Miracle of life

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What has life prepared for this husband and wife? Read what has befallen them in their years of marriage. Will there be a happy ending for them?

Submitted: April 25, 2014

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Submitted: April 25, 2014



“Honey, could you bring me the slice of that delicious cake that you brought today? “ my wife asked me from our bedroom as I went to the kitchen. “Sure, dear” I replied. I really hated when she did that. I tried to fight with her over stuffing her face but there was no achieving victory in that fight.

You see, Hanna is overweight. Not just overweight but morbidly obese. She weights around 500 lbs. I really hate myself for letting her do that to herself. I should have stopped her from overeating herself, but how could I? Food was the only thing that brought her joy. She wasn’t always like that. Everything changed 10 years ago.

Hanna and I met in college, on some party, when we were 20 years old. We fell madly inlove and got married 5 years later. And one year into the marriage we found out that Hanna was pregnant. We were absolutely over the moon because doctors told Hanna that she would never get pregnant. I remember all the excitement and preparation for our little miracle, as we referred to our baby boy. We named him Michael. Oh, what a happy family we were. We moved to nice neighborhood where Michael could grow up safely and happily. I found a well-paid job and we decided that Hanna would be a housewife until Michael started school. On that day Hanna was making lunch, as usual, and Michael was playing outside.

The driver never saw him coming. Michaels ball rolled to the road, and he runned after her. In a split second it was over. Our little boy ended his short life under the wheels of a car. The death of our only child ruined us. I didn’t know how we would continue. Hanna lost all her will for life. She even tried to kill herself as the grief was too much for her. She never went back to work. All she did was sit around all day and eat until she fell asleep. We got to our lives after some time, but Hanna was still battling with her depression and now with her obesity.

Ray of sunshine was sent upon us as a new Hannas pregnancy. We were shocked with the discovery that we would have another baby. The news thrilled us. I was especially happy because Hanna was getting purpose in her life again and with every day she was happier. Everything started to look better for us.

But Hanna had spontaneous abortion. We were utterly and completely destroyed. Every hope, every dream that we had were crushed. There was no going back after that. World was one again black bottomless pit. Hanna fell into depression again. She started eating excessively too. I tried hard to make us forget. But we never will forget. The lives of our two children will haunt us forever.

”Here you go, honey” I said to her as I gave her half of the pie.

“Thank you, George” she replied as she threw big chunks of pie in her mouth.

“George, I wanted to tell you something”.

“What is it, honey?” I asked her with love in my voice.

“I’ve been having this stomach pains for few days now. Do you think I should visit the doctor?”

“Honey, remember last time? We had to bring a lot of men to transport you to the hospital and the doctor said that it was just gas. It is probably the same now. “

“Yeah, you are probably right.”

“You know, Hanna, maybe we should try exercising to lose some weight.”

“Don’t you love me now, George?” I saw tears well up in her eyes. There’s no way I could watch her cry again.

“Of course I love you, dear. More than anything in the world. I’m just worried about you. All this food is killing you.”

She didn’t reply to me so I just gave up. We argued too many times on that subject, and I knew better than force her into talking now.

“George, wake up. Wake AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!”

I jumped right out of my dream and looked at her in shock.

“What is wrong, Hanna? Where does it hurt you?” I asked as I dialed 911.

“Between my legs, George. It burns like hell!”

Somebody was talking on my phone. I realized it is a 911 operator.

“Please send someone, my wife is in pain!” I screamed at the phone.

“Ok, sir, we will send an ambulance right away. What is your address?”

“Please, you have to send doctors here. My wife has over 500 pounds!”

“We will send someone, sir. What is your address?”

“1584 East Main street. Please hurry!”

I hanged up and runned to my wives side. “It’s okay, honey. Doctors are on the way. Everything will be okay. Shhh, honey. Please try to calm down.”

“But it huuuuuuurts, George. Help me, please do something!” She screamed at me. “Okay, honey, I will take a look. Just calm down a bit”

I tried to get to her vagina but all that fat was in the way. I battled my way through the layers of fat and then I saw it.

It’s been weeks since she told me about her stomach pains.

It is all my fold.

She could not have known.

Why didn’t I think of that?

She could not have known.

Why was I so stupid?

She could not have known.

We are still young. It wasn’t impossible.

I could not have known.

Out of her vagina was reaching tiny, blue, dead hand.

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