You never know how strong you are!

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This story is about a girl and a boy, where their love story was going so fine but it gets cracked at the end. As the guy did something wrong but even he apologized the girl didn't listen and she becomes rude so he had to decide what he's gonna do next with their relationship!

Submitted: June 18, 2011

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Submitted: June 18, 2011



Abby paced down the sidewalk with an expressionless face. She moved forward slowly till her guy, Michael stopped her. He hugged her from behind resting his chin on her shoulder, grabbing her waist tightly apologizing for the mistake. “I’m extremely sorry, I couldn’t stop me. I don’t know what happened to me. It was all wrong I know. I just can’t stop starring at her when I see her. It’s like she’s some kind of a guy magnet. Abby I love only you, I’m really sorry baby”. He blabbered as fast as he could. Abby didn’t paid attention, but she was holding his arms which were tightly wrapped around her. Thousands of different things went through her mind. With teardrops streaming down her face, she woke up her voice. Her tears streamed slowly down her face touching her cheek and her lip corner and fell down on her arm. Michael wiped them away kissing her neck tightly holding her. She was warm, sad and in the mean time she was happy because the love of her life was holding her in middle of the sidewalk without caring who might see them. After her long break of silence she turned to Mike’s side facing him without looking directly at his eyes. She wasn’t that strong to have an eye contact with him after her long lecture of their relationship Abby gave to him at school. Her eyes were raspberry red colored. She’d never cried like this before in her life. It was the most emotional and the most worst moment in her life seeing her boyfriend leaving her hand on the prom night, while walking and stopped to look at a another girl without caring whether Abby’s there with him or not. Her velvet voice spoke, “Mike, I---I---Love you Mike”. That’s all what she said. Abby’s left arm grabbed his neck tightly and her other hand went through his silky smooth hair messing it up. She loved to play with it; it was her favorite thing to do in life. He bended a little to give her a peck on her lips, he continued it to her nose, her eyes, and her forehead and stopped there hugging her tightly to him. “Shall we go now? It’s kinda late you know! You should go home now. I’ll pick you tomorrow, okay?” Mike said with a breaking voice as it was pass the dawn. Abby should get a good rest before tomorrow school as the things she went through today. “Yeah I know. Will you drop me?” “Of course I will!” He answered for her little request. He pulled her close with his left arm wrapped around her waist and started pacing towards her home street. Abby’s hands were free as she didn’t even knew what happened to her black colored, wallet which matched to her black dress with bright red polka dots. They both were moving forward together. Wind was rough and it was cold even. Her hair went here and there with the flowing wind covering her sight. She didn’t care to move them as Mike did it already. He was a caring boyfriend, a perfect love for her life. He was with her from nearly three years. They had a prefect understanding about each other, but this time a silly mistake was done by Mike which hurt Abby like hell, like she’d never been hurt before. They were near her house but both didn’t even felt the distance they walk as both had thousands of things inside their minds. “Here we are madam!” Mike had a pleasant smile on his face. Abby turned to him and slowly left his grab trying to tell something. She waited for a moment before she spoke. “You, what are you gonna do? Drop me home, go down this sidewalk, be magnetized to someone again or else that same girl? Is that what you gonna do huh?” Abby was unintentionally rude to Michael. He was surprised by her words. He starred at her with wide opened amazed eyes. Abby was starring away from him at the main road; she didn’t even care to look at him. Mike waited for a second thinking what Abby said while wearing an expressionless face. Abby wasn’t this much forward before, she always dealt with Mike so smoothly without even saying a little rude word to him. She loved him a lot more than she loved anyone else in this world. Mike knew it but still, he couldn’t even believe what Abby said to him. “Let me tell you something. I’m not magnetized to her ok! I just starred at her. By the way, why you girls get that much jealous when we look at someone else huh?” Mike joked and laughed a little bit but Abby’s mood was totally serious and didn’t have any sign of a smile or else splitting out a joke. She was nearly in a mood of killing her own love just because he starred at some other girl in the prom night. “Let me tell you something. I know guys love girls more than girls love their guys, but that doesn’t mean you guys can hurt us as much as you can make us cry all day right? You are saying that we’re getting jealous when you guys talk with someone else. So, how about when your girlfriend leave your hand in the prom night, and stop walking to stare at a totally ugly guy without even caring about you? Won’t you get jealous? Why you gonna party there saying Yeyy, my girlfriend starred at someone else. You will get jealous too right? Duh man, be practical will you?” Mike startled from her words. She was looking directly at his eyes frowning at him like and evil witch waiting to cut him into pieces and enjoy the fresh human meal with her mates. She had never talked to him like that. She never uses the word “man” for him. She always says baby or darling rather than treating him like a slave. He blinked for a second without stopping and thought to himself “Yeah, it’s the best time to break up. What’s the use of having a relationship when my girlfriend talked to me like that, but can I live without her? Will I survive?” The very first questions came to his mind. He never learned that ‘do not make someone your everything because when they leave you or hurt you got nothing left with yourself.’ Abby turned aside and started to walk towards her house but stopped at once. She was shocked by her own words as she never did notice them when she spoke. “Damn, what the hell I just said? Oh-My-Dear-God” She talked to herself. Mike was having tears in his eyes but they never fell down as he tried his best to hide them cause he knew that Abby could turn to his side again in any moment and when she see Mike crying, it’ll be the worst moment of her life ever she had. “Mike” Abby said while turning back to him. His face went south when she looked like he’s disappointed. “I’m sorry” Abby blabbered for more than hundred times running towards Mike and hugging him it was everything she ever wanted in life, a hug. Her fingers went through his hair playing with it, messing it up again like she did before. Mike loved when she played with his little long hair, but this time it was some kind of a bother to him. He wasn’t even hugging Abby or pulling herself to him like he did before. Abby grabbed him more and tighter even if Mike didn’t care. The little alarm in Mike’s watch rang for 1 o’ clock. They didn’t even know the time. Abby was in another world cause she believed him and that’s why she ever did hugged him wishing he’ll never stare at that girl again and they could go to the life they had years ago. Abby was having butterflies in her stomach after a long time just because she hugged Mike. It was all silent in the street but Mike cleared his throat killing the silence at once. Abby startled by it. She had a smile on her face now; her tears were drying by now. At last Mike moved his hands which were so still all the time and he stepped two steps back from Abby trying to get her arms away from him, to let Abby stand alone by her own and he reversed some steps again and turned and paced forward fast, giving a single look at Abby over his shoulder, he closed his eyes so tight for a second just to find strength to deal with this moment in his life. He found the strength he needed, he didn’t even know where it came from but it made him move forward again letting his love, his life, his everything disappear behind him forever.

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