Flight 109

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This is a story about a boy and a girl

Submitted: July 23, 2012

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Submitted: July 23, 2012



As the plane took off, she realized that not only did that plane have the live of her life but that plane took a piece of her that she will never be able to recover.


It was the summer of 1999 and Marcy Ramirez was the luckiest girl in the world. She had everything that she could ever ask for. Marcy had a job that she adored, was going to school, had a nice car, loved her family, the most amazing friends, and the best boyfriend in the world. Her boyfriend’s name was nick Gomez. They had been dating for a year and a half and she had fallen completely in love with him. Marcy was so grateful for nick. He had been the most special person in her life. Nick meant the world to her. He made her want to be a better person.

One night nick took Marcy to the stars. They went up to a mountain near their home. Nick drove his car up the hill as Marcy looked out the window, looked at all the beautiful houses that were there. As she looked at those houses she imagined what her life would be like. How her and Nicks life would be like together. Marcy imagined the day they would get married, the day she would wear that big beautiful white dress. How she would walk down to his side and take his last name. Then the two would buy a house, a beautiful house. Like the houses that Marcy was looking at now. With all that going through her head she squeezed nick hand and gave him a smile. Nick smiled right back. That beautiful big smile that nick had made Marcy go crazy.

They arrived to the top of the mountain. Nick parked his car and they both got out seeing the view. Marcy stared at the horizon. It was beautiful. They were just on time for the sunset. As Marcy gazed out on this beautiful world nick came up behind her and hugged her tight. She didn’t want him to let go, ever. They ended up walking over to another hill that had the most amazing view. They could see the whole city from up there. It grew dark and the stars came out. As nick held her in his arms Marcy felt at peace. They kissed under the stars as he whispered into her ears ‘I love you’. Perfect ending to a perfect night.

The next few months hit Marcy and nick pretty hard. Nick went out clubbing one night without telling Marcy. Marcy always asked for complete honesty from nick. This made things very difficult for them and that’s when all their problems started. It was too much for Marcy and nick. Marcy felt nick had betrayed her trust and he did nothing to gain it back. They needed a break. A break from each other. So they broke up. Neither one wanted the break up but what else could they do. Marcy wanted to forget about nick and well she did something that she will forever regret. Marcy started talking to another guy to forget about nick. Marcy never saw the guy but she did talk to a guy for a while. This guy wanted something serious with Marcy and when Marcy refused this guy blew her off. Marcy didn’t really care as she was still in love with nick. Nick and Marcy started talking again and Marcy told him about this other guy. Nick never forgave her for that. Nick had trust issues after that and was sure Marcy would be with any guy to get over him.

Nick started to hate Marcy for that. He wanted nothing to do with her. Nick had so much hatred towards Marcy that he decided to move. He wanted out of California, to start a new life, a life away from Marcy. Marcy tried to convince him he was the only man she loved and ever will love. Nick didn’t care about anything anymore. He even started seeing another woman to get over Marcy but it didn’t work. Nick just wanted to leave. So he packed his bags and without saying anything to Marcy he left. Nick was on his way to the airport when he called his best friend Danny to say goodbye. What nick didn’t know was that Marcy was at Danny’s house looking for nick. When nick told Danny he was leaving Marcy raced off to the airport. She didn’t want him to leave, at least not without knowing how she felt. She drove as fast as she could and in her mind kept saying ‘Please oh please, don’t leave’. Marcy parked her car and ran off to find nick. She found out he was on a flight 109. She raced down to the entrance gate and just as she got there she saw it. The plane took off. Marcy couldn’t believe her eyes. Nick was on a plane that was taking off. She would never see nick again. She had lost him forever. Marcy never got the chance to him everything she felt. So she said it out loud even though she knew nick would never hear her.

I love you. We had some very good and bad times but I will never forget you. I will never find anyone like you. You take my heart with you and all I can do is say goodbye and let go.

Marcy shed tears, closed her eyes and her heart and went home.


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