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I wrote this story from my heart. Please read and give me Feedback. I would appreciate it. :)

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012




She wasn’t the most popular girl or the prettiest or the funniest. She was what you would call ordinary. She did well in school and crushed on boys and had a lot of best friends just like any other normal girl. Her name was Raquel Porter. Raquel was about to graduate junior high. It was a very big deal to everyone there. To celebrate the school took all the graduating students to Disneyland that year. On her way to Disneyland racquet sat next to her best friend Lily. They were the best of friends along with Angie. Angie was on the other bus. It took them about an hour and a half to get to Disneyland. Lily had a boyfriend so she ended up ditching angie and racquet. But both girls still had a lot of fun that night. They went on rides and took many pictures and had the time of their lives. And then it was time to go home. Back on the bus lily fell asleep on racquet and racquet couldn’t help but hear her friend matt singing a song; “Give me head hoe, Give me head hoe”. Raquel couldn’t help but laugh and sitting next to matt was some guy. She had never seen him before yet she couldn’t help but smile when she seen him. She immediately crushed on the guy.


The next day at school racquet told Angie about the guy and Angie knew his name. his name was frank Garcia. Everyone seemed to know frank, everyone except Raquel. Why didn’t she know him? She wanted to meet this frank and get to know him as much as she could. So Angie, being a good person that she is, hacked into Raquel’s :MySpace” and friend requested frank. When frank accepted the request Angie told racquet and encouraged her to talk to him. And that’s what racquet did. Turned out that frank was an amazing guy and racquet quickly fell for him. They became good friends; best friends actually and nothing could come between them. They were very close during high school. She liked frank a lot but since they went to different high schools she dated other guys. Frank, of course, dated other girls. But they still remained close. 3 years later they are both juniors, almost done with high school and they grew apart. Frank moved to Hemet because of family problems. Raquel had problem of her own. She was “stupidly in love” with a gangster. To Raquel this gangster was the man of her dreams. He was the “one”. They only dated a couple months but boy were they in love. But he was a true gangster and the gangster in him came out. One day he tried choking her and Raquel knew he was no good. So she ended it and after the break—up she felt so alone. She took a week off of the world and went to camp. During camp she started talking to frank again.


Turns out frank had moved back home and missed Raquel  a lot. That night Raquel told frank everything that happened. Frank felt for Raquel and told her something that made her smile and I mean really smile. The text he sent her said “Why don’t you let me take care of you and make you happy? I would make you happy every day.” Raquel’s heart did summersaults. She confessed to frank how she felt and he confessed he felt the same way. Things started looking good for racquet. A couple months later they went on their first date. They went to the movies. Raquel’s heart skipped a beat when frank reached for her hand. They shared their first kiss that night and started dating afterwards. Raquel quickly fell in love.


Raquel knew in her heart she found her soul mate. No one else existed for her. They went through so much together, good and bad. He promised her marriage and she believed it. Raquel knew in her heart frank was the one. This was the real Love that everyone experiences. On his 18th birthday racquet proved her love for him. She gave her complete self up to frank. That night was magical for them both. It is one of Raquel’s favorite memories. They laughed and smiled and truly loved each other that night. Nothing mattered that day except their love. Frank was deeply in love. Raquel could tell. She could see it in her eyes. Frank proved to her that she was the only one in his life and she felt special. He would call her and text her all the time, he would sacrifice sleep, time with friends and family to see her. He wanted nothing more than to spend time with her and as much as he could.


2 years later and it was March. Raquel’s birthday was in March. Frank wanted to plan something special, something unforgettable for racquet. It was Raquel’s 20th birthday and it landed on a Sunday. Raquel went to church that day. Frank had to work that same day so she wasn’t going to see him. As racquet finds her seat in church frank walks in and surprises her with the most beautiful flowers and cutest stuffed giraffe. Raquel felt her face turn into a tomato and she had the most beautiful smile on her face. She felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have frank in her life. So frank stayed with her for as long as he could. The next morning frank takes racquet to the happiest place on earth; Disneyland. Raquel could not believe frank took her there. It was one of the best memories racquet will keep with her forever. They got on every ride possible and racquet was smiling all day. You would think frank’s surprises would be over right? Wrong.


They had a wonderful day at Disneyland. Frank got racquet a ring there. Even though it was just an initial ring, it meant everything to her. Raquel never told frank that. That ring was very special to her. It symbolizes his commitment to her. After Disneyland frank took racquet to get her a fire kindle. Something that she has been wanting for a long time. Raquel was amazed at how much effort frank put into her birthday gifts. They made love that night. Raquel’s life was perfect. She was in love with a man who had proved to her he loved her back. She looked into his eyes and saw that frank was her future.


Months passed by after Raquel’s birthday and well as they say time changes people, frank changed. Frank changed towards racquet. Frank suddenly seemed distant and racquet tried and tried and tried to reconnect with frank but nothing seemed to work. Raquel was scared. She didn’t want to lose him. Frank was everything to her. Raquel didn’t want to know what life was like without frank. But frank had a secret he was hiding. When racquet found out the secret it completely broke her.

There was another woman.


Raquel didn’t know many details only that there was another woman in his life. As soon as Raquel found out she left him. She cried her heart out that night. How could he betray her like that? Everything they had was over because he went looking for someone else. Was she not good enough? Was she not pretty or smart enough? Why did frank do this to her? Raquel could not understand and for a long time racquet hated frank. She completely threw him out of her life. Raquel experienced her first real heartbreak.


Raquel often wonders is frank is sorry or if he even thinks of her. Raquel often feels like picking p the phone and calling frank. Does he miss her? Does he think about her? Does he want to call her as well but doesn’t because of the hurtful things she said to him on their last conversation? Yes racquet wants to call but then stops herself and thinks about frank with the other girl. She is still very angry and knows she will not forgive him. So she puts the phone away along with the memories. Raquel accepts the fact that frank is out of her life forever. Raquel accepts it but she wishes she knew what went wrong. Or at least an apology. Raquel deserves that. Raquel deserves that apology that she knows she will never get.



I want to end this story with a quote that Raquel has in her heart:


As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, woulda, shoulda, Buckle up and just keep going.  ---Carey Bradshaw

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