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*singing* "SCENES"

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Submitted: December 02, 2009



Vence:"Oh my god Lamia look at your hands"
Lamia:" What the hell"
Marina: "OOO shiny"

"I love you Ill love you forever" he vows kissing me i sigh content and happy for the first time in a while " Like wise" i say

Lamia, Liam, and Marina--"H-hi" I whisper staring into her multi colored eyes and then in turn taking in her slight form and wispy blonde hair. "HILLO," she yells a big smile on her face "uhm do either of you know me?" she cocks her head to the side "Ah hell!"Liam says.
"I love you I'll love you forever" he vows kissing me I sigh content and happy for the first time in a while. “Like wise” I say
"We did it." I whisper staring down at Lamia tears in my eyes she attempts to smile through the pain an arrow sticking somberly out of her chest "He will pay for this" I whisper as she closes her eyes I pull my arm to my mouth using some of the little strength I have left I bite into my wrist.
Liam:"Oh my god Lamia look at your hands"
Lamia:" What the hell"
Marina: "OOO shiny"
Lamia:”Marina what are you doing?”
Marina: “Trying to poke it. Owww!
"Hi little munchkin" Saya says smiling down upon Hilaris he glares up at her growling "Who are you calling a munchkin I’m twice your age child." laughing to himself " Ooo well your still shorter than me." Saya responds.
"I do" Saya say calmly " Do you Riku Kaname take Saya Paige as your wife" I say smiling to my self as I hear someone ominously blowing their nose "I do" Riku says leaning towards Saya " Noooooooooooo!" Sasha screams fakly falling to his knees I laugh quietly as his brother kicks him “Shut up" he orders.
"Do you Riku Kname take Saya Page as your wife?" "I do!" he whispers "NO!!!!!!!!!" someone screams,,, the entire crowd turns to see Sasha on his knees face varied in his hands...We all laugh!
"I’m hiding" Griffyth whispers as he stands behind Marina lifting her off of her feet." Uhhh I can still see your feet" Sasha says I look over at them smiling my sister seems to be having fun. Suddenly the fan girls burst in "I have improved my flying method" Marina yells and we all burst out laughing.
"Love ya kid" Rolf says with a laugh glancing down at Sasha "I love you uh too" Sasha says noticing his brothers stares I laugh to my self " You two are gayer than a French pastry" I say staring at them myself "Yup," they both agree then Sasha adds " and awkward".
"OOO cake is it chocolate" Rolf says as I cut into the cake he turns to Sasha " Ye-yes,” he whispers "please don’t eat me." I smile "Sasha no worries he wont eat you" I say laughing.
"You are so flamboyant" I say staring at Sasha and Rolf "Yes we are, is that a problem?" Rolf asks kissing Sasha sweetly "Kind of." I say as Griffyth walks up behind me "God I love you." he whispers.
"Hi, I am Sasha (Peace Bunnies) I just wanted to explain what is going on (Hmmm I wonder is my food done yet oh no I left Rolf alone in the kitchen he'll eat everything) "Uhhhhhhhh, Rolf just came in twitching I gotta go." * walks away towards Rolf* "Just put down the chocolate".

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