Above Earth

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This story is for a contest. It features high above beings and references to religous stuff that might upset some readers. I apologize if that's the case, but keep in mind, this is only ment as a joke, but also as a kind of inspiration. I wouldn't like to get shot for it xD Too soon? Okay, sorry, too soon... Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy it :D

Submitted: January 15, 2015

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Submitted: January 15, 2015



Above Earth


‘I can’t bear to see this anymore.’ He said.

He was looking at a great, interactive globe. Clouds were moving, and somewhere a volcano was erupting violently.

‘Can you please come, My Son?’ He asked, His voice echoed through the great, white halls.

A guy came walking in, his robe was white and his hair brown. His steel blue eyes were gorgeous and shining. Above his head, a halo from pure golden light hovered.

‘What is it, Dad?’ he asked.

‘What am I supposed to do with these humans?’ He asked with slight disappointment in His voice. ‘I have been patient, haven’t I?’

The Son looked at the globe and then back to his Father.

‘What have they done this time?’ he asked, slightly sighing.

‘I’ll tell you what they did now. Some of them have killed innocent people for making a cartoon. A CARTOON, my Son. And that’s aside from all the other violent acts still going on. Sometimes I think that giving them free will and all wasn’t the best of my ideas.’ He sighed.

‘Father, you have tried to give up on them from the beginning. Remember? You flooded the Earth in an attempt to erase them all.’ His Son answered patiently.

‘Yeah, and there only have to survive two and they multiply like rabbits…’ He mumbled.

‘Why don’t you just give them a chance?’

‘I tried, you know. The humans have a saying: ‘’If you can’t beat them, join them’’, so I tried. You know what they call that era? The Dark Ages.’ He snarled.

‘I still think you shouldn’t give up on them, Dad.’ The Son said. ‘Maybe I can try to talk to them.’

‘Oh, yeah, because that was such a success last time.’ He spat. ‘You came home, totally distressed.’

‘And yet, I love them, I think they’re your best creation ever.’

‘Hmpf, I liked the dinosaurs way better.’

‘But they were mindless creatures, and still killing each other. I don’t see how they were anything better than the lovely humans.’ The Son tried to reason.

‘Talking about that, maybe I should throw a meteor at them as well, you know, to freshen everything up.’ He said, more to Himself than to His Son.

‘I don’t think that’s a good idea Father. You have only just created them, give them a chance, please.’ The Son pleaded.

‘I’m not sure. I think creating a new world would be better, but this time, without rape, killing and war, but with, I don’t know, tiny bats that eat cocoa beans and lactate chocolate milk or something.’ He said and a faint smile appeared on His face, thinking about the little creatures.

‘How lovely they might sound, there is also good in this world, you know. And aside from that, some of the things happening, are your fault.’ The Son said sternly.

‘How is it my fault? Okay, I occasionally rupture the Earth a little, to shake things up, but I don’t see how their behavior is my fault.’

‘Well, you came with the ‘’genius’’ idea to create multiple religions, some of them not even with thát subtle differences. Remember how I had to go back once with a wig and pretend to be some other guy? And you wouldn’t let them picture him, because you were afraid the humans might find out I was him.’ The Son said angry.

‘Okay, I admit, that was my mistake, but that doesn’t mean that they can go around killing each other. In fact, it’s rulo numero uno. ‘’Thou shalt not kill.’’ Simple enough, isn’t it? I can’t believe they will follow that ‘’no picture rule’’, but won’t even follow that other one.’ He said, a little indignant.

‘Even so, their free will makes them very interesting, you know. Haven't you seen all those great buildings they made. All the technology they made. With their space flight, they're even able to reach other planets and explore everything you made for them’, The Son said with a warm smile on his face.

'Spreading like a disease you mean', He reacted. 'They are completely ruining the beautiful Earth I gave them, and now they want to destroy all other planets I made as well. I should smite them. Just let every volcano on Earth explode or something, or maybe spread a new plague. That should teach them.'

'Maybe they haven't always been good, but some of them are really trying their best to make the world a better place. You shouldn't punish all for what a few are doing.'

'I suppose so...', He sighed, 'But I'm serious about recreating it all.'

'Couldn't you make, something like, a new universe, an alternate universe? The humans have interesting theories about that on Wikipedia, you know', The Son said.

'Well, I like Wikipedia. I definitely should keep that...' He mumbled into Himself.

'Yeah, but that isn't really the poi...' The Son got interrupted by Him talking to Himself.

'I should also keep the Narwhal. And the Platypus. I might have been drunk while creating it, but it is an awesome creature... Probably should get rid of spiders though, they are seriously creepy...' He kept mumbling.

'Uuhm... Father?' the Son tried.

'Maybe introduce some more dinosaurs. That one I kept in Scotland almost never showed himself.'

'Father!' the Son yelled.

He looked up to His Son. 'Yeah?'

'Mom is in the room...' the Son said, a lot softer.

'Oh, hello', He said, 'Do you have any great ideas for a new, better world?'

'You are creating a new world? Why would you do that? The humans might not be perfect, but why should that give you the reason to destroy them?' She said sternly.

'Well... You know... They are doing wrong, and that needs to stop.' He stuttered.

'Like you never make mistakes. Remember that glitch in that world? The place humans seemingly just disappear on sea.' She said.

'Of course, the Bermuda Triangle...' He answered.

'Yes. Why don't you try to fix that and why don't you guide the humans to the right path?' She asked.

'I gave them free will and you know that. I can only guide them if they want to.' He answered.

'That's a load of crap. You helped them before. They never could've build Stonehenge, the Pyramids or the Heads on Easter Island without you. And besides that, you have saved many more from horrible deaths.'

'I guess you're right', He said, as He started to smile a little. 'Thank you for showing me that humans are indeed a little fun. Without them, who else could I be teasing with Crystal Skulls, Aliens or the Voynich Manuscript?'

He laughed and looked at His Wife and Son.

'I will let them be, for now. But I'm also making a new universe. And it's gonna have camouflaging dragons, but no humans.'

'As long as you keep updating the human world, I'm perfectly fine with that.' The Son answered smiling.

'I'm going to the drawing table. Do any of you still have suggestions?'

'You should add a substance called Mithril', The Son said.

'Mithril? Have you been reading mortal books again?' He asked His Son sternly, but a little twinkle in His eye betrayed that He actually liked the idea.

'There is nothing wrong with that. He wrote the best books ever, even better than your book, to be honest', The Son teased his Father.

'Yeah, okay. But let's make it less obvious, otherwise it would be plagiarism. How about... Aulënium?' He asked His Son.

A little desk appeared before Him with white paper and blue design paper. A chair appeared behind Him and He sat on it. His Wife and Son standing on either side bent over His shoulder looking at what He did.

'You should make an amazing waterfall, with rainbows and a forest and beautiful fish and other creatures', His Wife suggested.

'And fields with delicious food as far as the eye can see', His Son said enthusiasticly.

Suggestions kept coming, and He filtered all good ideas out of them, and entered a few of His own as well of course. Together, They helped creating a much better place for future beings to live in.





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