Riverwood Manor - Part 1.

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Riverwood Asylum - built in Maine in 1935. It was originally a house which a famous actor and his beautiful multi-talented wife inherited. They had lived there for ten years, even had a family, then things went sour.

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Submitted: March 08, 2012



The History
Cynthia Hart was an aspiring model, actress and singer. Her beautiful oceanic eyes and her flaming locks of auburn hair made her stunning. Women envied her and there wasn't a man around who hadn't fantasized about her. She always had the same attire - the too small corset, the long flowing dress and the veil, the colours were ever changing as were her accessories. Her life was amazing. She thought it couldn't get any better - then she met Harry Dean. He was charming, successful, gorgeous and extremely powerful. He was ten years her senior, not that you'd notice, she seemed older than her twenty five years young, due to her mature attitude, and he was playful and seemed thirty at most. He wore suits constantly, \"A man is only as smart as his suit.\" he'd tell her. Cynthia couldn't argue that Harry was smart.
They'd met on the set of her rise to fame 'The Tamed Heart'. She had starred as his wife, and five months down the line, having charmed and spoilt her he made it a reality.

Harry inherited a beautiful manor, decorated perfectly for the era, floral, naturally. Furnished accordingly.
When Cynthia first set her eyes on Riverwood Manor, she couldn't contain her excitement.
\"Oh Harry, darling, it's perfect!\" she exclaimed, smile beaming. \"Perfect enough to start a family?\" he teased.
\"For this Harry, I'll give you anything you want!\" she flirted back.

Ten years later, tragedy struck and a fire struck their perfect home, Harry was the sole survivor of the fire, but a mere three days later he killed himself in the debris and rubble of the once perfect manor.
It was never occupied again, that is until this day.
January 23rd 1954.

Chapter One
After two years of renovation, Tommy Hardy was positive the once picturesque Riverwood Manor, was now perfect as Riverwood Asylum. When he'd been approached as an architect to help build a bigger place for the mentally insane, the downright fucked up and just the plain problematic clients, he had not thought he would find a perfect site let alone anything else. Then he'd seen it.
Tragedy strikes stars' Riverwood Manor
He had not expected to find this article whilst viewing plots, but a place of tragedy, it intrigued him and Tommy felt instantly drawn to it, even ten years after the horror.

\"Thankyou, Mr Hardy... would you care to be the first to open the doors?\" Chairman Bartholde asked. Tommy jumped at the chance.

Tommy pushed down the handle slowly, it was cold to the touch, he pushed the heavy door, the excited grin still beamed across his old, yet wise, face. Click. The door opened, Tommy took two steps into the asylum, and turn to face Chairman Bartholde. \"Officially open.\"

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