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For Writing Contest.
Nathaniel Gaines and his fiance Sophia have the perfect life, but when tragedy strikes, Sophia ends up in a coma & Nathaniel's love shines through.

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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Submitted: April 03, 2012



Once in a while, right in the middle of your ordinary life, love will give you a fairytale, with Sophia and I, everything was perfect.
Our lives were miserable without each other. You made me who I am today Sophia, and to think - now here I am, sat beside you whilst you lay there, lifeless.
\"All those wires tied to you, it's not right. You're my Sophia, please just open your eyes. Let those beautiful eyes twinkle at me as you smile.\"
I love you.
\"The Doctors say I should keep talking to you, that maybe it'll help trigger something off in your memory and then maybe...just maybe you'll wake from this coma and I'll be able to hold you and feel you embrace me back,\" he dried tears from his eyes, \"I'm sorry darling.\"

\"I remember the first day we met - you looked like a colourblind fashion magazine threw up on you,\" he laughed, \"with your red skinnies, yellow jumper, your brown scarf and black hat and shoes - I were smiling, I loved how you had styled your brown hair so it framed your face perfectly, it had been snowing that day, you said you wanted to stand out, you were afraid I wouldn't see you in that snow due to your pale skin!\" he smiled, reaching for her hand, he gripped it tightly.
\"Do you remember when you took me home to 'show me off' to your family?, they were shocked you'd found me, they always said you'd described your 'perfect man' and I was exact in every bit of that detail.\"
\"I fell in love with you almost instantly Sophia, you're gorgeous, always have been but it was your randomness that sold it for me. You're just like me.\"
There was a knock on the room door.
\"Mr Gaines, Sophia has been like this for three days, it's crucial you know she may not make it through this.\"
Nathaniel shook his head, he was distraught.
The Doctor turned to leave but Nathaniel stopped him.
\"Excuse me Doctor, it's crucial you know how much I love her, I will come to this hospital everyday until she wakes up - no matter what... okay?\" The Doctor nodded sympathetically, leaving the room.
Nathaniel would stick to his word and that's exactly what he did, everyday he would tell Sophia his memories of their time together.
\"Do you remember that little italian restaurant we'd visit every year on our anniversary? It's closing down, and I've asked them if they could get all the tapes of our meals through the years - they only have the first ten but they've made me a montage so that...\" he began to cry \"if you go I'll still have those of our nights every year.\" He felt himself blubbering and he couldn't contain it anymore. He held her hand tight, kissing it innbetween cries. \"Please Sophia, just wake up, it's been five years and everyone misses you, I wish I'd made you my wife before the accident.\"
He got up to leave, ready to get himself a coffee and take a break - almost twenty five years together and she probably wouldn't get to celebrate it, that restaurant was closing on April 26th - their anniversary and he wanted so badly for them to have that last meal there.
\"Na...Nath...Nathaniel.\" He had heard that croaky voice call his name, no denying it. He turned round, taking his hand off the handle.
There they were, those beautiful eyes shone at him, the life had returned to her.
\"Sophia... you're awake!\"
Tears of happiness filled his eyes, he rushed over, embracing her, kissing her face repeatedly.
\"I have the strangest craving for italian food.\" she began.
She had opened her eyes and Nathaniel was glad he'd waited for her, now he had her back.

'Never give up on love, because true love always shines through.'

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