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A story of a man who saved the man whom his love loves

Submitted: October 18, 2012

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Submitted: October 18, 2012




This is the story of my dream

But it so sad as it seem

I want you to remember this

I start it with how a day is


One day, there was a woman

Who admires a nonsense man

She finds a way to be close to him

Until, they’re together with no dim


They live their lives like happily ever after

Until the woman does not want the man of fear

She left the man and found another

But the man still loves her forever


Then a day of storm comes

The another man was near to death

But the man saves him till last breath

The another man is safe with the woman


In heaven, a soul asked the man

How did you die, how’s the sign?

Then the man answered, I made my love feel joy

The soul said, how? You’re gone, how would she


Then the man said, I saved another man

To make her happy, he was the one

I am hurt but it’s ok

As long as she is happy


I am no more importance for her

I am weak, I am full of fear

This the least I can do

To show how much I love her so

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