The Forgotten Preview

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This short preview of a new story I'm working on, a little bit based on the game series, Kingdom Hearts. Coming soon!!

Submitted: September 06, 2013

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Submitted: September 06, 2013



“We hold our stars near our hearts. We protect ourselves with shields and swords. We will stand against him, corrupted or not. We are brothers by heart, and we choose to be free. If not, then there is Plan B.”


The bright moon shine down on a large castle surrounded by lush green forests. The castle has three small towers placed in the shape of a triangle, and a tall one in the center. It is where the most powerful wizard lives. By many worlds, he is known as the Great Mighty Wizard. The wind blows through the open window as he checks his book of spells on his desk cluttered with bottled potions and other books. He closes his book and puts it back with his magical staff. As he is about to leave his office, an alarm starts wailing.

“What?!” he says completely surprised. A red light high above on the ceiling starts spinning. The Wizard runs back to his clustered desk and waves his staff. A book floats down and opens on its own. He quickly breezes through the pages. An orb next to him displays a white image with multiple black dots.

“It can’t be!” he says. “A virus?” He stomps his staff on the ground and a small light shoots out from the top.

“Send in my three warriors!” The light ascends and disappears into the ceiling. Another book, labeled The Book of Records, floats down in front and opens itself. The Wizard quickly scans through the pages while glancing at the orb several times.

“No, it can’t be you.” The door behind him opens up, and three animals walk in. The first is a tall, slim dog, with floppy ears, a large patched hat with goggles. He is wearing a green sweater underneath a black sleeveless jacket with pockets and baggy bright orange pants being held by a large belt with pouches on his back, followed by large shoes. He goes by the name Goofy. The second in the center is half the size of Goofy and the leader of the group. His name is Mickey. With two large circular ears, a black zipped up shirt under a red short-sleeved jacket, the top buckled, red shorts held up too by a large belt with pouches on his back and large yellow shoes. The third, a duck, going by the name Donald, wearing only a blue jacket with pockets, the sleeves rolled up just above the elbows, a dark blue cape-like poncho over it, and a blue beret.

“What’s going on, Wizard?” Mickey asks.

“Yeah, it’s uh, kind of loud in here,” Goofy says picking his ears. The Wizard turns around and mutes the alarm with his staff.

“Warriors,” he begins. “We have a situation. Something unlike any other. The Forgotten has been breached.” The three animals drop their mouths.

“But how can it be breached?!” Goofy shouts. “You said it was impossible for anyone to escape!”

“Goofy is right,” Mickey says. “How did it get breached?” The Wizard lowers his head and takes a deep breath.

“It is the Sentinel,” he answers. Again, the three animals drop their mouths in shock.

“Him?!” Donald screams and pulls out his magic staff from his back. “Why I outta’ put him back where he belongs! That cretin doesn’t deserve to be put back with the other worlds!”

“It is not him, though,” the Wizard answers back. “It is a boy.” The three warriors look at him a little confused.

“Who is this boy?” Goofy asks.

“Somehow he escaped his world and is out to one of the other worlds. Apparently, he released a virus that could threaten, if not, destroy everything,” the Wizard explains. “But, the boy…”

“Is he the protagonist, or antagonist?” Mickey asks.

“Definitely protagonist. Apparently, our main villain is using him to send the virus. I want you boys to follow him, aid him if he needs. But be careful, a fraction of this type of virus can affect everything. And by everything, it’s everything.”

“Don’t worry, Wizard,” Mickey says confidentially. “We’ll stop the evil source just like before. Where are we heading?”

“Heh, I knew I could count on you boys,” the Wizard says. “According to the map, the boy is heading here.” The Wizard points to one of the dots with a label on the orb.

“You got it,” Mickey says.

“And one more thing,” the Wizard rises. The three stop as the Wizard takes a step closer. He lowers himself to them.

“Whatever you do, do not tell the boy the truth. We all know what really happened back then. It’ll only end badly to him.”

“Yes, sir!” All three salute.

“Come on boys,” Mickey says to Goofy and Donald while walking to the door. “We got another big event coming up.”

“I guess we’re world traveling again, huh?” Donald says.

“Heuh, heuh,” Goofy replies. “Just like old times.”

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