Another Day

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: En Ulv Poety
Written after the loss of a loved one in 2015.

Submitted: February 01, 2016

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Submitted: February 01, 2016



Seasons of sun shall suffice,
But for you my, my Soul, my guarding light,
I'd walk around this earth
I'd crawl around this earth
Though the streets are paved with silver and gold
I'd collect it to be sold,
I'm bringing this on myself

But I feel for you,
Will you show you're sane.

In your mouth a loaded gun,
Of foreign lands, diseased, now...
Pull the trigger they have won,
It's the darker days of sleeping alone you dread,
All the hurtful things foes have said,
it seems I'm nothing,

Nothing, to you
Of empty spaces, and Crows perched afar
wasted silence,
Skin missing, missing you now afar,

But I feel for you,
Will you show you're sane
Will you stay as one with us to show
To be of trusting and know you're safe.

In your hands I'm trying
In your hands I'm trying flight
I can't die,

I'm flying in the cold breeze every night
I hear the same old stories every night
Save fore all the strife
My desires never tire but would it feel much better all around died?
Petty highs get me by but how long must I live with this disguise...

In this battle of ages
A breath of fire would light your pilot.
Are you soul courageous?
A breath of life would make
You maybe see...
You bring me to the ground

Is there no direction?
I just sense pretentious signs...
In your highs...

In another rhyme beyond this place.
The healing's fast enough...
Done a thousand times with despise, that a thousand ways until
You've had enough...

Friday's dream,
Of holding two hearts,
Of wishing warm solace, displace of acrid tar,
Of Distant noises, of dawns wake
Missing those two...

Another day and the guilt is gone
Another day will stress the weak and the strong
Just a memory that we've become
I have taken without warning when the day has just begun...

A spring day, and my blood runs cold,
I can hear you in the morning as I'm reaching out to hold you,

A summers day, and my blood runs cold,
You will never hear me calling as they physically impale and reach, To destroy you,

Take my hand,
Wish for the winters come...
Cease my plans,
Excuse me from the scenes of old,

I can meet you there?, do you care?
On this new years day,
With no celebration from there.

There's comfort with the wealth of gold,
Increase demands,
Release me from the scenes of old,

Another day alone won't ease the sorrow
Another day will heap frustration too...
Grow all the pictures and the face of hope,
I have taken without credence when the day has just begun.

© Copyright 2018 Vegard. All rights reserved.

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