The Two Way Mirror in My Great-Great-Grandmother's Attic: Saving the Smith Family:Chapters One and Two

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
"The Two Way Mirror in My Great-Great-Grandmother's Attic: Saving the Smith Family" is the sequel to "The Two Way Mirro in My Great-Great-Grandmother's Attic." This story is about 14 year old C.J. (Clara Jane) who is at Slater Museum and reads a note the Smith Family of 1884 left for her (in the previuos one, she first entered through the mirror). Saddened by this, she goes back to her g.g-grandmother's house, returns to the attic goes through the morror,and...

Submitted: December 05, 2009

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Submitted: December 05, 2009



Chapter One Preview

After I finised reading, I couldn't help but cry. (Ending to the first part)

Tears came streaming down my face like rain fall. The man who worked at the museum pulled a handkercheif out his inside coat pocket, and handed it to me. After I finished crying a river, I turned to the man and said, "Thank you, I really appreciate it." Then the man said, "The way you reacted to the letter, made it seem as if you were a close friend to the family." I said, "In a way that is hard for most people to understand, I was. I mean, I can't believe it, I was actually there the day the two girls had gotten their portrais made. I also saw Mr. Smith write something on a piece of paper and stick behind one of the pictures. I didn't know what he wrote until now. I know you may think I'm crazy, but everything I'm saying is true." Suddenly more tears came from my eyes. But this time it wasn't out of saddness, it was out of anger. The man just simply shook his head and walked away. Just then I heard my mom calling, "C.J, it's time to go!" I folded the note and tucked it away in my pocket. On our way home from the museum I stared out the window. "C.J., what's the matter? Is everything alright?"

After I snapped out of it, "What?"

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm...I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! If I said I'm fine, then why keep asking?!?" Look I know that was mean, and I know she was trying to help, but enough is enough. "Mom, look, I'm really sorry okay? Its just been a long a day, that's all." "Alright." I could hear the sadness and slight anger in my mom's voice as she said that. Anyway, a few minutes later we pulled into our driveway. After my mom unlocked the front door, I dashed through the hallway and up the stairsand did the following: charged into my room, slammed the door, and plopped down onto my bed. I took the note out of my pocket and read it again. I felt like crying, but something forced me to hold back my tears. I folded the note back up and stuck it in my desk drawer. I still didn't get it. I mean, who in their right mind would kill the Smith family? Why? Was it someone who knew the family inside out? So many questions without answers. After about a few minutes later my sister knocked on the door. "Come in." I said. She opened the door and said, "C.Gee, it's time for dinner." She's only four and a half. "Thanks Stephanie." She closed my door and then I heard her running down the stairs. I left my room too. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw my brother Shane, who's ten. " What's up Clara J.?" he asked. It was obvious mom put him up to it because he usually doesn't ask me. "Not much. I'm fine. Nothing new." I went into the kitchen (Shane tailing me), and sat down at the table next to our dad. After dinner was served and we blessed the food, my brother told another one of his stories. "Okay! I was at GoodWill, and you won't believe who I saw. My math teacher Ms. Chalrson. I wasn't the only one who saw her though. I was with my friends Joey and Tyler. We decided to see what she was buying, so we hid places and followed her everywhere she went in the store." The rest of his story was a big blur to me because I was thinking about what he said about following her. I thought that if I went back through the mirror, then I could look for suspicious people who would want to kill the Smith Family.

When dinner was over and done with, I went back upstairs to my room and shut the door. I still couldn't believe what happened. You know what I think? I think I should go back tomorrow. Mabye this time I could take someone with me. But who?

The next day...

I got up, went to my closet and pulled out a yellow t-shirt, white sneakers, and black shorts. I also took out the dress Ida's mom had given me the first time I was there, and put it in a bag. Then I went down the stairs and saw my mom sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hey, mom."

"Oh, hi, C.J."

"Um, mom,...can I go back to my great-great-grandmother's house?"

"Sure. But I thought you don't like going over. You said it was boring."

"It was until yesterday." I mumbled.


"Nothing. Anyway thanks again. By the Shane come too?" My mom gave me a puzzled look and said, "I don't see why not. Go ask him. He's out back." "Okay, thanks." I turned around and dashed down the hall to the back door. When I went outside I saw Shane playing with Joey. "Shane!" I called. "Come here for a sec!" Without any hestitation, he trotted towards me. "What's up Clara J.?" "Um, I was wondering if you want to come with me to our great-great-grandmother's house?" "Uh, that would be a no." "Oh, come on. It's not that boring." "Well..." Just then I had an idea. "If you come with me, I'll show you this new secret passage I found." "Oh alright." Finally. Behind Shane I saw Joey. He was upset that Shane was leaving. Then I said, "You can come too Joey. Just call your mom and tell her where you're going." Joey's face lit up, then he dashed inside and called his mom. A few minutes later Joey came back out and said he could come. Before we left I went inside and told mom Joey was coming with us, and she gave us a ride.

When her house was in sight, Shane pretended he was Spider Man and jumped out of the car and started running. "Only in America." I thought. I looked at the back seat and Joey wasn't there either. Then I looked in front of me and saw Joey running close behind Shane. After we caught up with them, and after mom had a long talk with my brother, we were at the house. Just like before, our great-great-grandmother was standing in her nightgown. "Hey, Ameili-Bear!" cried Shane. In a weary voice she said, "Why hello Shane. It's been a while, hasn't it?" This is what I don't like. She can remember everyone elses name, but she can't remember mine. After we were inside Ameila's house (our great-great-grandmother), mom honked the horn, and sped down the street. "Ameili-Bear, what can we do today?" "You may do whatever you like. Maybe you can explore the house." "Okay! Come on, Joey!" After that was decided, they leaped off their chairs, and zoomed up the stairs. "Hey wait for me!" I called. Silence. I ran up the stairs to see what was up and they were waiting for me. "So Clara J., what about the secret passage?"

Chapter Two

"Hold on," I said "I have to change my clothes, and I'll be right back, okay?" "Yeah." said Shane.

Minutes later...

"Gosh, Clara J., it took you forever!" Then Shane got a good look at me and said, "What's with the getup?" "You'll find out soon enough. Now come on." Joey and my brother reluctantly followed me down the hall. Joey spoke out and said, "The attic? This is the secret passage? Pfft. Joey out! Seeya!" "Stop being a timid dinosaur and come on." said Shane.I pulled down the string that led to the attic, and we went up. "Okay," I said "Shane you hold my hand, and Joey, you hold Shane's." A confused Joey asked, "Why do we have to hold hands?" "You'll see." I said. "Ready?" I asked. "Duh!" said my brother bluntly. I reached for the glass, just like before and I walked through it, along with Joey and my brother. "WOW!" cried Shane. "Gee Clara J., when you said you had a secret passage, you weren't kidding!" "Clara!!" I turned around, and saw Ida. "Hey Ida. It's been awhile hasn't it?" I said. She nodded. Then she walked behind me and stared at my brother, and Joey. "Who are you guys?" she asked. "Back at ya." said Shane. I slapped him over the head. "OW!" he cried. The Ida's mom came towards us. "Why hello, Clara. It has been awhile since I've last seen you." "Yes it has." I replied. Then she did what Ida did and stared at Shane and Joey. "Clara, May I ask who these two boys are?" Before I could say the first letter in my sentence, Shane jumped before me causing Ida's mom to move backwards and said, "Hi, I'm Shane! This is my buddy, Joey! Want to hear something I came up with?" "I don't see why not." she replied.

"Okay, check it. I'm like a roller coaster, and you can ride... " "SHANE!" I yelled. He turned and looked at me. "What," he said "I was just going to say you can ride.." "Shane." I said sternly. Then I motioned him to get behind me. As he walked passed, I heard him mumble, "Miss Bossy-Pants." "I'm really sorry." I said. "Don't worry about a thing," she said "Well, except for the fact these young boys need to change their clothes."

I looked behind me and noticed Joey and my brother were dressed differently. "Thank you." I said. Then the thought occured to me. If Mrs. Smith was so nice, then why would anyone want her dead? "Follow me, please." said Mrs. Smith." Supprisingly Shane and Joey did as she said.

I guess I never should have been so suprised, since it took them an hour. When they came back, they were all dressed. Shane looked like a paperboy, and Joey, well he looked like kid starring in a school play about the history of the town or something. Just as Mrs. Smith left, and before I could open my mouth, my brother said, "I look like a paper boy." Ha!

Out of nowhere the lights shut off. "What th..." before I could finish my sentence, we herd a sound of thunder. A few seconds later I heard someone scream. "Joey, Shane, you two wait here." Ignoring me Shane said, "Uh, I don't think so! You're not the boss of me!"

"I'm older."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, I am. Now do as I say, gosh!"

"I wish my family was this epic." said Joey.

Another sound of thunder came, along with another scream. Then I had an idea on where it was coming from. I made my way down the hall to Ada Winship's room (Ida's sister). I opened the door and another shriek came. But this time it was ear piercing. "Ada? Are you alright?" I asked.

"No." said a sobbing Ada.

"Can you find your way to the door?"

"I'll try." After she said that we heard more thunder. Ada continued to scream, and she ran towards me. But instead of just running to hug my waist, she ran right into me, knocking me over. (Click) "Hey the lights are back on, Clara J." "We can see that, Shane." "Ada are you alright?" "Ah.Ib ol wite." Since she was crying still, her words came out messed up. But what she was basically saying was, "Yeah. I'm all right." "Come on." I helped Ada to her feet, and went out into the hallway.

"Clara J., Joey went to the bathroom." "Shane. Which bathroom?" "The one with the leather toliet seats." "Okay. well I'm going down stairs with Ada, to find Ida, and when Joey is done, come downstairs. Alright?" "Aye, aye captian." I seriously hate his enthusiasm.

When we made it down the stairs, and into the kitchen, a tall light skin black man was standing before us. He was wearing a balck vest, white dress shirt, black pants and a black tie. And boy was he hot! Then the man spoke up and said, "Hello, Miss Ada. As well to you, Miss Clara." I love the way he says my name. Since he's southern, he actually said, "Klair-ih." "Hello." I said. Ada tugged on my arm pulling me toward the kitchen. In there we saw Ida with flour all in her hair, dress,all over the place. "Ida," I asked "What did you do?"

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