Jason's treasure.

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Jason is twenty three and has a very special secret under the fake floor in his closet...to bad for him it smells a bit to much.

 Jason was twenty three years old, and more confused than he had ever been in his life.  In front of him, was his best friend of over nineteen years, and his sister. 'Not cool' didn't even begin to describe it. Not. Even. Close.

  Of course there  was the "It isn't what it looks like', the ' I'm so sorry!' and a long strand of other excuses. Jason really didn't care. If anything, he was annoyed they were in his bed. Unfortunately for them, he had caught the dogs doing the same thing... in the same exact spot. Maybe that theory that pets take after their owners is the other way around...

  Anyway, after he had agreed not to tip off the parents to the idiots shenanigans, he went into the kitchen. Jason liked it here, it was peaceful, the sun through the windows was relaxing, not to mention the wonderful smell. In any case, something needed to be done about the rats in the house. Jason didn't really like the rats...they were mean. 

  Just last night he heard them chewing away at his secret food under the house. That was his, and he didn't want the stupid rats eating away at his food. It was his, his! So, he started thinking of a plan to get rid of them once and for all!

  That night, Jason pulled up the floor of his closet. The closet used to be a place to sneak out of when the cops came to search for meth heads. At least that's what his father had told him. Now it was Jason's secret place, where he kept his treasure.

  After crawling down, he looked and silently cheered with glee at said treasure. The rats had only gotten to her feet before running off. Though that still left the chunk of her thigh Jason  had enjoyed earlier untouched. Delighted, he crawled over for another bite. Completely forgetting about the mean rats and his plan to get rid of them.

<News Report>

  Cannibal  in Clear Lake? 

Two days ago, Jason Dawnson was escorted out of his South Bride drive house, and  taken directly to Clear Lake correctional facility. It seems that multiple neighbors had been complaining of a strange stench coming from Mr. Dawnson's home, claiming to smell rotting meat. 

  Dawson, pronounced mentally handicapped at birth, and later labeled delusional and aggressive by age twelve, lived with his parents. Michelle and Steven Dawson, who had been out of town for the week, having left Jason in his sister's hands.  This sister, Lindy Dawson, sixteen year old student was born without a sense of smell, and was unable to smell the corpse just under her home.

  After a brief examination by a sanitation worker, the body of six year old Mary Shaw was found beneath a removable in Jason's closet. She had been partially eaten by rats, but the even bigger shocker, her entire left arm, neck, and parts of her thigh were eaten off. Presumably, while the young girl was still alive. 

  Her cries for help could not be heard though, for a  wad of clothing had been shoved forcibly into her mouth. Bound by her  wrists, and having her ankles bashed in with some form of blunt object, she could not move.  Poor Mary could do nothing to resist as rats, and Jason Dawnson took out chunks of her flesh. 

  Most horrific of all, were the many signs of sexual assault.  Some so graphic, we are not allowed to even speak of them on television.  It seems that Dawnson repeatedly raped young Mary, autopsy of the body had shown so many rips, tears, and lesions  to her genitalia, that is was marked as her cause of death.

  The end of this truly grisly tale, will be the death of Jason Dawnson.  Law states that one that is mentally unstable may not be given the death sentence, as a human right. But in the face of this horrible crime, Jason has lost his civil, citizen, human and even his right to be considered an animal. His trial is to be held in three weeks, though the verdict is certain.

Submitted: April 17, 2015

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