Don't go in the Garage.

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Short horror story.

Submitted: February 19, 2015

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Submitted: February 19, 2015



As a child, my mother passed away from cancer. I was sad, and most days lonely. I secluded myself from other kids, so I didn't have many friends. At age six, two years after my mother passed, my father would always tell me to stay away from the garage. I never know why though.

One day, my curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to peek in before my dad got home from work. I walked down the hall, to the garage door, and looked in.

I didn't see anything.
It was pitch black, but I heard a faint noise. It sounded like something metal hit the ground.

Now curiosity was eating at me.
"What would cause such a thing?" I asked myself.
No one was home so naturally, I got a little scared. I closed the door and walked back to my room.

I heard my dad walk in. "I'm home," he hollered, "Anyone home?"

"I'm in my room." I hollered back.

He walked in, asking how my day had been. 
After conversing for a short while, he stepped out and went to the garage.
I remembered the noise I had heard in there a while ago, and walked to the garage door.

"Hey dad, I heard a noise in there a while ago, but it just sounded like a tool fell, or something." I said through the door, leaving out the part where I had opened it.

No reply.

"Dad?" I said, getting a little worried.

Still, no reply.

I opened the door, just a crack, and saw nothing.

"Dad?!" I panicked.

He had just been in here. I went in and looked around. Nothing.
I was just about to get out, in case he hadn't come in here and I would get caught and in trouble, when I tripped over something.

It was a trap-door, under the small carpet he kept laid across the floor.
I heard a noise from under it. It must be him, so I ran out of the garage, and shut the door quietly.

"What are you doing?" My dad asked me down the hallway, coming out of the kitchen.
I panicked.
Wasn't he just in the room under the garage?

"Um... I got worried cause I heard a noise from the garage earlier, while you were gone. I thought you went in there, so I said that through the door, but you didn't answer. I thought there was a robber or something that got you..." I explained.

"Well I'm fine, and thank you for worrying. Now, stay out of the garage from now on." he said, going back into the kitchen.

I went to my room.
There was something down there. Something that my father was hiding. I grew anxious, thinking there was a monster or something down there, but shook that off. Monsters weren't real, dad had told me so.

It still didn't make sense though. Why does he have a trap-door, and why do I have to stay out of the garage?
After a while, I had decided.

Once tomorrow came, and he was at work, I would go down there and see what made that noise.

Soon enough, dad called me for dinner and we ate, then I cleaned up and got ready for bed.
I did my usual routine of taking my shower, putting on my pajamas, and saying goodnight to my mom's picture that I kept as a memorial.

Dad came in and tucked me in bed, told me he loved me and said goodnight, then left my room.
Eventually I fell asleep


I woke up around eleven in the morning.
I had around four hours before dad got home.

I got up, and got ready for my day as usual, getting dressed and eating breakfast.
Then I went in the garage.

I closed the door behind me and walked over to the trap-door i had tripped over yesterday.
I reached down and pulled on it.

It was locked.
Looking around, I saw a key-ring of keys hanging on a nail on the wall, near the door I had entered in. I grabbed it, and started testing the keys to try to find which one fit.

Finally, one worked and the door made a small click. I opened the door and headed down the stairs connected to it.
When I reached the bottom, I was in a room that looked like a butcher's workshop. I felt uneasy, but headed on to the room past the one I was in.

I couldn't believe my eyes...
There... stood my mom in chains, in the back of the empty room I had entered.
I couldn't even utter a word.

She turned around.
With blood all over, there she was staring back at me. She looked so sad, and then I heard a voice behind me.

Now I can keep both of you forever.

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