Memory Eyes

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Renesmee cullen finds herself in danger so bella dose the unthinkable to keep her safe. releasing for adoption. everything works out till her 12th birthday. find out more as you read.

Submitted: August 27, 2010

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Submitted: August 27, 2010



Chapter 1:

The day started out ordinary. I woke up, ran to the mansion so grandpa Carlisle could measure me, ate my bedfast I begged my mother not to make, then aunt Alice and aunt Rosalie played dress up with me, which momma skipped.

After the mini photo shoot, Jake- my best friend- came and took me away saying that all the flashes from the camera could ruin my brain cells.

“Technically Jacob, the flashes can make her blind, not kill her brain cells. But since she is half vampire- and with her excellent eyesight- I don’t think she can become blind. She’ll be perfectly fine.” my father- the most famous Edward Cullen- said matter-of-factly as he came into the room.

“Edward!” Jake whispered harshly. “I was trying to save her from your crazy sisters. If you can call Blondie a sister. Besides I was taking her to meet Billy.”

“No-” daddy said quickly.

“But Billy needs to meet her, too. If you are so worried, let Bella come. She hasn’t seen him for awhile. Billy is stating to worry about her.”

“I agree,” my mother said from beside my father.

“Okay, I’ll allow it, but only if anything happens I want you to come home straight away.” my father bent and kissed my mothers cheek, then my forehead as he took me from Jacobs arms. “Be good for your mother.” daddy murmured to me.

I smiled a little- I haven’t spoke since the mix up with the Volturi- as momma took me into her arms and carried me to the door. “Tell them good-by” momma murmured to me.

I waved to my family then momma ran to the garage putting me into the back booster seat. I put my hand to her face as she started to buckle the seat belt. I showed her me sitting on Jacob’s lap in the front seat.

“Renesmee, you look like your four and your big enough that cops can see you now. Maybe Jake would sit back here with you if you asked him to.”

“Everyone knows she doesn’t need to ask.” Jacob said as he came into the garage.

As we drove to La Push, I did not pay attention to my family. I laid my head on the seat and looked at the snow covered trees of the forest passing us by.

Several minuets passed by and we still haven’t arrived. Jacob looked out the opposite window and his body was out of my reach. Mamma was right in font of me but my arms was not long enough to reach her face so I spoke allowed.

“Are we almost there, momma?”

“Almost.” she replied.

Then we pulled into a driveway that led to a small red house.

“Now we’re here.” Jacob said sarcastically.

Then man in a wheelchair appeared in the doorway, then he started his way towards my mother. He looked like an older image of Jake, but with longer black hair.

As momma and Jake exited the car, the seat belt stated to irritate my skin. I tried not to think about it and concentrate on Jake and momma.

“Bella!” the mans voice boomed. “I haven’t seen you since the wedding. How are you?”

“I’m changed.” momma said. “How are you?”

“I’m good. Barley see Jake anymore, he never gives me reason why he is always at you and your husbands place.” he laughed.

“You never ask.” Jacob murmured chuckling.

“Well we brought that special reason.” momma said as she walked to my door.

I now felt a substance on my torso but I didn’t pay a tension to it. As momma opened the door and lifted me from my seat, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, but I didn’t cry out. I wrapped my arms around my mothers neck while she held me in place at her hips with both hands.

I watched as the man’s face as it went from happy to shocked and confused. I hid my face in momma’s hair and clenched my eyes shut as I quietly cried out in pain.

“Renesmee, is that blood?” Jake asked.

“Where?” momma asked.

“All over your shirt.” Jacob pointed.

Momma lifted my shirt and there was two deep gashes ware the seat belt was. “oh my god!” she gasped and I felt the wind blowing through my hair as we ran toward the hospital were grandpa Carlisle worked.

As we entered through the doors a nurse tried to take me away.

“Carlisle! Carlisle, its Renesmee! Help!” momma yelled clutching me in her arms.

“Bella, give her to me.” grandpa’s voice said.

I was rushed into a room which was cleared by my grandfather. A nurse was arguing with my mother because momma didn’t want to go to the waiting room.

“Bella is her mother she can stay.” momma sighed when the nurse finally left.

“It was the seat belt. I didn’t think I put it on that tight.” momma cried.

“Renesmee’s skin has gotten more fragile since birth. She’s more human than we thought.”

“Mr. Cullen, he has a patient!” someone yelled interrupting grandpa.

“That’s my daughter in there!” and my father ran through the door. “Nessie, are you okay?” he asked as he rushed to my side and held my hand in his.

“I’m okay, daddy. It doesn’t hurt anymore.” I say.

“Don’t lie, Ness, its bad.” my father faked laughed. “Billy and Jacob are out in the waiting room now. There both worried about you. Billy was confused when your mother held you in her arm in front of him, but when I said that my daughter was in there, he new.”

“Is he mad at me?” I asked.

“Why would he be mad at you?” daddy asked me.

“Because I’m half vampire and not wolf.” I whispered looking down.

Realization covered his features and he swept curl away from my face. “No, no. Momma and Jacob are just friends and Billy knows that. He’s happy… that you and Jacob are friends. Billy already conceders you family.”

Grandpa started to put a needle to my skin. “What is that?” my father asked concerned as he caught grandpa’s wrist.

“It’s an antibiotic that will take away Renesmee’s pain temporarily. And it will make her relax and sleep.” he replied.

“It’s okay, Nessie. I will be here when you wake, I promise. Sleep, now, my sweet Ness.” daddy whispered into my side as he held my hand. “I wont leave you.”

I fell into deep unconsciousness listening to my father’s words.


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