Dangerous Genes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some insight about what might happen when you have the wrong genes and have no clue you ever had them ;)

The bell had just rang and the halls of school were filling up with people eager to enjoy the thirty minute break. A multitude of places in and around the school existed to spend this well earned break. Among those places were the schoolyard, usually empty during rainy and snowy days, the canteen and the locker room. The latter being the place me and a friend of mine went to see and talk to my friends from other classes.

Going through the last door, my friend following me, I met up with one of my friends, David. We greeted eachother and I introduced the friend that followed me, Max, cause the two had never met before. This was because Max always only could be found in the canteen.

After a little chitchatting, I noticed another friend, Khalid, walking through the door. He approached laughing and greeted us with the insulting ''Hey faggots''. It was funny and we greeted him back with an insult of our own. This was how he greeted his friends, and no one seemed to mind.

We walked a little so we could stand with some girls, one of them I found quite hot. Atleast an eight out of ten. Along the way we met up with two of David's friends who followed us as we talked a little about school, but soon the conversation turned to something less appropriate, the cause of which was me.

I considered myself as the funny guyof the group, and I really think I was. Most of them were quite boring without any funny person around and I even heard some of them say that conversations go less funny when I'm not around. My speciality was the weird and creepy stuff, often highly sexual. One of David's friends never bothered to tell me I was creepy like, every few minutes. It was the kind of image I was going for, so it worked.

At the end of the hallway I could see a bunch of girls sitting, the girls we were heading for to hang with these thirty minutes.

One of the girls was Rose, the gorgeous girl. She wasn't very tall, I stood atleast a foot taller than her. Then again, I also was almost three years older than her. Her hair was blond and her eyes blue. Her breasts weren't very big either, cup B at most, but it looked perfectly on her. Wearing high heels, ripped jeans and a blue sweater, she looked stunning, though I knew not many people would agree with me, including herself.

We said hello and I immediately knew how to turn the conversation into something completely awkward. And don't get me wrong, it wasn't all that normal for me as well. I was completely aware of the high level of awkwardness of what I asked.

'Max, what do you think of Rose? On a scale from one to seventeen?' I asked Max, with Rose in front of him.

His face turned slightly red. He hadn't met her before, like most of my friends that spend the break in the locker room, so this sudden question caught him off guard.

'Why one to seventeen?' he asked, looking strange at me.

I knew he was just trying to avoid giving an answer, and as something like that goes with a large group, my question was easily overlooked as they started to discus how weird it was that I took that particular scale.

'Come on, now I still don't have an answer.' I insisted.

'I... I don't know.' he stuttered his answer.

'Aww, come one, look how nice she looks.' I insisted again, pointing at her.

She patiently but awkwardly waited for an answer, killing the time by talking to some other girls bit, but everyone was focused on Max and his answer.

'I'm not gonna answer this.' he said awkwardly laughing.

This was it, the end of the subject. Everyone esle turned to some different subject, and I talked with them about it of course. Suddenly, Khalid started the subject of me trying to buy a girl at a party in a park a few nights ago.

The girl was named Lilly and though she went to school here, she wasn't here at the moment, which made it a little less fun for me, since I would like to discuss this with her, because we had so much fun with it at the party.

Of course, hearing that I was planning on buying a girl, even though it was just jokingly, caused some disturbance among the group. Luckily, it was disturbance in a laughing and positive way.

Going with the new subject of our talking, and my own general interest in it, I asked Rose: 'What do you think you're worth?'

I asked this because I had also asked this to Lilly. The answer she gave was €200,-. And why was I so interested in her answer? Because it was a psychological question, mostly about how high or low someones self esteem is.

'Nothing.' she answered with a steel face.

'Nothing?' I asked to clearify.

'Nothing, I'm free.' she answered, laughing a little because of the reactions given by the rest of the group.

I felt a push in my back and Khalid said: 'Here, she's for you.'

Her words echoed in my head. Nothing, I'm free... The realisation of what she said slowly sunk deeper into my brain. The push in my back putting me on the edge of reacting to something even I might feel shame for when I do it. Nothing, I'm free...

She's free. I am the one to claim her. And that means she's mine. I can do whatever I want with her. These words were going through my mind with lighting speed as I still had to make an action. My Common Sense told me it was just ment as a joke, no one actually expected me to do anything with her, I just had to put my arm around her, tell everyone I claimed her and look perverted at her.

None of this actually came to be as something took me over. A red haze blurred my vision and without anyone being able to react, I grabbed Rose at her throat with both hands.

An animalistic instinct took over as my mind got shrouded and my body was unable to react to the Common Sense that tried to regaine control.

Pleasure was filling my body, I enjoyed every second of feeling her suffer at my strength. My vision was terrible, but enough to see the pain and despair in the face of my victim. My hearing became optimal. I heard people scream: 'What the fuck are you doing?!'

My common sense felt like it was chained up in my brains, only able to watch through the eyes that coloured the world red, able to know it's wrong, but unable to react on any of it.

I lifted Rose off the ground with ease until her eyes could look over my head. Her back was pressed against the lockers and I felt her throat being fragile in comparison to my suddenly mighty hands.

I could feel a dull punch in my side, probably an attempt to break her free from my grip. I knew who hit me, it was Khalid. He had an eye for justice and his black belt in kickboxing in about a year. He was a strong guy, but this time his punch didn't harm me, or moved me even an inch.

'Let her go!' someone screamed at me.

'Teacher, teacher!' another one yelled through the hallway.

I could feel a bulge comming up in my pants. Another dull punch stroke my back as I moved one of my hands towards her sweater. I felt the muscles in my face tense as I smiled at Rose's tear streaked face.

My hand grabbed the collar of her sweater. My Common Sense watched in horror, screaming I shouldn't do this. It knew what was coming, it was a part of me after all.

With a powerful yank I ripped her sweater apart, along with the bra she was wearing underneath. Her upper body was now exposed to everyone and few seconds of silence and shock could be noticed, before everyone started their panicking again.

My hand moved towards her body as it let the shreds of clothing fall on the floor.

Out of a sudden, my head started to hurt. I grabbed my head but the pain got worse. I groaned in pain and let Rose fall on the floor. Both my hands grabbed my head. It felt like a bench screw was set on my head, crushing my skull and pulverizing my brain.

The red haze slowly disappeared as my Common Sense was slowly set free. I fell to one knee, my head spinning and my vision dazed. I regained more control and more conciousness about what I was doing and what I just had done.

Without feeling the slightest nausea, a liqiud came up at my throat and I vomitted it out without thinking, right between the legs of Rose who was still laying on the floor trying catch her breath.

I felt weaker and weaker. I had to support myself with my hand, that I planted in the warm, thick substance on the floor I had just puked out. I looked at it and it appeared to be red, unlike anything else that was in my line of vision right now.

I got my hand off the floor to take a look at what was on my hand. I tried my best to identify what it was, but I failed, though a voice in back of head knew it was blood.

I clenched my fist, but I soon went numb as my eyelids closed and the world went dark. I heard a teacher coming, hysterical about the sight he was seeing.

'What happened?' he asked, with a slightly panicking voice.

A vague explaination was all I heard before my final sense also shut off from the world around me.

Submitted: August 27, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Vellan Shadow. All rights reserved.

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I knew it would be like this ;) Ok, now, I like you description and word use, not many words are being repeated one after the other, which I like ;) Also, it generally flowed well and had a smooth pace to it. I felt as if some paragraphs were long though, but your state is not major. Okay, a few grammar errors but easily made out ;) Now, to the actual story XD Max is too shy, the wee cutie XD Your obviously acting like your normal self, except for the dramatic change in your thoughts and actions towards that girl XD But, the ending was nice (okay it wasn't but it was... you get what I mean XD) Sooo, this comes to my conclusion. Overall, I liked it ;)

Thu, August 28th, 2014 3:34pm


Thank you :D Yes, I noticed the errors as well, but I'm too lazy right now to remove them xD Max is indeed shy (he's based on a friend of mine xD). I figured it would be amazing to do such thing if I actually had a valid mental disorder, cause that gives me a excuse to do such thing xD And I get you might thought the guy died, but he just got hospitalized due to an overload of testosterone and adrenline in his body ;)

Thu, August 28th, 2014 8:43am


Was this that story you were talking about? It was a bit gore and gruesome but the way you described it was pretty neat ^^ There were some typos... I have a feeling that small parts of this are based on you like the awkward hentai stuff :P The story was well paced and it flowed. You could expand the part of the guy getting sick but I like the vague ending. (Vague 'cause you don't know what happened to the guy) While writing this comment I read your response to SG's comment and now I'm certain that this is one of your weird fantasies XD You hentai person :D It was fun to read and I like it ^^ Keep writing and keep up the good work :3

Thu, August 28th, 2014 7:57pm


Yes, this was it xD And thank you, I like the gore and gruesome and the rape-y, rape-y bits xD I'm glad you liked the ending as well, cause I didn't know how to end it otherwise without ending it with an anti-climax xD Thank you :D

Thu, August 28th, 2014 2:31pm

Jonathan DeLacuso

Well that escalated quickly. Seriously the guy is a freaking psycho. He makes Isabella look like the voice of reason doesn't he? It is really intriguing to see that he was willing to hurt the one he loved the most. Does he have a werewolf like complex (you know how they are most likely to kill the one closest to them, well the GOOD non Myers werewolves at least). I don't know why but this whole story webnt in my head like an anime episode. Strangely enough it fit the mood perfectly. But overall it wad interesting and very intense. The style was very much you as it carried out an uncomfortable atmosphere with delightful scenes of internal torture. Pretty nice I must admit

Mon, September 1st, 2014 1:59pm


Yeah, he is, thank you ;) And personally I see it more like he has a Hulk-complex, partly because I thought of this as a wicked superhero origin story xD I personally didn't see it as an anime episode, but that's because the school is real and every character is based off of someone I know ;) And thank you, I'm happy you liked it :D

Tue, September 2nd, 2014 7:53am


I like the way this has been written :) The twist at the end was very dramatic and unexpected, especially that only a few minutes earlier he was thinking Rose was hot and beautiful. I like how you left an open ending, so it's really up to us to figure out what happened to him afterwards. There were some grammar/spelling mistakes and a bit of telling vs. showing in the beginning, but other than that, this was a great story. Well done! :)

Sun, January 18th, 2015 4:08pm


Thank you :3 I indeed tried to make it pretty dramatic, so I'm glad I succeeded xD Well, the fun thing about the open ending is that even I don't know what exactly happened xD Yeah, my work tends to have grammar/spelling mistakes. English isn't my first language so... ;) Thanks for the complements and advice :D

Mon, January 19th, 2015 11:43am


I really liked it. The way you are able to capture the attention of the reader. I was on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen. Keep up the great work.

Wed, February 4th, 2015 11:27pm


I'm happy you liked it ^^

Sun, June 26th, 2016 4:07pm

Katherine M

I loved the twist! Honestly didn't see that coming. You portrayed Max's awkwardness well, I like the fact that he didn't want to answer. Rose's answer had me expecting that you would ask her out not add that gory twist at the end, which hooked me and made it twenty times more exciting than a hookup scene. Also wanted to add that I like how no one tried to help her it was almost as though they were either too shocked at this happening or they were suffering from the bystander effect, waiting for someone else to take charge. Thanks for letting m know about your short story!

Fri, June 24th, 2016 12:22pm


Well, I do live for the twist xD The conversation about what people are worth actually happened, including ''Max'' being asked that question. His reaction in the story is genuine. I would never (well maybe someday, who knows) write a hookup scene like that xD Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed it ^^

Sun, June 26th, 2016 3:52pm


*steel face
*A vague explanation

Your story concept is really interesting! I was really sucked in, but those silly typos sort of threw me off. Nonetheless, I was able to imagine everything in my head. As soon as you mentioned the red haze, everything turned to anime in my head XD

I liked how you portrayed a seemingly normal guy and then - BAM! Completely different person with super strength xP The way you described everything, it sounded like he was possessed by some sadistic demon. Really enjoyed this - good job! :3

Sat, June 25th, 2016 6:46am


Thanks, I edited it immediately :)

Anime always kinda functions as an inspiration for me, so it certainly seems logical if you picture it that way xD

Well, he was kinda possessed by a demon, but that demon is the darker side of himself xD I'm glad you liked it and thanks for reading ^^

Sun, June 26th, 2016 4:07pm

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