Lundi's busy day

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A children's story about a girl playing make believe and how fun, yet tyring it can be :)

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



Lundi  and her busy day

Lundi has so much to do,

She is busy, that much is true.

She’s often late, you ought to see

How very busy she can be:


She strings together pretty beads,

To hang them all among the trees,

Then once the trees become her maids

They’ll be prepared to plate her braids;


She then must go, running fastely

To make it to French class, then to tea

Saying “ooh”, “lala” and of course saying “wee”

And ending with “Bouket”, at half past three.


From there she conducts a train

And this without a bit of strain

She manages to keep up a quick pace,

While insuring all passengers are safe.


She’s also the finest seamstress, by leaps and bounds,

Making tablecloths hang like gowns -

With ribbons and string together bound,

Then back on the table safe and sound;


She then, in turn, is charged with the care

To be the seamstress to the heir

He is quite hard, it’s true, to fit

Since he will not be still, or “sit!”


This Tom cat prince is quite a bother

He’ll hiss-so unless given a saucer.

Then she goes on a mission collecting leaves

To crown his triangular-ears with ease


Now she is filling a bag full of stuff

Collecting  a brush, spare ribbons and fluf

Then a few errant socks lying about...

All on Lundi-the-mailman’s route;


She must go round and round the room

Traveling along from corner to corner

Returning things to their rightful owner

All that is left is a broom,



Now she has time to simply play

With broom in hand she soars,

Right above the kitchen floors

“This is sweeping!” you may say…


In fact, this is a magic broom

That can fly beyond the stars

So you can’t even see the room,

She strays beyond the window bars


Finally, it’s time to eat

Yet she cannot rest her feet

She must be the one to cook.

And do all this without a book?


She buys ingredients at the store

Then runs a mile, or maybe more!

From the living-room to the kitchen sink

She washes them all, yet some shrink.


She rushes so, to finish quickly,

Slathering all with ketchup thickly,

Making an incredibly yummy dish

Even if you cannot cut the fish


She sets the table nice and neat

Removes her apron, takes a seat

Putting on her hostess’s cap

She awaits her guests, who are taking a nap;


After dinner is done

She has one more place to run-

Straight into her bed she flies

Under her purple comforter lies


Her feet are tucked in nice and snug

Almost as if they're receiving a hug

Her head lies comfortably under her table

She can finally rest camped out in her stable


Warming Lundi with their fluffy-fur,

Neighing, braying while some even purr,

Her many pets surround her, see

But she is already asleep, saying z-z-z…

© Copyright 2017 veltzshmertz. All rights reserved.

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