House of Statues

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A group of secret service private agents work in the London Underground going on secret missions to fight crime.

James, Prue, Lara and Karl travel to Ireland to a house that is supposedly haunted to solve a murder of a young girl. While staying at this house they become targets a killer makes statues of people and while staying in the house their statues start to disappear as each persons statue goes so do they James is the only one who can find out what is going on and stop the psychopath killer.

(The story was written by me when I was a teenager)

Submitted: May 24, 2014

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Submitted: May 24, 2014



In Ireland there is a house where a murder has been committed of a young girl, the owners daughter she was kind and a pretty girl something happened to her which was unexplained her father wants to know what. Ever since this murder happened people are now frightened of the house they think it is haunted and they won't let their children go anywhere near. The owner does not live there anymore after what happened to his daughter he only visits the house in hope of finding anything that will help him understand how his daughter was killed. The house has statues inside of people who stay there and some Irish people believe the statues have been made by the murderer. Others say ghosts have put the statues there and take them away with the person disappearing when the statue does one by one, is it all ridiculous what these people say maybe its just all in their imaginations. 

Early in the morning in London James received a phone call saying he needed to come to the meeting room at Midway straight away. So he got up washed and dressed quickly then rushed outside to his Volvo car. He arrived in the London underground in less than 20 minutes, spoke the password to the computer to get inside Midway. Tammy one of his colleagues greeted him as he walked past the reception area when he reached the meeting room Prue, Karl and Lara were all sitting around the wide square dark brown table which always looked spotlessly clean. Then Mr Vega their boss came in harassed. "James please sit down" he said, he didn't look as though he was in a good mood so James quietly took his seat next to his sidekick Prue. "Right now everyone's I will tell you about today's mission, a girl Ireland has been murdered in this house and her father who is the owner has asked for our help, the house has been said to be haunted because something strange happened and you four are going to find out what you will going to Ireland to stay in this house for 3 days and someone will be there to let you in. The owner has said he will stop by and see you later, I'm sure there will be a killer hiding out around there not ghosts or any supernatural nonsense there is no reason to be afraid. All of you leave in 3 hours." 

James thought it was nonsense about the house being haunted too but Prue did not. James asked his colleague Ted if there was any pictures of the girl so Ted brought him a couple of photographs, she had rich dark brown hair and an oval shaped face. "How a nice looking girl like her got murdered is unknown to me" said James with sympathy in his voice. "People can be in the wrong place at the wrong time others just get unlucky i suppose" said Ted.
"No i don't believe any of it. Someone chooses to murder and they do it because they like it. They like the bloodshed, evil doers" said James looking at the picture disgusted. Prue was talking to Karl about the house, James came over "Hello you two what have you been talking about?"
"We were discussing if the house was really haunted" Karl replied. 
"Do you really believe in that nonsense?" said James rising his eyebrows. "Maybe.. it could be true" said Karl.
"I don't think it is the people like to make things up in their minds because it scares them gives them some excitement the way watching a scary movie does" 
"Do you truly believe that James?" Prue queried him. "Absolutely Prue highly active imaginations is what i think." 

They were all packed and ready to leave the next morning. A coach was taking them there James wasn't looking forward to going neither was Karl but the girls seemed to be fine. When the coach arrived they all got on Lara and Karl were seated behind James and Prue on the coach, James started to get worried and he was talking to Prue. "Maybe the house used to be used by witches with voodoo black magic" he spoke very quickly looking as if he was reading to make a run off the coach. "James I thought you did not believe in the supernatural" said Prue frowning at him. "I don't... there is a chance a small chance it could be true still."
"Pull yourself together James stop worrying It will be alright you'll see. The house has had a murder committed inside the only worry is that the killer could still be lurking there" Prue said and tried to give him a reassuring smile.  The journey took a long time James had fallen asleep, Prue was sitting comfortably back in her seat messing with her and jumped when Karl's hand suddenly tapped her shoulder.
"What?!" she said "Sorry didn't mean to make you jump, can you switch seats with Lara for a minute?" Prue put her phone away and then swopped seats.
"What's up?"
"You Know i was reading some information in Midway about this house and it said that the people who stay there each get made a statue of themselves creepy right? and when the persons statue disappears so do they."
"That is creepy!!"
"Prue i do not think James should know about this yet he is already worried enough"
"I don't believe there are statues in the house that look like us how can who ever made them know what we look like?" said Prue, thinking it absurd.  "I don't know. It is true it has happened before what i read proves it you must promise not to tell James just yet"
"I promise" 
"Good thanks" said Karl, relieved.  
Prue swopped back seats and James was still asleep, she started to be worried now. 

The coach came to a stop and woke James up. "Are we there already?"
"Yes you have been sleeping for a while James" answered Prue getting up and Karl got up at the same time. "Time fly's while your sleeping" said James stretching as he got up from his seat. 
When they were all off the coach it left leaving them outside a big house a load of branches and flowers surrounded it, the windows were dirty and not see through. James knocked on the door an old woman came to answer, she had grey hair all pinned up in a bun and her glasses hanging on her nose. "Ah you are Mr White aren't you?" she said, her face grim and grumpy. 
"Yes I am" James replied. 
"Welcome. You can can leave your luggage outside I'll bring it in later" she said, being brief. 

James, Prue, Lara and Karl all went inside the house. It had a damp smell they went into the living room where a fire place was the room had blue wallpaper and a cream brown carpet, the windows were full of dust pictures hanging on the walls the big picture above the fireplace with a mans face must be the owner of the house James thought. He sat down next to Lara while Prue and Karl stood.
"I hope you all have a pleasant stay here despite what happened to the owners poor daughter. This place can be peaceful and I do not live here I live outside in a smaller place it's a 10 minute walk  away but if you have any problems you can come and see me. In the morning I come in to check up on the house, the kitchen has food stored and the cooker sometimes overheats if you cook anything be careful and the owner has said he will be coming over sometime tomorrow to welcome you" said the woman, about to leave until James stopped her. "Wait.. please you did not tell us were are rooms are"
"Upstairs there are 4 rooms so each of you get you're own the bathroom is also upstairs is there anything else you want to know?" By the look on her face James thought he'd better not ask anymore questions. "No thanks that's all" the woman gave him a small smile and left.  

By the afternoon their luggage was in each of their rooms and James went for walk while Prue and Karl stayed in the living room and Lara was upstairs. James went outside looking around at the garden. At the back of the house the garden was only small and had a few flowers planted in it and a small pond, James continued exploring. Back at the house Prue and Karl were talking when he noticed the statues on top of the fireplace. "Prue look!" he said. She did and saw four small statues that looked exactly like her, James, Karl and Lara she could not believe what she was seeing. "That is absolutely freaky!" she said, staring at them thinking her eyes may be deceiving her. 
"I told you it was true" said Karl, feeling creeped out himself.
"I don't believe it they our exact lookalikes of us" she said, now examining them. "Who put them there?" 
"Who knows I didn't notice them in here when we first came in" said Karl.
"That's because they were not there someone must have put them there and we did not see" said Prue, feeling chills up and down her back.
"It must have been the old woman"
"Or someone else the door was not locked"
"What are we going to do? Prue" 
"Nothing there is nothing we can do except tell James he needs to know."

When night came round James was sitting in the living room with Prue and Lara. Karl came in to sit next to Prue and read a newspaper, the house felt very quiet and lonely so Prue decided to tell James about the statues and when she finished telling him he went blank for a few minutes as if he was in some kind of trance before saying something.
"Is this for real or is it something you thought of imagining up to try and see if you could scare me?" Prue shook her head to say no but he did not believe her he got up to walk over to the window then noticed the statues on top of the fireplace and one which looked the exact image of him. "This has got to be a joke and not a funny one either.. who put these here?" he said angrily and in shock.  
"We don't know" Prue said simply and folded her arms. 
"Can't we throw them away?"
"You can't move them they are very heavy James"
"So they will just stay in here facing us!"
"There nothing we can do to remove them" Prue said getting frustrated. James left the room to try and calm himself down and the others went to bed. 
James was restless for most of the night he couldn't sleep because he was afraid to shut his eyes in case something happened he did eventually fall asleep but not into a peaceful one he was tossing and turning. In the morning James woke up went downstairs for a coffee to try to wake himself up, he went past the living room when he noticed something he stopped and went into the room to see one of the statues was missing immediately he rushed upstairs to check that everybody was there. Prue was asleep and Karl when he checked on Lara she wasn't there waking up the other two he showed them a statue was gone so was she. After a few minutes past Lara appeared in the living room James rushed over to her. "Where have you been?" he asked, in a demanding tone. "I went outside for a walk something wrong?" 
James showed her the missing statue and she started to freak out.
"My statue!... is gone!" she started pacing around the room in panic. "Calm down nothing is going to happen to you not while I'm here" James reassured her. He went to talk to Prue and Karl.
"It is all a load of rubbish what they say"
"Still it might be true she could go missing anytime now" said Prue
"Yes and there's not a lot we can do about it" said Karl
"You two are a great help. I'm to find out what's going on even if I have to do it alone a murderer is lurking around here somewhere and I am going to get him." 
"No James I don't think it's a good idea we should stay together" said Prue, grasping his arm. 
"I need you to do as I say Prue everything will be fine trust me."
"She is right we do need to stay together for now" said Karl, with urgency in his voice. So James had to stay with them whether he liked it or not and went out into the kitchen for a secret sulk. Karl and Prue were in the living room with Lara when Prue left for a few minutes and returned Lara was no longer there. "Where is Lara?" her voice was high pitched and a panic expression on her face. "She was right here" Karl said confused. "I was only gone barely five minutes how the hell could you have not seen an intruder in here!" 
"What's going on?" James interrupted. 
"Lara is missing I left the room for 3 minutes and someone managed to sneak in here and take her without Karl noticing!!" 
"Calm down Prue take a deep breath.. relax lets just think how this could have happened. There is no way someone could come into this room without being seen unless there's a hidden doorway to come in from." said James and started searching for it. When he checked behind a curtain he noticed a small door wooden the same dark brown as the walls it was camouflaged to make it difficult for anybody to notice. "Well well what do we have here a secret doorway perfectly hidden" he tried to open it it would not budge because it was locked. "ok it is not going to open up.. hmm it could lead to somewhere outside or the cellar." James left and went outside to look while Prue and Karl stayed where they were feeling hopeless. 
When James came back in he hadn't found anything and said they should try to forget about it for now until their minds are fresher. Karl came up with a game to play which lasted for an hour until James got sick of it and took off upstairs. Prue put the TV on and Karl went for a walk outside. As time past James was reading a book in his room and Prue had fallen to sleep, Karl sat outside wondering if the old woman would come to check up on the house but she didn't. He saw a ginger cat come out of the bush it looked spooked when it saw him and ran away.

A cold draft blew in from the window woke up Prue and when she slowly walked over to shut it she spotted another statue was missing and shouted for James. He quickly came down the stairs to ask what was wrong she showed him Karl's statue was gone, they both rushed outside to look for him only to have no hope he had vanished. There was only two statues left now and James was worried he made Prue promise to stay with him so that nothing would happen to her next she was not to leave his side. In a couple of hours it would be dark again James felt puzzled about why the owner had not come at all and said to Prue that they should go and see the old woman she agreed grabbed her jacket and left with James. As soon as they reached the house it was small and wooden made with thin glass windows James knocked loudly on the door.  It took 10 minutes before someone answered, a dark haired boy opened the door. "Hello we were looking for the lady who works at the house she told us she lives here" said James.
"No she has gone out and won't be back until the morning" said the boy. 
"Could you tell her to come and see us please in the morning?"
"Yes of course I'll let her know" said the boy.
"Thank you" James replied and left with Prue. When they were back inside the house they could not get to sleep so James made some coffee and they stayed in the living room for a while talking he made a guess that he thought the boy might be the woman's grandson time passed by slowly and James came up with a plan. "Prue I think I know what we need to do I need to put everything together starting from the beginning. The girl had been killed here with some mystery behind it then there is the story of the statues, the owner was supposed to show up but didn't Lara and Karl vanish along with their statues and here we are. Now it can't be a ghost because there is not such thing we have three suspects it could be the old woman, the owner maybe and the mystery person." 
"It cannot be the owner he would not kill his own daughter" said Prue outraged by the thought of it.
"No I am not saying he did it there is a chance he could be behind it though having something to do with it anything is possible. I don't believe for sure it could be the woman because she is not here which leaves us with two suspects it has to be one of them. We need to be on guard you should stay in the house and I will look outside" said James giving his orders. 
"Fine I will stay in the house" said Prue. They both went to sleep after a few hours time. 

James woke up early the next morning and came downstairs to wake up Prue who had fallen asleep on the sofa. They had breakfast which was dry serial there was no milk available and the coffee was getting low.  James set the plan in motion and stayed on the lookout outside while Prue was inside. It sounded quiet nobody was around and there was a cold breeze that went across James's face. While he thought about how Karl and Lara vanished he realised it was a bad idea to leave Prue alone in the house and rushed back into the living room Prue was gone he hated himself now for not being as smart as he knew he could be. He rushed up the stairs calling her name but she wasn't there he had to find out what was going on right now, there was no time to lose. He went outside looking for something which might help clues or tracks and then he realised there must be a key hidden somewhere that would open the door in the living room. He searched everywhere for it looking under the mat, in bushes, flower pots even checking the small garden waterfall still nothing.. until after a few minutes he noticed something sparkly shining from the water it wasn't very bright he slowing dipped his hand into the water and lifted out a small gold key, cleverly hidden he thought. Running back into the living room he opened the hidden door it lead down to a dark and creepy cellar. James took out his torch from his jacket pocket and switched it on he took out his gun also in case the murderer was down here hiding. The cellar was small with old wooden boxes and cobwebs but no spiders, he carried on and then stopped dead to see Lara lying there on the floor looking as though she was dead he bent down to check her pulse it was still beating he grabbed her arm and put it around his neck and got her out of there. James closed the door locked it again put her on the sofa and went to get something from the kitchen. He splashed cold water on her face waking her up in shock "What the hell are you doing!?" she shouted. 
"You have been down in the cellar for ages the person who took your statue put you down there and knocked you out!"  
"What how? Where are the others?" said Lara, looking confused.
"I don't know" said James, angrily.
"Your statue is the only one left all of the rest are gone?"
"Yes!! We have to find Prue and Karl right now" said James and took off Lara followed and they went outside to the garden again. 
"We need to split up you go and look around the woman's house and I'll stay around here."
"Ok James whatever you say" Lara suddenly felt pain from her forehead   where the creep hit her, still wanting to do her best to help she wandered off in search of the others. 

Something was watching James from a far distance he was unaware and kept on searching around to see if he could see Karl or Prue he then saw foot in one of the bushes and rushed over to pull at it. Karl was knocked out with a cut on his forehead and bruised right cheek James shook him to wake him up, he gradually came to. "Karl can you hear me? said James patting his good cheek. 
"How did I... What happened?"
"You went missing but everything is ok now your fine and safe!" said James smiling.
Lara had spent about an hour searching everywhere with no luck. She came back and returned to James seeing Karl standing next to him talking. "Oh! you found him! That's great. Are you ok Karl?" 
He smiled and nodded in response. 
"I must find Prue you two stay here and keep alert!! I'll be back soon!" said James and rushed back into the house. Searched the house for any clues that would help him find where Prue was. 

Searching desperately for a couple of hours his constant determination lead him to find a trap door in the floor of the kitchen this has to be where Prue is James was certain. He opened the wooden door scared of what he might find and without any hesitation jumped down it was quite a long drop he fall awkwardly on his leg he had to move it back into position a sharp pain stabbed up his leg but it was nothing he couldn't handle he had been through worse. A dim light shined ahead of him down a long dark path he got up and walked until reaching a metal door with numbers on it 357 maybe it was a secret room he tried to open it with no luck. He heard a faint voice from behind him saying his name he turned around to see Prue chained to the wall her upper arm was cut and bleeding her eye was black and red looked as though it had been beaten. "Prue!!" said James running over to free her. "James stop! stay where you are this is a trap you need to stay right where you are!" Prue sounded dead serious. 
"What kind of trap?"
"He knows your here!" she spoke urgently sounding scared, "he brought me down here James he's been watching all of us he's crazy!"
"You need to tell me where now Prue!!" 
"Behind you!" she shouted. A man grabbed him from behind holding a knife James reacted quickly hitting him in the face and kicked his leg knocking him to the ground he pulled out his gun aiming it firming at his shoulder. "Don't move stay exactly where you are" said James not taking his eyes off him. The man looked at him with a sly smile he wasn't tall, his face was young and his hair was short, dark blonde. 
"I waited for you for such a long time you took a little longer than I'd expected. I planned everything you know it's all a game to me people come here to stay the girl who I killed her father the owner of this house informs me who is who.. you know it is not true he is not the owner of this house I am he just lived here with his daughter. He was money hungry and I told him I would make him a wealthy man with my passion the idiot had no clue exactly what my passion was. I love to make statues of people before taking them out one by one. I killed the girls father too I still have his statue to add to my collection."
James held himself back from killing him right there and right now. "You are completely out of your mind a psychopath I hope you will rot in prison for the rest of your life!!"
"Really?.... I'm sure I won't" after pausing for a few seconds he suddenly got up and went over to Prue grabbing hold of her he held the knife to her neck. "You would not want anything to happen to your pretty lady would you?" he asked cruelly smiling now. 
"You cannot win I have a gun if you don't get away from her the bullet will be quicker to hit you than the knife will be to touch her" James tried so hard not to lose control of his temper. 
"Let's put it to the test" He went to cut her neck James fired the shot at him first and he fall. Prue was crying with tears streaming  down her face James went over and freed her from chains holding her head in his arms as they hugged her neck was bleeding a little from where the knife had slightly touched her. 
"Are you alright Prue?" he asked stroking her face trying to comfort her. 
"I'm ok now that psycho is gone" she smiled.
"Lets get out of here" said James "In case there is any other psycho's lurking!" 

Karl and Lara rushed over to them when they saw James return with Prue. "Are you alright?" Lara asked looking at Prue with concern. 
"Yes I am. Just feeling sore that's all."
"Did you find the killer?" she looked at James. 
"Yes he is dead the house can go back to being normal and safe again but the memory of what happened here won't ever be normal."
The story's are not true what the people say about the house being haunted it is in the people's minds the house is only old and spooky.  
James and the others went back home to London and informed Mr Vega about everything that happened. Karl and Lara were glad to be back home. James took a cold shower to try and clear out of his mind what happened in that house and Prue felt a lot better her cuts were cleaned up, she went out somewhere to spend to with her mom as for the house the statues were all gone except for James's statue it still stands there in the living room on top of the fire place. 


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