. The pattering stops suddenly. I freeze in position waiting something to happen.

“H-hello?” I call out into the dark cave, but there is no reply. A cool wind brushes through. Through the darkness, I spot a dark shadow lurking a few feet away. I try to figure out what it is. A zombie? No. An enderman? No, too short. Before I could figure out, I notice glowing white dots floating in the air. In a split second, the figure lunges over and dashes at me. I throw the torch, but the figure dodges it easily. Immediately, I recognize it once it comes close to my face; pale white eyes along with a sinister smile. How could I be so stupid to realize it was ‘him’?

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